How do i get rid of acne?

How do i get rid of acne? Topic: How do i get rid of acne?
June 16, 2019 / By Anne
Question: I have removed most fatty/greasy foods from my diet. and i have been washing my face every day with the peroxide wash, i have used 2 different acne pills (tetracycline and minnocycline(sp?)) and neither have had a real big improvement I used the Clearasil acne wash with the abrasive beads in it no improvement. and now my skin is kinda greasy to the touch so i wash it off, every few hours or so. i have all kinds of acne(ingrown black heads, white heads and so on...). i want to remove it all or alot of it. any help would be great. and i am a male if that helps you out any. and girls i know you have secrets that you use. common help me out and tell me how to remove this stuff
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Wright Wright | 4 days ago
make an appointment to see a dermatologist, they can prescribe a drug called accutane. its basically a pill you take for up to six months that dries out your oil glands. its extremely effective but can be dangerous for women it causes very bad birth defects so women have to sign papers to not get pregnant and answer over the phone questions each month while on the drug. you also have to get blood tests every month for pregnancy to make sure. but for boys you just sign papers i think. it sounds like a lot but trust me you wouldn't regret it. i've done it twice (sometimes if you acne is real bad you need two six month treatments) and the only thing i didn't like was it give you very bad chapped lips but i used vaseline and it wasn't so bad. good luck!!
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Wright Originally Answered: What is Acne Diet? How to Cure Your Acne and give me Information for Acne Sufferers?
Hi, I am always impressed that there is oftentimes some good advice and good links from people helping others through Yahoo_Answers. Firslty, Harman obviously knows about some of the specifics to your question. Secondly, after reading your question I saw you might be interested in optimizing your nutrition [(-:] so even though I may not answer your question exactly as you may have wanted it answered, I thought I would take the time to pass on some pointers I have learned the hard way from my own bad 'uninformed' choices, so you could learn about good advice and bad advice about good nutritional choices. After having many bad health problems from listening to people who knew very little about the consequences of choosing LOW nutritional statistics, I really-really encourage you to learn from good nutritionists what to eat for a life time. [See below] My best to you and to your future health, A1 Source(s): I have learned what I now know after my own lengthy research efforts to improve my health - after ‘FINALLY’ listening to unbiased researching nutritionists. I have shared extensively concerning the most critical nutritional statistics that are common to us all at: <> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ap_lYDPwvxx8oDPWF1qoSd_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091005174358AAgZawf <> Also, after all my previous health problems due to following a-lot of bad advice, I can now understand the frustrations of other health researchers in the following quote within “The China Study” by T Colin Campbell pg 1: >>==> “Even though information and opinions are plentiful, very few people truly know what they should be doing to improve their health.” “This isn’t because the research hasn’t been done. It has. But the real science has been buried beneath a clutter of irrelevant or even harmful information – junk science, fad diets and food industry propaganda.” “The China Study” by T Colin Campbell pg 1
Wright Originally Answered: What is Acne Diet? How to Cure Your Acne and give me Information for Acne Sufferers?
honestly only a professional dermatologist can help you but i would suggest using botanical washes with ingredients such as witch hazel and tea tree oil and possibly a vitamin c(if you wanna go natural) Chemically anything with at least a 2% benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid or a phosphoric sort will help water wont clear acne but it will make your skin much nicer and a lotta water goes a long way for some people :] try to touch your face as little as possible because the bacteria spreads around and can make acne 100x worse trust me personally i use a 10%benzyol peroxide cream after washing my face and for some people the infamous acne treatsments like the 3 step Clean and Clear or Proactiv work! (best bet is to still see your dermatologist if its really really bad they will give you medication, and remember acne is also hereditary )

Shaun Shaun
when you find out, let me know man. I go through the same crap everyday of my life. I've tried proactiv, to accutane, to oxy pads. I'm actually trying a new one right now called AcneFree. 20 bucks in stores and looks a lot like proactiv but, it has a stronger benzoyl peroxide concentration. I have been on it for two days now so I will give it some time and let you know.
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Nidhogg Nidhogg
all i use is dove soap and sea breeze but the sea breeze has this stuff called salicylic acid and after you wash your face put Vaseline on your face BUT NOT TO MUCH
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Often fewer products are better. People often make their acne worse by using too many products. There is no quick fix for acne. Your doctor may recommend some prescription medication. Keep your face very clean. Drink plenty of water. Eat a nutritious diet and get enough sleep. Try to reduce the stress in your life. Probably the most useful and effective things you can do are to apply hot compresses to pustules and cysts and never to pick or squeeze pimples. Playing with or popping pimples, no matter how careful and clean you are, nearly always makes bumps stay redder and bumpier longer. Here are a few informative links with additional home treatment ideas. http://www.medicinenet.com/acne/article.htm http://www.acne.com/cause_effects/causes_acne.php http://www.acnerecovery.com/acne-information/causes-of-acne.html

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