Hi whats better for cats solid food or canned food?

Hi whats better for cats solid food or canned food? Topic: Hi whats better for cats solid food or canned food?
June 16, 2019 / By Angelique
Question: not tuna but the cat canned food :)
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William William | 3 days ago
Avoid dry food like a plague. It is the leading cause for feline diabetes, kidney failure, UTI's, Crystals in the urine causing blockages. Also obesity and many other problems. Cats swallow most of the dry food if you look at their barf it is whole and a few of the pieces shatter. The vets feel it is good for cats teeth because the pet food reps tell them it is!! My vet agreed that cats are obligate carnivores. Meaning they need to have high protein diets with under 10% carbs and dry is not good for them and then tries to sell some to me!!!!!! Please read the first link to see everything I could write to you and decided to let an expert tell you. then chose a food that is canned from the 2nd list that meets the high protein low carb. www.catinfo.org read this article for all the healthy choices in food for your cat. www.geocities.com/jmpeerson/canfood.ht... Janet and Binky's Cat food chart
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William Originally Answered: Raw Food vs Canned Food vs Dry Food, what's the best for Cats?
To start out with, dry cat food was created for human convenience, and is the worst choice for your cat. Cats have a low thirst drive, being desert animals, and will often get dehydrated or have kidney problems if kept on an exclusively dry diet. It can cause blockages and UTIs quite frequently. Adding water to dry food speeds the growth of bacteria and can make a cat sick. Personally, I stay away from dry food unless I have no other choice (ie going out of town for a day or two). If you must feed dry food, stick to a grain/filler free food like Wellness, Innova, etc. Also, don't believe rumors about dry being "good for their teeth". A cats teeth are designed to rip and tear, not chew. The dry food also breaks up in their mouth too quickly, and doesn't stay on the teeth long enough to have any effect whatsoever. Canned food is the most common choice for most cat households. Cats like it, it gives them the necessary moisture that they otherwise wouldn't get, and its typically low in fillers. A good wet food will be a great choice for your cat, as most families don't have the time, patience, or cash flow to be able to feed a raw diet. Look for a canned food that has meat as the first few ingredients, and no corn, wheat, or soy. Also, no by-products, or "animal digest" type ingredients. The key to a raw diet is "balance". Raw is actually the best and most healthy choice for your cat, but if you don't order the food, and decide to make it yourself, you MUST do your research. A cat needs a balance of meat, bone, organ, and blood to get all the nutrients that they would get from a regular food. Can you remember the last time you saw a lion starting up a fire to cook its gazelle? Or the last time your cat tossed its freshly killed bird on a george forman grill? Me neither ;) Its natural for a cat to eat raw, but again, its not for everyone. Personally, I feed my cats an exclusively canned diet (Merrick's, Innova, and Blue Buffalo) and supplement it with raw chicken a few times a week. Both of my cats are healthy, happy, and because of their healthy diet, they barely shed, and are as playful and content as they have ever been. I hope this clears some stuff up. I would be VERY wary of a vet who is not a fan of a raw diet, its not for everyone like I said, but its still the healthiest choice out there. Edit: Just wanted to add, back when I used to feed dry food, one of my cats had chronic urinary tract infections. Since switching to canned/raw, I have had not a single solitary problem. My vet recommended the diet I am on now, and its a life saver for me.

Sean Sean
I'm sure you know that shedding is going to happen no matter what. However, it has been my personal experience that feeding moist food has cut down on the amount. Poppy is nothing but hair, and Sophie is just a regular shorthair. They both shed about equal amounts. Both are groomed on a regular basis - Sophie gets a daily brushing and Poppy gets brushed at least once a week. When I switched them from an all dry diet (Purina) to an all canned diet (good quality of course), shedding was reduced. Not only that, but Poppy's dandruff cleared up. I think regular grooming is the key more than diet, but the moist diet did help. However, there are so many other reasons to get cats off the kibble and onto a MUCH better moist diet. Shedding would be at the bottom of that list - improved health would be at the top.
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Neely Neely
Canned food. I just answered your other question and touched on this topic, but I'll do it again. Dry food leaves cats dehydrated, often leads to kidney, urinary issues and even diabetes, and doesn't clean their teeth. Let's say that again - it doesn't clean their teeth! That is a myth. Canned food keeps them properly hydrated and contains less fillers than dry food does. It's also typically lower in carbs which means cats are less likely to get fat. Canned food doesn't cause diarrhea, rot the teeth, and isn't the feline equivalent of dessert.
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Kian Kian
Cats have a problem with dehydration - they don't normally drink enough water. One way they can get more water is through canned cat food. Dry food is good for teeth health. My cats get both.
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Hue Hue
solid is better but if your cat has a preference then le it decide and canned food is much better for older cats(like 12 and above)
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Hue Originally Answered: Is a 100% canned food diet bad for cats?
Absolutely not! Cannes diet is the next best thing to raw feeding, and it's great you are not forcing dry kibble on your cat. Dry is quite bad for cat's, even the upscale brands and prescription, so your cat opted for the healthier thing :-) Feeding wet is not spoiling, but providing a proper diet that is nutritious for the animal and provides him with good hydration. However there are lots of brands on the market and the stuff you can buy in the supermarket is usually only slightly better than dry. These commercial foods are filled with cheap ingredients to bump the volume. These are usually corn, wheat, soy, rice and grain in general. Not only the cat has no nutritional need for grain, it's basically carbohydrates and cats can't process them like we can. They pretty much turn straight to blood sugar and fat. Eventually in long term that could lead to diabetes and obesity. So look for brands that are grain-free and list muscle meat as a first ingredient. No by-product. Some brands include: Wellness, Evo, Merrick and Nature's Variety. Read the labels an go for high protein cans. Here are some websites with great info on cat nutrition that go more in depth, they helped me a lot when choosing what I wanted to feed. Good luck!

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