Did i eat healthily today?Im a 19 year old female?

Did i eat healthily today?Im a 19 year old female? Topic: Did i eat healthily today?Im a 19 year old female?
June 25, 2019 / By Anna
Question: Breakfast: Muesli and low fat milk Snack: Banana Lunch: Hummus and 1 slice of salami on brown bread sandwich Snack: apple Dinner: a Wrap with 3 fish fingers,baby potatoes, hummus and carrot in it. and also half a can of creme of chicken soup. Could i afford to eat more/less?
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Windsor Windsor | 3 days ago
Hallo, Lola. My name is Fade and I am ze Nutrition Nazi. Your diet might seem healthy to some but after thoroughly analyzing it I have found much-needed room for improvement. BREAKFAST: * I applaud you for choosing low-fat milk over whole milk but skim milk is a better choice as it contains only trace amounts of fat. Soy milk takes it a step further by eliminating all saturated fat and cholesterol. I give low-fat milk a "B-". * I have mixed feelings when it comes to Muesli. While it is low in saturated fat and high in dietary fiber, it is also high in sugar. A lot of "health food" companies sucker you into buying their products with promises of "high fiber" and "A full serving of whole grains!" but fail to mention that their products are absolutely LOADED with sugar and sodium. It's like I always say: You can stick a vitamin pill in a pile of dog sh*t but that doesn't mean it's good for you. Always consult the back of the label and do a thorough nutritional evaluation before making any decisions. Remember, if it looks or tastes "too good to be healthy" it probably is.Overall, I would rate Muesli a "B". LUNCH: * Hummus - Look out, fat in a can! While hummus is high in protein and contains no cholesterol it is still LOADED with fat and (depending on the brand) sodium. If you have to eat this stuff, please eat it in moderation. I give hummus a "C". * Salami - you cannot do worse than this. Processed meat is a big no no. Salami would literally ooze saturated fat if it wasn't for the huge amount of salt holding it in. Thank the Lord Jesus you only had one slice. I give salami a big fat "F". * I am not sure what "brown bread" means. It is either made from whole grain (which I would rate an "A") or it is bleached enriched white flour with a tan (which I would rate a "C"). I will combine these two grades together and give you their average, a "B". DINNER: * Is the wrap made from whole grains? Is it high in sodium? I need more details!!! I am going to give you a "B" for this. * Fish is good for you, deep-fried breading is not. You get a "C". * More hummus? You get another "C". * Ah yes...cream of chicken soup. There's nothing like saturated fat to lube up the ol' arteries, and sodium - what a treat! Your heart would be crying tears of blood if it weren't so clogged and dehydrated. * Baby potatoes and carrots! At last, something the Nutrition Nazi cannot disapprove of. You get an "A". SNACKS: * As with all fruit, apples and bananas are very high in sugar, but the sugar found in fresh fruit is much better for you than other sugars such as corn syrup or corn sweetener. Because they were only a snack I will let it slide. Two more "A's" for you. OVERALL NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS: Your total caloric intake for today was roughly 1500 calories (assuming you ate one serving of each food item listed). The Nutrition Nazi doesn't have sufficient information to determine whether or not this is the correct amount of calories for you. To determine this she needs to know your: * age * sex * activity level * current weight * goal weight (weight loss, weight maintenance, or weight gain) I don't know your stats so I will assume that you lead an active lifestyle and require a 2,000 calorie diet in order to maintain your weight. In that case, you have eaten an adequate amount of protein but your fats and carbohydrates are TOO LOW. Try eating more whole grain bread, rice, and pasta. Eat more protein but replace the salami with lean chicken and the fish fingers with fish fillets. In fact, I recommend getting most (if not all) of your fat from non-meat sources such as coconut oil, nuts, avocados, and such. Your vitamin intake is also TOO LOW. Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet but stay away from fruit juices as they are high in sugar. I also suggest taking a multivitamin. You are eating TOO MUCH sodium. In time this can give you high blood pressure and can lead to a fatal heart attack or stroke.You consumed over 3000 milligrams of sodium when, generally speaking, you need to keep sodium below 2500 milligrams a day (approximately 1 teaspoon of table salt). As a general rule of thumb try not to have have more than one milligram per calorie, or not more than about 250 milligrams per serving. Lower your sodium intake and drink plenty of water if you aren't already. It is also a good idea to eat foods rich in potassium because they blunt the harmful effects of sodium on blood pressure. Foods rich in potassium include tomatoes and tomato products, raisins, dates, prunes, potatoes, lettuce, bananas, and papayas. Overall I give your diet a "B+" but keep in mind that there are other key components to staying healthy including excercise (at least 30 minutes a day), sleep (at least 8 hours per night) and stress management. And there you have it. Ze Nutrition Nazi's full analysis of your diet. I hope this answered your question of "Did I eat
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Windsor Originally Answered: Did I eat healthily today?
You need to include 3 half-cup servings of vegetables (dark green and dark red are the best [broccoli, asparagus, tomato/red bell pepper) for vitamins and minerals and 2 half-cup servings of berries (blueberries and raspberries are the best) for their antioxidants to your diet

Seymour Seymour
Have no idea what Muesli is but im gonna guesstimate your calories for the day: Breakfast - 200 calories Snack - 100 Lunch - 350 Snack - 100 Dinner - 450 So in total that makes about 1200 calories which is a little low but not bad and healthy for losing weight.
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Nevan Nevan
You need more fruit and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Fish fingers are terrible...don't eat them. Most of the hummus on the market these days contains too much fat and fillers. Stick to organic Yemenese tree hummus, and if you can't find it any OSH generic joint compound will do.
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King King
its to low yes, but depends on lots of factors u havent told us, work, exercise, life style.... cant help so more
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King Originally Answered: Was I healthy today? I am a vegetarian and weight 93 pounds 5 foot 1 inces tall,female 19 years old?
This site offers a free vegetarian book that has over 400 recipes, weekly and monthly meal plans. They will also provide the support and guidance to help you maintaining a healthy diet http://essentialvegetarianonline.com

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