Help with gaining muscle and weight?

Help with gaining muscle and weight? Topic: Help with gaining muscle and weight?
July 16, 2019 / By Annabella
Question: i am a teenager and i want to gain muscle/weight... i am 5' 10" and 150 but i am very skinny and not very muscular... i want to try supplements to help me but what kinds should i use? ones to increase protein? ones to gain weight? or ones to help me workout? im not sure on this... i think i need the protein and weight gaining kind but idk for sure... any suggestions?
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Winston Winston | 7 days ago
you do not need ANY supplements. to get big and strong, you need 3 things. 1- lift heavy, 2- food 3-rest you need to be doing squats, deadlifts, bench, and overhead press as the basis for your program. stuff like curls, tricep ext, leg ext etc won't get you big or strong like the above compound lifts will. a novice program, like 'starting strength' is very simple to follow and you will have noticible strenghth and size gains in a short time. as a novice, and a teenager, you are capable of making huge gains in a short time by lifting properly. eating.....to gain weight you need to eat a lot. A LOT. if you follow a program w/ the lifts above and aren't getting bigger its because you aren't eating enough. eat so much you want to puke, then eat more. whole milk is like magic growing juice. eat all your food and drink a gallon of whole milk every day and you'll get the results you're looking for.
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Winston Originally Answered: I need help gaining weight/muscle. Any tips?
You can start consuming fresh fruit juices,fresh green vegetables and also wheat content rich food items and non veg items without fat.By consuming these food items and doing regular workouts in gym you can gain your body weight and muscle weight in a healthy manner.
Winston Originally Answered: I need help gaining weight/muscle. Any tips?
i don't have a good answer for you because im stuck at 138 and im 19, im also really skinny and cant gain weight no matter how much i work out and eat :( so i dont have an answer for you but i just wanted to let you know that you're not alone XD im just hoping with age il keep gaining weight.

Shamir Shamir
I gained about 30 pounds in a few months with Cell Tech and lots of push ups. I did 5 sets of 30 in the morning, 10 sets of 30 in the afternoon, and 10 sets of 30 before I went to sleep.
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Newt Newt
Unfortunately, protein does not really do anything at all, so protein supplements are not the right direction for you to go. I can't really answer your question fully, but protein will not help with muscle and weight gain.
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Newt Originally Answered: What is a better suppliment for gaining weight in muscle fast? 10 pts goes to best answer!?
you need to pay attention to the grams of protein per serving. 30 and up is worth it. mix it with peanut butter and milk and egg if you have the guts for that. but lots of protein man. thats what you need to look for. so just do a comparison of grams per serving and amount of servings in container. - muscle building is heavier weight and probably a few reps at a time. - toning muscle is less weight and lots of reps as possible. save 10 bucks and get a ab wheel it'll help tone your full figure

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