How can I help my dog loose weight?

How can I help my dog loose weight? Topic: How can I help my dog loose weight?
June 16, 2019 / By Andra
Question: My dog is going to be 7 in march and he is overweight. The vet says that he needs to loose about 8 lbs more. How can I help him loose the weight without over doing it on the exercise. His joints aren't the best. He is allergic to wheat so he only gets a specific kind of dog food and no people food. He goes on two walks a day already that will usually equal out to 2 miles a day.
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Wesley Wesley | 7 days ago
If he is allergic to wheat then feed him either the Wellness Senior formula or Eagle Pack Holistic Select Senior. Both those foods are made with holistic human grade ingredients. None contain any wheat, corn, or by-products. The Senior formulas are less fattening and they have higher levels of glucosamine and condritan for his joints. Plus both those formulas don't contain any unnecessary fillers in the food.
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Well I will try to be as specific as possible with you, but honestly it sounds as if you already have the answer for your weight problem. The number 1 cause of obesity in America today is Fast-Food. So to be as blunt as possible: if you eat fast food you are going to get fat. Now you might be saying that you eat hamburgers and fries at home too so what's the difference? The difference is in the way the food is prepared. Fast food is cooked in grease, specifically the fries, at home you usually just throw them in your oven. Now deep frying the fries makes them taste better but makes them about twice as bad for you. Same with the hamburgers, the amount of preservatives they pump into all there foods is disgusting and plus sugar is addicting so when you get your large soda with your meal your brain wants the whole meal again not just the soda. Anyways I hope that answers your question about fast food. As for losing weight in general it is a very simple math problem really. All you need to do to lose weight is take in less calories then you burn everyday and you will lose weight. A good number for the amount of calories you should get in your day is anywhere between 1800-2000 calories in a day. You should try to stick to chicken rather than meat because it is better for you, and specifically it has more protein. Stay away from soda and milk, unless it is 1% milk or fat free, water is your best bet. As far as other foods try and find some fruits and vegetables that you like and make a meal out of them or eat them as snacks if you feel that you have to eat during the day. Having a good exercise program is good too, you can lose weight without one but you have to be very very picky about what foods you are eating and how much you can have. Try starting out slow, just go for a walk everyday for about a mile or two if you can and eventually start running for that same mile. That will help burn some extra calories. So to recap: 1. STOP eating all fast food 2. Burn more calories then you eat in a day by eating between 1800-2000 calories in a day and exercising daily, even if it is just going for a walk. 3. Stick to your diet!! By sneaking in a cookie here and a cookie there you are setting yourself up for a relapse. Tell your parents not to buy junk food for you anymore so that way it's not in the house and you won't be tempted. By the way, Stacy who posted above me is correct Atkins is not a good diet to go on, you NEED carbs in your diet to be healthy so to get few to none of them will make you lose weight but you will just put it back on later. If you have absolutely any questions whatsoever please don't hesitate to email me and I promise I will help you lose weight if you are really serious about it.

Sammie Sammie
feed him less? Try to buy lower calorie dog food that still gives him all the vitamins and nutrients that he needs.
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Myles Myles
- Walk him EVERY day. Possibly take him to a park and let him run once he loses a bit of weight. - Put him on a weight management food that does not contain dyes or meat by-products. - Talk to your vet. He may, in addition to not getting enough exercise and eating people food, have some other medical reason for the weight issues (thyroid, etc.). - DO NOT feed human food. At all, ever. It's not really good for dogs unless you're cooking specifically for the dog or feeding a raw diet (which is also controversial). A dog will eat when it's hungry, even if it takes a few days for him to get used to ONLY eating kibble. Remember, dogs may LIKE human food but it doesn't mean it's good for them. They'd lick anti-freeze if you let them :( You can add a small amount of water to kibble to make it more aromatic and pleasing to the dog. If he really won't eat, you could maybe get quality canned dog food and mix in a tablespoon per meal until he begins eating the kibble (wet food has a stronger smell and may stimulate the appetite). Then cut back little by little until you are no longer adding any wet food and he is eating only the dry. - Check the feeding guidelines on the dog food bag and follow them exactly (or a little less until he loses some weight). If you don't have one, get a measuring cup. Don't just guess. Feed smaller meals twice a day rather than just once a day. Good luck! :)
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Kenny Kenny
Kudos for being concerned with your dog's health. There are nearly as many obese dogs as there are people!! Make sure that your dog is on a feeding schedule, and that you measure all of his food. When you walk, make sure it is a brisk walk and not a leisurely stroll. Keep an eye on his breathing and walking when you go out-you don't want to over do it! Start by cutting out all treats (ouch!)-soft dog treats usually are very high in calories and very low in nutrition. Substitute with carrots, bananas, green beans. If your dog does not like those, you can also give him ice cubes. My dog loves them, and as they slide around the floor they get a little bit of extra exercise!! It's a little messy, but worth it! I also like the treats from Percy's Pantry. They were designed to help dogs who need to lose weight and they use all natural ingredients. They list the ingredients, so you can make sure that it doesn't have anything he is allergic in them. You might also check with your vet to see if he has a supplement you can give your dog for his joints. Both of my older dogs are on supplements and it makes a huge difference. Make sure to make the food changes gradually, so that he loses the weight slowly and in a healthy way. Good Luck!
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Hollis Hollis
you should feed him only in the morning...if you are currently feeding him at night, then slowly work your way down the clock (take several weeks if necessary) so that you are feeding him when you get up in the morning. It may be too hard an adjustment for him. To be honest, I think there are much more important things to worry about than having a "fit" dog...good grief!
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Elwin Elwin
You can substitute raw baby carrots instead of dog treats, and add green beans to his food. They'll help him feel full, so you can cut back his actual food a little. No wheat in veggies, so no need to worry about allergies.
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