Could I have bowel cancer?

Could I have bowel cancer? Topic: Could I have bowel cancer?
June 16, 2019 / By Anette
Question: Hello, I've had prolonged stomach pain which I believed was IBS. It's mostly in the left lower abdomen on a specific spot. I also had constipation for more than 2 weeks now, got an external hemorrhoid which came right on its own with sitz baths. Anyway, I've had some weight loss recently, tho a few weeks ago I noticed weight loss of 1kg, then went slightly back but now again more weight loss of 1.5kg. I checked out all the causes of abdominal pain, symptoms point to IBS, but I also get stomach pain during and after meals. About a week ago, (sorry it's gross) I got up and as I was walking or standing wind (fart) came out through my vagina and then the last bit of wind came out from behind. Then soon after that I started getting mild bladder pain when urinating and stomach pain of a bladder infection. Despite having gone to bed very late the past few weeks (tho I sleep late to make up for it), my stomach aches most of the time. Since the weight loss, and bowel problems (constipation) I wonder if I may not have cancer?? Could I have cancer? The urinary symtpoms are gone. I'm just worried about the constipation (hard stools-only bad thing is I don't drink enough water), constant stomach pain which kept me awake a few nights forcing me to take pain tablets which helped and the weight loss (tho this could be due to lack of sleep, but my apetite is also down).
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Wiley Wiley | 6 days ago
You need to ask that question to a physician, and the sooner the better. Have you not had a colonoscopy? It's such a simple thing to do. One of the first signs or worrisome flicks on the radar with something like colorectal cancer is not pain but anemia, and the most important, simple test you could have is a hemoccult test, which tests for blood you cannot see (occult blood) in your stool. This can be a sign of cancer, but it can also be diverticulitis or, more particularly, internal hemorrhoids, as indeed can blood you CAN see. Yet it can be a sign of cancer as well. As it is, you are diagnosing yourself, and even a gastroenterologist wouldn't diagnose anything without first running proper tests. If you have worrisome symptoms and you fear they could mean cancer, or if you have any of the cancer warning signs, the very first thing you should do is make an appointment to see your doctor, gather any information from your blood relatives about gastrointestinal illnesses including cancer in the family tree and put the information in his/her hands. You can also go to www. webmd.com--an excellent, authoritative medical website--and go to their symptom checker. It's a little complicated, but you can enter your symptoms in there and get something of a differential diagnosis -- a list of possible things it could be -- and then you can search on each of them to see what seems closest to your symptoms. But this is just self education. It doesn't replace the data and information your physician will get to make an accurate diagnosis. As for your whistling vagina, well my dear, women (unlike men) have a channel a rearward toot can deflect through when the folds are arranged just so and all other conditions are right, and we wind up "blowing our nose" when we meant to expel a little propulsion. It's not an experience many share (thanks for sharing), but it does happen. I'm not making fun of you here. It's just that you have let this go too long, and you are frightened by it to the extent that you are seeing things where they may not be. The truth is, while you may have some of the signs of cancer, you probably do not have it. I'm no clinical medical professional, but I sure have transcribed hundreds and hundreds and HUNDREDS of colonoscopies, and have only transcribed perhaps five that were truly cancerous. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be vigilant, particularly if your gut is your weak spot. But you are killing yourself here. Quit worrying, inform yourself, and get to the doctor. You're going to be all aright.
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Wiley Originally Answered: Can you die from bowel cancer?
It depends on when it is diagnosed. If it is diagosed late, after it has spread, the odds aren't good. You can reduce your own chances of gettting colon cancer by eating a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber.
Wiley Originally Answered: Can you die from bowel cancer?
you may die from any maximum cancers if it relatively is untreated, or in spite of if it relatively is not got here across till the very previous due ranges, yet luckily colon maximum cancers is way less deadly than maximum different cancers. I had point 3 colon maximum cancers 3 one million/2 years in the past, and it relatively is not shown any signs and indications of coming returned. If he has point one million, they'd take it out during a colonoscopy, and it has a ninety 5% scientific care fee. If it relatively is point 2, they're going to ought to resection his colon (i.e., take out the area of the colon the place the tumor is and stitch the ends returned mutually), and a few oncologists advise chemo--there remains over an eighty 5% survival fee with this, regardless of the indisputable fact that. At point 3, with chemo, there remains a 60% survival fee. additionally, maximum persons have a marker of their blood which shows in spite of if the main cancers has recurred, so it relatively is relatively common to observe it.

Saxon Saxon
Actually it sounds as though you have diverticulitis. The same thing happens to my Mother. She is always in agony despite medication. If you are passing wind through your vagina, it is possible that you have a prolapsed colon. See your gynecologist, he can test you for it. Constipation can cause that to happen. I have the very same problem.
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Nathaniel Nathaniel
It sounds like you are constipated with a bladder infection also. You do need to see a doctor now.
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Nathaniel Originally Answered: Do I have bowel cancer?
1. Blood in the stool - means bright red blood actually on the stool as it's coming out. Also black, tarry looking stools. 2. Change in bowel habits - going more often could be nothing more than eating more fruits and vegetables. Feeling full - certain foods fill you up faster (bread, pasta, etc). 3. Abdominal lump - depending on where this lump is located. It could be an inguinal hernia or umbilical hernia. 4. Straining feeling in the rectum - some people think they have to have a bowel movement every day so they sit on the toilet and push (ie strain) until they have one. 5. Pain in the abdomen - everybody has that at one time or another. 6. Rectal pain - probably from straining too much. 7. Psychological - I agree. You need to focus on other things. Although not unheard of, colon cancer in a 22 year old is slim to none.

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