How/Where could i buy a Patriots 19-0 super bowl champs shirt?

How/Where could i buy a Patriots 19-0 super bowl champs shirt? Topic: How/Where could i buy a Patriots 19-0 super bowl champs shirt?
June 16, 2019 / By Angel
Question: where could i find a pats 19-0 shirt that isn't ridiculously priced and preferably not ebay (already looked there)
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Best Answers: How/Where could i buy a Patriots 19-0 super bowl champs shirt?

Wilford Wilford | 8 days ago
I read an article yesterday about the shirts that were made. Most of them were shipped to Nicaragua to help refugees. I'm sure a refugee would sell you one pretty cheap though. But the flight over is gonna cost ya.
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Wilford Originally Answered: Are the Patriots the greatest team to lose a Super Bowl?
There is no doubt that the Cowboys of the 1970s -- Super Bowls X and XIII -- are the greatest teams to lose a Super Bowl. Both clubs lost to the Steelers, who were clearly the greatest team of all time and the only team EVER to win 4 Super Bowls in 6 years. How can I prove these two Cowboy teams were the greatest to ever lose a Super Bowl. Because these Cowboy teams won two other Super Bowls in the same exact decade -- one of them crushing the Dolphins just before the Dolphins perfect season! What a great Cowboys team: Staubach, Pearson, Too Tall Jones, Charlie Waters, Howley, and the rest. They would have won 4 Super Bowls in that decade if not having to play against the greatest combination of offense and defense in NFL history: Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth and Franco on one side. Mean Joe Greene, L.C. Greenwood, Dwight White, Jack Lambert, Jack Ham, on the other side. All Hall of Famers or soon to be so (Greenwood). Nobody else could beat that Cowboys team. They proved it. They beat the Dolphins and made them perfect the following year. They beat the heck out of the "Orange Crush." They just ran up against the buzz saw known as the great Steelers... Now, as to who is the worst team to ever win a Super Bowl, the answer is this: The worst team is the only team caught cheating in the Super Bowl, the team who knew the plays before they were called, the team who ruined a great team known as the "greatest show on turf," and who won their Super Bowls by 3 points at the last minute. Those Patriots teams would have been crushed by 3 teams of each of the following: (a) the 49ers, (b) the Cowboys, (c) the Raiders, (d) the Packers, (e) the Steelers and (f) the Redskins. Imagine Joe Montana in 1989 going against the 2002 Patriots. It would have been a massacre.

Scot Scot
The Bears went undefeated in the regular season twice but lost in the championship and nobody remembers. In order for the Patriots to equal what the 72 Dolphins did, they have to win the Super Bowl. If the Patriots don't win it all they won't even be considered among the greatest teams period.
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Neas Neas
Alright, listen carefully. 1. Fly to Nicaragua. 2. Steal it from an impoverished child. There are 290 of 'em who have hats and jerseys sporting the 19-0 record.
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Keshaun Keshaun
I would definately get one if I was a NY Giants fan! I did not care for the disrespect the coach and his young players displayed to the League and I am so glad that their loss came in the Super Bowl and not earlier, they so deserved what was handed to them in the end, especially that last sack, had me cheering and laughing OH YEAH BABY!!!
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Hoyt Hoyt
While down there, go ahead and get a copy of Dokkens "In My Dreams" cassette, it's a hot item in Nicaragua also.
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Emmett Emmett
Go to Nicaragua, they shipped a huge load there to help refugees. The shirt would be cheap but the plane trip would cost you. Or you can check the garbage cans in Boston and Foxboro.
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Clive Clive
I can't believe a redskins fan is mouthing off about anything. Talk when you have a team that's not a laughing stock. As for the t-shirt e-bays your only bet.
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Clive Originally Answered: Super Bowl 2008 Dallas Cowboys vs New England Patriots?
HOWDY!!! brothers of... That would be a Good Game as long as both teams stepped on the field TO WIN. STAY SAFE!!! Bulldog

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