June 16, 2019 / By Annabelle
Question: If so many studies and research has been done proving that meat and dairy products are actually UNHEALTHY for the human body, why is it on the food guide? Also, why does the food guide reccomend 1200mg of calcium a day when everybody knows the body only needs about 100mg
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Winthrop Winthrop | 8 days ago
As for your first question, for every study stating a detriment of dairy consumption, there exists another study showing that dairy is healthy for the body. For both the pro and con dairy studies, one must consider the source. Are these sources academic or from a group that has sponsored research to promote dairy or eliminate dairy. As you do not provide your sources for your thesis statement (dairy is unhealthy) and do not consider the opposing argument, I cannot make a good judgment of your key point's validity. Also note that your "fact" does not meet the requirement to be considered a scientifically valid theory; the conflicting evidence available does not support that dairy is necessarily unhealthy for the human body. As for your second point, the current amount of calcium an adult needs to consume is currently estimated to be ~741 mg per day. Here is a link to the October 2007 article: Hunt, C., Johnson, L.K. 2007. Calcium requirement: new estimations for men and women by cross-sectional statistical analyses of calcium balance data from metabolic studies. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 86:1054-63. http://www.ars.usda.gov/research/publica... Let the thumbs down begin!
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Winthrop Originally Answered: Vegetarians/Vegans & Food Allergies?
You'd have a pretty restricted diet with all those allergies and being veggie! But it would still be possible; there's seitan, a protein made of wheat, and if you're veggie then you can still have eggs and dairy for protein. Vegan would be harder, there are still things like seeds and nuts other than peanuts for protein. You'd have to eat a diet full of tonnes of different foods to get all the protein needed. I'm veggie, and my boyfriend (omni) has a nut allergy, so I don't eat any nuts at all. It's hard to cook for him as well, because nearly all dried beans, tvp, seeds etc. have nut warnings on them.

Shamus Shamus
Bubbles, it does not must be greater costly. i'm a vegetarian (and registered nurse), and there are a number of property you are able to devour. Beans, lentils & quinoa are outstanding components of protein. It additionally could be effective so which you would be able to take a minimum of B-12 nutrition supplementations. you're in outstanding corporation. Albert Einstein replaced right into a vegetarian, as replaced into Mark Twain (and Shania Twain, for that remember). i did no longer have as lots fulfillment going vegan, with the aid of fact i've got no longer chanced on a passable replace for cheese. Milk, I controlled to surrender, as almond milk is super, yet i'm prepared on grilled cheese sandwiches. Beer, tortilla chips and salsa are vegan products, so i'm completely soft on sport day. It takes many 1000's of gallons of water to offer a kilo of beef, so your determination to bypass vegetarian is saving the surroundings and components. ultimate of success to you, and congratulations on an extremely clever determination.
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Newton Newton
For your first question, it's because studies have also shown that they can be part of a healthy diet and have health benefits. For your second one, not everyone knows that you need 100mg. Remember also that dietary needs change based on age, sex, etc. Additionally, the amount of a nutrient that you take in is not the same as what you absorb. I don't know how readily available calcium is in different foods, but I do know that if I eat 100 mg worth, I'm still probably not getting enough, because my body doesn't absorb it all. Might it be that in order to get the 100mg that you need, you need to eat 1200mg worth? Again, I'm not a nutritionist, but I do know that eating something doesn't mean that it's all absorbed.
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Kirk Kirk
Check out a vegan version (in source). Also, meat eaters need more calcium due to a over dose in protein (and caffine removes calcium too).
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Hyram Hyram
Food guide dosen't care about you're health. They care about money. And they are getting money from the meat and dairy industry to tell you that you "need" their product.
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Hyram Originally Answered: If vegetarians/vegans are against the meat industry, but they have a dog/cat that requires meat based food?
I just feed my dogs the dog food from the store. I honestly don't care if it has animal ingredients in it. Dogs aren't like humans. We can choose to eat meat or not. I'm not going to put my dog on a restricted diet when they are supposed to eat meat.

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