How do you motivate yourself to work out?

How do you motivate yourself to work out? Topic: How do you motivate yourself to work out?
July 16, 2019 / By Andreana
Question: I work out at night, and by the time it's 10pm, I really don't feel like doing it. How should I motivate myself to do it? Also, when is the best time to work out? Thank you!
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Weston Weston | 9 days ago
How to motivate yourself to exercise. 1. Do it with a friend. Statistics tell us that people who exercise with a friend are more successful at exercising consistently. You can keep each other accountable. Knowing that someone is waiting for you to exercise with them can be great motivation to show up and get it done! 2. Do exercising which you enjoy. For example, you find running boring. You can replace it with any other cardio activity: roller blading, playing badminton, tennis, bicycling burn a lot of calories, and you feel more like you are having fun, than like you are punishing yourself for that extra doughnut. 3. Choose music you like, dynamic and vigourous, to make it more pleasant. 4. Check regularly with your clothes, see how they become bulkier, whoop from joy, photograph the progress and create a photo gallery on your computer. 5. Set fitness goals, independent on weight loss. For example, say to yourself "Next time, I will run quicker, and it will take me only ten minutes to do so", or such. You will feel like a real athlete, preparing for a big day. Keep a journal of your athletic achievements. 6. Compete. Enrol into a local amateur tennis competition, for example. This way, you will have a goal to achieve, which is different from your weight loss, and you will have people to impress and you will have to be adequate, so you'll try harder. 7. Reward yourself (but not with food, you will end eating more than you burned, and will become disillusioned quickly). Invent a set of rules for yourself, for example: every time I am not feeling like exercising, but do it, I will put 1 dollar in my piggy bank, every time I achieve this or that goal - three. At the end of the month go out and buy yourself the most impractical things you were craving but denying yourself with this money. 8. Do not wait for some big moment or big day to start exercising. There are spaces in your daily schedule when you procrastinate - fill them with activities. For example, instead of sitting on the couch, saying "It does not matter, I am going to the gym the next day", get off and do a series of push ups, or skip with the skipping rope (buy it for one dollar in one dollar store), walk down the stairs at work or around the block at your lunch break. This way, you are exercising, fighting boredom, and do not have to sweat in the gym for hours afterwards. This random 7-10 minutes activities will roll at the end of the day into a full gym session! 9. Use "I will show them all" technique (sparingly). Think about the mean people who teased you, the girl who refused to go out with you, a sneering sales person in the clothes shop, imagine them all, and "show them" - run fast, kick high, and end being and feeling gorgeous!
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Weston Originally Answered: How do i motivate myself?
well for starters, it might help if you put down the ice cream sundae! haha. but anyway, you just need a simple diet and exercise plan! stock up on fruits and vegetables-- those have very few calories and DO taste good! :D Drink water instead of soda or juice. Try to eat whole wheat and potatoes. Those will keep your hunger at bay and not make you crave foods. Oh! But if you DO find yourself craving foods, have a small portion of it, don't try to avoid it completely, because the craving will only get stronger. make sure to pay attention to portion sizes too. it helps if you portion it out into a bowl that way you don't find your self eating too much at once. or even portion out your snacks a week in advance so you don't over eat. also you could record what you eat in a journal. calculate the total number of calories you eat per day and determine if there is any junk you can cut out. this is what counting calories is. to lose weight you might want to eat around 1500-2000 calories per day. eating low calorie meals with LOTS of exercise will help you lose weight! aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, biking, or gymnastics is a great way to loose weight as well! good luck to you! remember: to lose weight you need to have a good diet AND exercise program having only one will not do you as much good as having both! :D this is a very easy diet to follow! as long as you stick to it! and don't give up! :D PS to get motivated you could try and think of the benefits of this plan or even take one day out of each week as a free week where you can reward yourself with something special like ice cream or cake! :)

Samson Samson
These emotions are average. When you're down and also you lose motivation do not forget that on a daily basis is latest. You by myself get to prefer what to do with on a daily basis. Be blue. Be proactive and get out and do some thing. If not anything is operating...step out in a brand new path for the brand new day. Go through your dresser and throw out all un critical stuff and stuff that's too ancient or tired. I spend a few of my satisfactory time cleansing up each and every subject that demands a brand new seem with out spending any cash. Take a well lengthy seem at in which you're and in which you've been and such a lot importantly attempt to suppose of each and every well factor to your existence. This is transitority. Maybe a brand new task profession? (a further path) What do you do satisfactory, what might you cherish to do?? Take well care of your self and do not over indulge with a purpose to make you torpid and not able to stand up and suppose naturally and get going. You are a TC on YA and most likely love puppies..possibly some thing to do with puppies might particularly make your blissful in paintings. My Grandmother might say, "No time for funky temper stand up and get going, you'll do it." Add: After watching in any respect of Josie's percent and so forth. (greater than anybody else on YA. If you probably did the portrait of her, you're an artist. You can write, draw and feature plenty of pursuits. Get going. Josie's relying on you. Just seem at her eyes and she's going to inspire you!
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Nahor Nahor
The best time is in the morning because it gets your metabolism going early which overall helps you loose weight and wakes you up to begin your day. The hard part is to just get started. At first start with working out 1 day a week then 2 the next week, ext. Once you start a regular routine you wont fell right without doing it. it's all about starting a good new habit. good luck
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Kent Kent
I like working out in the morning so i feel great the whole day. And i get to watch the sun rise. Its very unhealthy to work out so close to when you go to bed. Best way to motivate your self is to use buddy system. You each dont let the other slack off and motivate each other or You can join a sport and that will defiantly keep you motivated. Just run chika, no need for anything else except maybe swimming.
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Horace Horace
Everyone is different. I used to run 10ks at 10 or 11pm and then fall asleep like a baby. Other people need 2-3 hours after work out to calm down and steep Motivation is that if you're not doing your program with Intention, you're not going to succeed. Yet , if you follow you heart(gut) and Just FDI (F-do-it) then you will be very accomplished wiht momentum. You need to have momentum, and then the program gets easier and easier.
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Elyakim Elyakim
You motivate youself like "I could lose 5 pounds in a week , i just cant give up sooner or later ill have a nice slim body" and the best time to workout is in the morning.
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Cletis Cletis
In the morning before breakfast. You are activated and making it hard to calm down at night and sleep well. You are rested and energized and will have you ready to work in the morning.. Be in bed by 10 pm. Most of us are sleep deprived. You need to work the old adage. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Nine hours of sleep will have you up by 7AM.
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Ananiah Ananiah
Just tell yourself that it will help you in the end and help you look great :) i sometimes don't want to do that last set of sit ups but i just remind myself abs are not free and an extra push that doesn't hurt is reminding myself of being previously overweight :(
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Ananiah Originally Answered: How do i motivate myself?
Before you grab something you know is unhealthy, just ask yourself, "Does this really taste so good that I am willing to risk my health by eating it?". Or when you crave something, remind yourself to think about the reasons why you SHOULDN'T eat it before you even do anything about that craving. It takes 21 days to start a habit, so if you are having a hard time remembering, maybe leave sticky notes around your house to remind you and write it on your hand. P.S. you should definitely become a vegetarian:D

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