I need tips on being healthier?

I need tips on being healthier? Topic: I need tips on being healthier?
June 16, 2019 / By Angela
Question: im almost 13 and im a littlte overweight because im short . i need some tips on how i can lose weight and have a healthier diet and lose all the unhealthy habits !
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Wilfred Wilfred | 9 days ago
There is need of personal discipline. Tell your friends about it. Sleep on time. Go out with friends often and play sports. Like basketball. Go jogging with earpiece on. (Like rock or techno that make you motivated and insired to run faster) As you run focus on running not your tiredness. Focus in your mind "RUN" rather than "TIRED" Go Gym. Prevent staying at home. Maybe when your friend get a meal for lunch, you get snacks instead. Maybe eat a proper meal at home. Do not skip meals. You must preven yourself from being hungry and full. If youre hungry, you might just eat like crazy. If you are full, you might feel guilty and end up give up. But dont give up, you can do it. GOOD LUCK! :)
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Wilfred Originally Answered: Tips on getting healthier?
There are a hundred ideas and options that can be offered to you, but I am going to tell you just a few that - if you maintain the will power to do - you will have great results in the way you look AND the way you feel. 1) Sugar is the devil :) Seriously though, candies, soda, etc are horrible things to put in your body - especially when you are out of shape. In keeping your figure or maintaining a certain weight, your body uses the gluco (sugar) proteins that it has already stored a lot of. Even more of these proteins are broken down and stored by carbohydrates. That's why if you are a seriously avid athlete you should have high intake of sugar & carbs. Regular folks should not. Cut it out of your diet as much as possible. The best things to cut would be pastries, baked goods, candy bars, and soda. 2) Drink Water! Many people do not take in enough water in a day - and in even more cases - drink very unhealthy substitutes (such as artifical juices and SODA). Soda is so amazingly unhealthy. It is made with chemicals and processed sugars. It has no nutritional value whatsoever and offers nothing positive for your body. Make an attempt to drink no less than 40 oz and up to 62 oz of water a day for a week. I can guarantee you will notice a difference in your level of energy, the clarity of your skin and even a bit of difference in your waist pudge if you tried this. 3) Go to the store and purchase 2lb or 5lb hand weights. While your children are watching a movie or taking a nap, you can sit right there on the couch with them and do arm curls, tricep lifts, etc. It's a very easy and efficient way to exercise when you have a hectic lifesyle.

Scott Scott
There's no secret. Eat more veggies and fruits, less meat and other fats. Eat whole grains when you have bread; brown rice instead of white, Don't drink soda or other sugary drinks. Get more exercise than you currently do. You will be healthy and slimmer if you do this all the time. Wacky diets will cause you to lose quickly, but then you gain it all back which is unhealthy. Good luck!
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Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar
hey, im thirteen too (but its gonna be my birthday tomorrow, so im turning fourteen)! anyway, i used to have the same problem as you. i used to be worried about my weight and height all the time! im pretty short right now, 150cm. and i used to be 51kg but right now, im 43kg. ive lost all that weight in about 3 months! so, you probably wanna know how i did it. well, i went vegetarian. not to loose weight but because of animals. i believe that eating them isnt fair and all that. but anyway, thats a different story. after not eating meat for a few weeks, ive started to notice, all the weight lost and people were saying "wow. what's happening to you?" and i felt so much better, healthier, happy and just wonderful! i strongly believe that when you eat something thats full of worry, fear and anger, that its not somehow gonna effect you. but thats just my opinion. becoming vegetarian had made me eat healthier, more vegetables. and trust me, your body doesnt need meat. plants have everything, apart from the fat that you get from meat. but that fat's bad for you and thats what making you fat! so, you should try it out. im sure you'll feel better and you'll definitely loose weight!!
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Keshawn Keshawn
at your age your body needs a lot of stuff so do not cut anything from your diet except fast foods and try to be more active sign up for a sport club or take a gym course in your school
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Hucc Hucc
When I was thirteen I lived on Coke and pretzels. I am glad that you're making healthier decisions earlier on, I wish I had when I was your age. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and stay AWAY from white bread, it 'is an beneficial as toilet paper'-Skinny *****
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Emory Emory
evian, espressos, vine tomatoes, rasberries, wildcaught organic oakgrilled sturgeon, rainbow trout, john dory, branzino, dover sole. limes, baby spinach, tahitian melon squash, steamed potiron winter squash, mauna loa tins dry roasted unsalted macadamia nuts 8aday.
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Emory Originally Answered: Any tips on eating healthier?
okay so first of all you want to replace white refined grains with whole wheat products. Choose whole wheat bread, pasta, brown rice and whole grain cereals over white flour products second, lean meats you sound eat instead of fried chicken is anything baked, steamed, broiled etc. If it's fried, that's a no- no. chicken wings are deep fried so that's off limits too! you want to go for lean meats like turkey, chicken and fish. replace ground beef for burgers and tacos with ground turkey and chicken! it's just as tastey! if not yummier! diary products are important in building a lean healthy body with strong bones, and especially since you are an athelete they are just that much more significant to include in your diet, so go for low fat and fa free varieties of milk, yogurt, and cheeses, they also provide lots of good protein! instead of eating regular potato chips and other junk foods, go for baked chips, quaker rice snacks (my favorite and they come in all kinds of yummy flavors like honey nut and BBQ), and fiberone bars are great as well (the fiber keeps you full and my favorite flavor is chocolate mocha, mmm chocolately!) also, eat more fruits and veggies instead, so much to choose from! (apples, oranges, bananas, celery carrots, melons berries etc) healthy fats include omega 3s from fish and good fats from nuts and fruits like avocado ^-^ some really good meal ideas: breakfast try a whole grain cereal with lowfat/ fat free milk and berries or another type of fruit or oatmeal with some cinnamon and berries or a whole wheat bagel/ toast with eggs! lunch whole wheat sandwhichs filled with lean protein deli meats such as turkey and piled high with veggies ( lettuce, tomato, onion, bell peppers) go ahead and add some mustard, ketcup and/or relish for moisture ^-^ dinner baked chicken with steamed broccoli and brown rice wheat pasta in tomato sauce and meat balls made out of ground chicken! home made whole wheat pita pizza filled with tomato suace, lowfat cheese and veggie toppings! snacks, some of my favorite cottage cheese salad with cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes and other great fruits! just arrange the fruit on a plate covered in green leafy lettuce around some cottage cheese, and eat it with multigrain saltines if you like! ( a good lunch meal too!) light butter popcorn ( get the smart choice varieties, it's whole grain, full of fiber, and therefore very filling!) whole wheat honey pretzels (a lot better than all those greasy potato chips with a salty sweet twist ^-^) i hope this helped, and good luck!

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