Root canal treatment tomorrow.?

Root canal treatment tomorrow.? Topic: Root canal treatment tomorrow.?
July 16, 2019 / By Andrea
Question: I'm getting root canal treatment tomorrow, on one of my bottom teeth... but I have a major fear of needles. I just have to see one and I'll start crying and start refusing to let them near me... however, at 16, that's pretty embarrassing. 1) how sore is root canal treatment? 2) how can i calm my nerves?
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Westley Westley | 8 days ago
I'm 17 and scared of needles that's worse lol! I've had two root canal treatments and honestly the injection is the worst bit but it's not really a pain it just makes you wince a bit like your eyes water. Just close your eyes and make sure you have someones hand to squeeze. Once that bits done there's 0 pain it's fine. I've had that injection so many times now from dentists poking round in my mouth and I've got more to come. Yay.
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Westley Originally Answered: Why does my Root Canal crown feel high?
Westley Originally Answered: Why does my Root Canal crown feel high?
A properly placed and properly made crown should fit almost EXACTLY like your original tooth. If the root canal was done yesterday, naturally the area will be sore, but you shouldn't feel any pain from the tooth itself, since the nerve has been removed. When the dentist placed the crown on your tooth to test the fit, he should have had you bite down on a bite strip. This is usually done a few times throughout the session. Once the dentist is satisfied that your bite is correct, he will cement the crown on permanently. If for some reason the crown ended up slightly higher than it should have been, and the cement hardened. That could explain why it feels the way it does. If the tooth with the crown is a molar, the crown can simply be ground down to correct the fit (assuming it's only slightly high.) If it's a cuspid, bi-cuspid, or incisor, he will have to remove it and try to replace it correctly on the tooth.

Sammy Sammy
I've had over six root canals treatments done, and I'm not even a hockey player. They aren't painful at all. The dentist applies a topical anesthetic to your gums and you don't even realize when you get the novocaine shots. Don't worry about it. You can calm your nerves by asking for advice from people who've gone through it, or you can tell the dentist that you have high anxiety and he can charge you extra for anti-anxiety medication.
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Naftali Naftali
I know how you feel. Just try looking away from where the needle will be and maybe sing your favourite song in your head. And remember that if the needle is for numbing your gum, the pain (if any) will only last a second! piercing the gum is a lot easier than piercing skin. :D Good luck! Be brave :3
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