How do I tell my boyfriend I have a fistula?

How do I tell my boyfriend I have a fistula? Topic: How do I tell my boyfriend I have a fistula?
June 16, 2019 / By Angelina
Question: I dated my bf for 4 months then I broke up with him cuz I got sick with crohn's disease. Then 6 months later when I recovered we got back together. He knows I have an autoimmune disease but doesn't know about the vaginal fistula which could make sex "interesting" so to speak. He doesn't technically know I have crohn's either. I feel like a fraud but I'm very scared to tell him. I would almost rather just find someone else with a disorder to level the playing field because it would be a huge stress relief. Should I just go ahead and tell him? also I'm worried because we know a lot of the same people and it's embarassing if word gets out.
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Will Will | 1 day ago
unless you can completely trust him, dont say much about it. if word gets out about it your life will be much more interesting. really think about what type of person he his and if he could handle it. my ex gf has crohns, its a tough disease and he better be a good one to get involved with you and your treatment.
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Will Originally Answered: Boyfriend, sad, jail, ahhh, ex boyfriend... confusing help?
First, his sister doesn't know this but she is messing her life up, she will have this on her record, probably never get her driver's licence, and probably be sent to a juvienal home, if the judge for what I assume to be her case, for she will most likely have one, is nice otherwise she miht go to jail for attempted murder or a hit and run when she is innocent. Second: Do what you can to help your ex boyfriend,I know this might seem hard but I hated my ex when he sent me into years long depression, and anger, but if he got hurt like that could I forgive myself for ever having those thoughts that I hated him badly and watch him die knowing that it would probably add to my already mental suffering. See what you can do to help your current boyfriend but know he took this to the extreme, what might he do to you if things go wrong. You need counceling too, take this easy, this is all going on too much at one time I think you need to talk to someone professional. YOu might develope weight loss as a sign of stress or become anxious and if that goes on for too long devlope an anxiety disorder and think fo how this wil affect you later in life with all these problems at the moment.
Will Originally Answered: Boyfriend, sad, jail, ahhh, ex boyfriend... confusing help?
Wow, I thought my life was messed up. Sorry, that kind of sounded mean, I guess what you really need to do is just get yourself away from these people because they seem to be stressing you out. Your boyfriend is obviously kind of violent if he hit him with his truck and what his stepdad did shouldn't worry you since now he's in jail. As for your best friend, you should try talking to her and telling her to tell the truth but if she doesn't want to then that's her decision if she wants to go to jail. You should just try to be there for your boyfriend while he's in the hospital and then once he's better try and talk to him and figure out if it's worth staying together when he's causing you just as much stress and pain and stuff as your ex boyfriend; or maybe not, I'm not really sure of the whole situation. But yeah, just talk to someone.

Scotty Scotty
Oh Sweetie, Crohn's disease is horrid. Surely you don't need to put up with a fistula as well? Have you seen a specialist and considered surgical repair? Your boyfriend would support you if you had "women's business" surgery I'm sure, and there would be no need to go into all the details.
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
I would go ahead and tell him. If he does care for you, he would understand. Also, telling him would just take a huge weight off your back. Good luck!
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Your weight isn't an issue. I know to you it may seem like it, but it's not. First, you should work on your self esteem.. guys like girls that are confident with themselves and you are not ugly b/c noone is. So- if you'd like to lose your virginity, I am sure you'd like to lose it to someone who respects you. How can you find anyone to respect you, if you don't respect yourself? I think that should be your first goal. Then once you concquer that, you'll find that everything else will come into place.

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