Can you feed your dog just meat?

Can you feed your dog just meat? Topic: Can you feed your dog just meat?
June 16, 2019 / By Andy
Question: I have been feeding my dog chicken/turkey with rice. Her stomach is good and everything but recently she's just been going straight to the meat and leaving the rice. Is it ok to just give her meat? Cooked meat not raw
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Wilber Wilber | 3 days ago
Raw meat and bones are great for your dogs health, both mentally and physically. Physically - Dogs were designed over thousands of years of evolution to eat and thrive off raw meat. Mentally - Well we all know how much a dog LOVES to lie in the back yard and chow down on a good meaty bone! "Love is" offered good advice. I have several friends who have been feeding both kibble and raw meat, such as chicken or turkey necks, in the same meal for over 40-50 years... with never a problem. However, to err on the side of caution - It is advised by many to feed them separately (as 'Love is' discussed). So it may be prefferable to feed say kibble in the morning and raw meat as the evening meal. Lastly, I see tinned food as a waste of money. You are paying for large amounts of 'water' in each can. I would feed kibble over tinned food, and wet it down yourself if preferred. Although personally I dont feed either - I have been feeding my dogs a home prepared diet of raw meaty bones amongst other things, for many years and they have thrived on it. Note: Almost any and all raw meat is great for your dog, however pork is probably the only meat that is not hugely beneficial (you can feed it, but many pure/prey model raw feeders avoid it). Also note that feeding hard weight bearing bones can lead to tooth wear, or chipping occasionally if your dog is a particularly avid chewer (as Labs often are). Good cuts to feed are turkey necks/wings, chicken, rabbit, lamb flaps, beef brisket etc. Also fish is great. All have soft digestable bone. Sardines, Mackeral, Salmon are all high in Omega oils and fantastic for joints, just like they are for us. I feed Salmon heads as they are cheaper and any fish monger should have them (whole salmon would be rediculously expensive). However, the size of your dog and how fast it eats will determine the best cuts to feed. Also Labs are prone to getting fat - So wings or cuts with skin on are often best avoided if weight gain is an issue. Its common sense really - Good luck with your dog!
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Wilber Originally Answered: Why is it OK for vegans and vegetarians who feed their dogs and cats meat to turn around and say it's not acceptable for humans to eat meat?
For starters, cats and dogs NEED a meat based diet. Vegetarian/Vegan dog/cat food just isn't natural and anyone who owns these animals who sticks them on that type of diet are a hypocrite for claiming they care about animals and yet turn around and throw their meat eating pet on an extremely irresponsible species inappropriate diet. They should instead own a damn rabbit or guinea pig if they don't want to be feeding their pet meat based food. Not all vegans/vegetarians who own meat eating animals push their dietary/ethical views onto them, very few of them actually do. I discussed this with some of my vegetarian and vegan friends once and they were all on the same boat - appalled at the fact that vegetarian/vegan cat/dog food was even around and shocked at those who fed such a thing to their meat eating pets. Humans are natural omnivores, that means our bodies can digest both meat and plants. Which gives an opening for those wanting to eat a vegetarian/vegan diet the freedom to do so. I don't personally know any vegetarians/vegans who have an issue with people eating meat and whatnot, I have only seen it become a problems on the internet, on this site, in this particular section by a couple of rotten nutters.

Sandy Sandy
The rice is OK to use, but I'd add a little bit of Spinach to the diet too. However, a dog will do very well on an all meat diet too. If the dog shows signs of wanting to eat greens/plants, add the Spinach to the food. I've raised my dogs for the last 25 years on all meat diets, and all do way better than dogs fed off-the-shelf foods. None of my dogs have had any issues that needed additional Vet attention other than basic shots and a broken paw once from an accident. Coats are healthier and shinier. My Vet always asks what I feed them and approves the diet, and tells me my dogs are the best looking and healthiest that he sees. BTW, cooked meat is fine. Just watch out for the poultry bones, it makes them brittle.
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Nash Nash
Yes you can feed raw. I would reccommend you do not feed it in the same day you feed kibble. Kibble is digested at a much slower rate than raw. It can cause the raw meat to sit in the digestive system too long and make the dog ill. You can feed just about anything raw. Whole chicken quarters, venison, beef, turkey, rabbit, quail, duck... whatever is available. Organ meat is highly nutritious and can also be fed, so don't overlook hearts, livers and other organs. I don't feed raw, and am not well versed in it so I'll leave it up to others, but basically raw is ABSOLUTELY healthy and will not cause your dog to become more aggressive.
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Kenzie Kenzie
You are fine to leave out the rice, but feeding your dog meat alone is guaranteed to lead to malnutrition, Meat contains no calcium, so dogs need to eat bones to grow and maintain their own bones. However cooked bones can splinter and are therefore dangerous - they must be served raw. You also need to feed organ meat (especially liver) to provide sufficient vitamin A, iron and folic acid. Michael Jackson Forever is offering excellent advice, which I will not waste time duplicating. Don't bother with vegetables; if your dog has access to grass in your yard or on walks it will get all the trace amount of plant matter that it needs.
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Hoshea Hoshea
I would think so. Even the raw meet would be good for her. Dogs naturally need the meat, and they would get other necessary nutrients from it, assuming that the meat is of decent quality. In fact, many people are starting to feed their dogs raw food diets, so the way that you're feeding your dogs is along those lines, I guess.
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Hoshea Originally Answered: How much raw meat should i feed my dog?
How old is the dog? Full grown dogs need something like 2% of their body weight daily. I will look...I've forgotten. There are some really good rawfeeding websites i will link up as well. No need for the veggies and fruit unless you want to give as treats. http://rawfed.com/ http://www.rawfeddogs.net/ Those are 2 to start you off. I'm sure one of the regular rawfeeders will come along and post the rest. I will star for my contacts.

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