My blood sugar after 12 hours was 124 and 2 days later i'm 93 what's going on?

My blood sugar after 12 hours was 124 and 2 days later i'm 93 what's going on? Topic: My blood sugar after 12 hours was 124 and 2 days later i'm 93 what's going on?
June 16, 2019 / By Anabelle
Question: I noticed any day that I eat a lot of sweets then I fast for 12 hours, my sugar is 124. But any day that I don't eat a lot of sweets, then fast for 12 hours, my blood sugar is 93. Am I pre-diabetic? Impared?
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Weaver Weaver | 3 days ago
Fasting is not good for your blood sugars and it certainly does not offset a sugar binge. When you fast, your liver will manufacture glucose to keep you going while you're not eating and you can end up with a higher blood sugar than if you'd just eaten something small with protein. It's the reason many type 2 diabetics have high blood sugar first thing in the morning - their liver puts out glucose, but their insulin isn't enough to cover the glucose and they end up with a high fasting blood sugar. This is more likely to happen if you had a high blood sugar to start with, because what happens is you binge on sweets, an hour later your sugar is high and your body manufactures more insulin to take care of it. In a few hours you've got a glut of insulin, but you're not eating, so then the liver panics and pumps out a bunch of glucose because you're going to low. So in general, when you're eating a more regulated diet that doesn't go too high, you won't dip too low which triggers the liver, and so on.
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Weaver Originally Answered: Fasting blood sugar (FBS) tests measure blood glucose after you have not eaten for at least 8 hours.?
Despite what some people say, herbal remedies just won't fix you. But perhaps you just meant healthy eating? You should avoid foods full of refined/simple sugars - examples include candy bars, processed breads, simple pastas; focus on eating complex carbohydrates, veggies, and low fat meats. You can start the ADA diet - diabetic diet - which we should all probably be on, anyway. Also, diabetes occurs more frequently in overweight people, so depending on your current weight, you may benefit from weight loss, and be able to get your sugars down that way. Good for you for being proactive. Good luck.

Salal Salal
No, not necessarily. Anytime you eat a lot of sweets your blood sugar will be elevated. 93 is well within normal limits. Just because you get a little rise in bs doesn't mean a whole lot. If it is consistent (i.e., every am x 2+ weeks) then you may be developing a problem. Before seeing a Dr. adjust your diet to include lots of veggies, whole grains, etc. and cut the carbs (sugar, desserts, sugar drinks). You will probably see blood sugars with normal ranges (~70-110). If there is a family history of diabetes, then, of course, you want to keep a close watch on it.
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Murphy Murphy
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Kennard Kennard
see after a meal for a normal person the blood sugar level is 250 and above and then but in one hour it should go below 140
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Hizkiah Hizkiah
Hello, I would like to refer you to new study results that may be the cause of the up down roller coaster if your not paying attention to what your drinking. short article. http://www.battlediabetes.com/caffeine-raises-blood-sugar/
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Hizkiah Originally Answered: Blood sugar is 45 right now, I just had sugary foods 2 hours ago, constipation.?
45 is NOT good! that's too low. When u say surgery foods, what kind of surgery foods? Milk, pop, candy, donuts, cookies they raise the sugar fast. I would invest in seeing your Doctor! I have diabetes & what you are saying is the opposite. After you get your sugar back up.... try eating meat. or protein substance. Low sugar means u need protein. My mom has low sugar so she needs to eat protein 5-6times a day. It doesn't have to be much, peanuts, meat, beans...soy, tofu, etc Then get to the Doc... u have a number of things related to going on.

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