any good ideas for my sweet 16?

any good ideas for my sweet 16? Topic: any good ideas for my sweet 16?
June 16, 2019 / By Annabelinda
Question: i want to keep it small- no dance parties... just my close friends. but i want to make it really special without bursting my budget
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Winfrid Winfrid | 5 days ago
How about a party at a bowling alley or carpet golf? This works great for kids your age who are too old for pin-the-tail type games but who don't want to dance. We did this for my son and it was great fun. He even has a real bowling pin with the signatures of all of us who were there as a souvenir.
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Winfrid Originally Answered: please help me with sweet 16 birthday party ideas!?
Livelove, without sounding like an old stuffed shirt, basically you have answered your own question. If I count right, there is only six of you. I think without realizing it you have made a few suggestions yourself. Try this one. hit the Bowling Alley before dinner, plan dinner for about 8pm. head off to dinner from there, take it easy and enjoy the dinner then hit the movie theater after dinner. City walk sounds good after the movie, stopping at one of those old time places for a soda or a shake. A chat and head home. Guess what? You haven't been arrested in the meantime.... Happy Birthday Kid!! Chris

Shallum Shallum
honesty, the fun really starts when ur 21.. when ur allowed to go to parties and ****, when u got a nice paying job so you can wear nice clothing and meet people. at 16, it's best to get to know more people. now's the best time to start dating someone and experience.
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Neville Neville
go skating dressed as angels and devils ... perfect theme for the age or you couls have karaoke with your friends. or you could act a little posh for the night and have a fancy little dinner party with mock-tails
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Kip Kip
have an 80's party in your house! people can dress up in ridiculous 80's clothes and you can watch movies like breakfast club, sixteen candles and pretty in pink
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Kip Originally Answered: what are some cheap party ideas for a girls sweet 16?
For our cousin's Sweet 16, we wanted to make it memorable and special. With her help we decided to have a slumber party. She lives with her mother about an hour away, so as part of the celebration we arranged to have the girls for two nights. We will drive to each of the girls' houses and meet the parents, give out phone numbers and assure them that their daughters will be in good hands. As we pull in the driveway to our house, we open the garage door and surprise our daughter with a car! Friday night we order pizza, have cake and open gifts. The girls will 'camp out' downstairs. We'll put down mattresses from beds to make one big 'bed' in front of the TV with lots of pillows and blankets. The girls can listen to music, talk, munch, watch TV or shoot pool while we are upstairs getting some much needed rest! On Saturday our day begins kind of early. I'll take the girls for a Starbucks and pastry and then take them for a European facial at a local cosmetology school. The price is right ($20) and the girls get something great for their skin at the same time! Afterwards, we'll come home and get cleaned up. We're going to play the "16 Question" game. We thought of 16 questions that we'll ask the guests to answer about our daughter. (favorite color, how many guys has she kissed, etc.) Our daughter will be out of the room when we ask the questions. Afterwards, she'll come back in and we'll ask her the questions. The one that gets the most questions right gets a prize (Best Buy gift card). We're also going to have a mini-pool tourney and later on that evening we're off to the local bowling alley for cosmic bowling to scope out guys, get silly and eat bowling alley fries. The girl with the highest score out of 3 games gets a prize! When we get home the girls are once again on their own. For decorations I've got everything in "16" - balloons, flowers, candles, streamers, etc. We also found photos of our daughter doing crazy stuff when she was growing up and put them onto colorful paper and posted them throughout the downstairs. Sure to embarrass her a little and be fun at the same time! We have two cameras for the girls to use as they wish and will develop them and make her a photo album of her party. I made each girl a "goodie bag" with eye shadow, bath and body stuff, shower scrubbie, candy ... ! I think it'll be great fun! On Sunday we're driving each girl back home to her parents house safe and sound! Afterwards, we're coming home to relax!!!!! :-)

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