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June 16, 2019 / By Annabeth
Question: What Are The Ways To Prevent Cancer?? Do's!! & Dont's!!
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Wisdom Wisdom | 9 days ago
Smoking has been linked conclusively to lung and some other cancers, and sun exposure to skin cancer - so there's two preventative measures you can take, although neither measure will guarantee you won't get that cancer. Other than that, nobody knows what causes cancer. You will probably get answers telling you all sorts of lifestyle factors are to blame - diet, stress, lack of exercise, chemicals in cosmetics etc. I have been a vegetarian for most of my life, and had been a vegan for 8 years when I was diagnosed with grade 3 cancer. I ate organic, loads of fruit and veg, juiced, exercised, avoided caffeine, never smoked and used Green People lotions and potions and Ecover cleaning products. None of this stopped me getting cancer, none of it cured me and I am not relying on it to prevent recurrence or metastases. It is easier and less frightening for people who haven't had cancer to 'blame the victim' - to blame cancer on the patient's lifestyle choices. Far less scary than recognising cancer for the cruel and random disease it is, a disease that could strike any of us at any time.
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Wisdom Originally Answered: Does dieting affect breast cancer or cancer risk in generall?
There are no foods or specific diets that have been proven to cause, prevent or affect the progress of breast cancer. Overweight, especially after the menopause, is regarded as a risk factor for breast cancer, so maintainig a healthy weight is a good idea, although rigid dieting is not - eating a healthy balanced diet is preferable. And of course women of all shapes and sizes get breast cancer. Several large studies have not been able to demonstrate a clear connection between eating high-fat foods and a higher risk of breast cancer.

Shane Shane
you can prevent all you want, but it's gonna really make you mad when you the non smoker, healthy eater, marathon runner, and preventive measure expert gets lung cancer and the obese crack head that smoke a carton of cigarettes a day out lives you. you can prevent, but if you're destin to have it all thr preventative measures aren't going to help.. yes there are many methods to prevent cancer... but I am not so sure they even really help.
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Nic Nic
Nothing we can do will guarantee that we prevent cancer. What we can do, is lower our risk factors by living a healthy liestyle, avoid to much sun exposure, eat a well balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight, get regular exercise, avoid smoing, avoid excessive alcohol and cafeine ..........etc However, it is possible to do all that ans still draw the short straw, just as it is possible to be overweight, unfit, smoking, alcoholic etc and still manage to avoid cancer! Stuff happens........... and life isn't always fair!
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Kit Kit
I received info that you should only use glass in the microwave. plastic releases carcinogens when heated in the microwave. also it's thought that over-use of herbal teas may cause cancer of the esophagus. I don't even sit around cigarette smokers because the particles are on their bodies and clothing...
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Ibri Ibri
Go after few centurians to know their foods and drinks, and dont forget to post again what the surprised discovery is. Day care centers for adults may have few of them to start with.
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Esmund Esmund
do you remember when they used to say that potatoe and eggs caused cancer? and dont forget that you dont want to inhale to much bleach, that will cause cancer too..to much sun, so stay inside, to much caffeine causes cancer also... my point is, you can be healthy as a horse, and still get it..........
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Conor Conor
i know one thing that v should not do- that is we should not eat a lot of breads because it leads 2 cancer!
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Conor Originally Answered: Cancer patients,how did u stand strong to fight cancer in ur bodies?
I'll answer your question with a post I made on Facebook. "My mother was diagnosed with a late stage of Hodgkin's Lymphoma at age 16. That was almost 40 years ago, and she was cured despite the lack of knowledge in the field at the time. All she ever had to do was have faith. Once she had faith her symptoms would fade, her attitude would improve and her strength would increase. In 2003, she had a very stressful year and was on the brink of depression. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with breast cancer that same year. Once she got the news, her attitude changed completely. Incredibly, she was cured within two years and has been in remission ever since. A couple of years ago, a very close uncle of mine was diagnosed with cancer, only this time it was rare strain of Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; his prognosis was no longer than five years. At first, he was very positive, as he had taken the example from his big sister. He had few symptoms but did not take care of his diet or disinfect his hands often, and had frequent fevers and side-effects. I saw his attitude deteriorate into a state of hopelessness, and within a week, he was back in the hospital with numerous complications. Mind you, this was during Canadian winter, and my uncle is an Arab. (we don't like the cold much) The family quickly noticed his state and forced him to stay positive, and keep having faith in himself and his doctors. A couple of weeks ago, against all odds ( in what I call a medical miracle) he was fully cured, with no apparent evidence of malignant cells. Finally, I'll talk about myself. I was diagnosed earlier last year with the same case of Hodgkin's as my mother. Some people saw this as a curse, I saw it as an opportunity to test this little "attitude" theory. I maintained a positive attitude throughout treatment, promised myself I'd be better in no time, and what do you know. I've been cancer free for two months now (naturally) and am currently getting back into shape. A few months ago, an aunt of mine passed away. Having heard the news, her father lost all hope in life and, within a week, had passed away as well. This just goes to show how much of a difference the simple act of being positive can affect you. PLEASE consider this little anecdote when you go to treatment. Don't ever lose hope. Eat well, have fun, and maintain good relationships with family and friends. And most importantly, have FAITH. You can pray, you can ask your friends for encouragement and entertainment, you can do anything you damn well please as long as you have FAITH in your outcome. As an individual who relies solely on science and fact, I am the last person who would say this, but I urge you to at least try. That's all I can ask." As for what cancer changed in me emotionally, as cheesy as this sounds I look at life differently. I'm more positive about everything because I know that it really does explicitly affect my health. Happier people live longer lives. I think everyone should live by that example.

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