Is my hamster sick/dying? help!!?

Is my hamster sick/dying? help!!? Topic: Is my hamster sick/dying? help!!?
June 16, 2019 / By Amie
Question: i have a male dawrf hamster, he's two months old and i got him at the pet store about two weeks ago. I noticed he only ate the sunflower seeds out of the food mix and nothing else, so i bought him just sunflower seeds and tried that but he's not eating them at all anymore. When i set out apples/carrots/treats he doesnt even touch them. He only eats about 2-3 seeds a day and runs on his wheel about 3 hours at nighttime. Is he sick? should I be changing his diet? he's also noticeably skinnier from when i bought him..
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Washington Washington | 8 days ago
well if you werent watching you hamster everday and every second maybe he was eating the other food and if your just feed them normal food like fruits and veggies them it will clog up their digestive system and the cant poop and they will get sick and dye so if thats the case then change the diet and also my hamster is a female dwarf and she eats little pellet food and she eats them there made of like grains and they come in like 1 pound bags or 5 pound bags and they eat about 2 a day so i might consider trying those out
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Washington Originally Answered: My hamster might be dying please help?
Hamsters that develop diabetes will show symptoms of excessive drinking, excessive urinating and wasting. Other symptoms may include low body temperature, shaking and trembling and at worst a comatose state. Veterinary treatment should be sought immediately. A pedialyte solution in the water bottle will help to avoid dehydration. In some cases the feeding of a sugar free diet will help. If your vet recommends a sugar free diet this can be achieved by feeding a good quality seed mix, alfalfa, fresh vegetables such as carrots, turnips, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower daily and some boiled egg. Commercially processed food treats should be avoided because of the molasses and corn sugar they contain and fresh fruit should be avoided because of the fructose. Something that might help is : Is he cold? Then this helped my hamster from death. : Get your hamster out of bed immediately, don't hesitate. Is he cold? If so, get a hot water bottle WITH A COVER or blanket over it and place your hamster on it and start gently speaking to your hamster and rubbing it to warm it up. Put a tiny spoonful of Sugar into some water and see if your hamster drinks it. Place some food in front of him as well, he might be hungry or lost his appetite. Is your hamster OK now? No? well : Keep a blanket over the cage. Make sure it is away from ANY draughts and in a warm place, not too warm. Keep a fresh supply of bedding, water and food incase. :) Hope your hamster gets better soooooooo soon! :) x <3 Lots and loads of love, Beatrice and Puff the Hmatser PS, if this still continues email me :)

Ryley Ryley
Well Put His Old Food Back In There My hamster Looks Like Hes Just Eatting The Sunflower Seeds but He's Not !
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Murdo Murdo
OK, well, sunflower seeds make hamsters fat or sick if they have too much, so make sure he eats more that just sunflower seeds. buy him the food mix and make sure he eats all of it. if he just picks out the sunflower seeds, give him more food, but pick out the sunflower seeds. now, he may be exausted from running on the wheel. try taking the wheel out. he may also be getting tired of the sunflower seeds, which would be why he isnt eating. i hope he is OK. I would try calling a vet and see if he/she has any advice for you before actually rushing him to a vet. if the vet says they'd like to look at him, then bring him to the vet.
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Kendal Kendal
Sunflower seed are use as treats for hamster because they content much more fat then hamster need and you should buy him regular dry mix food hamster can be picky sometimes but don't just give him sunflower seed it bad for him and he is probably sick because he still runs in his wheel see if he sleeps more then normal, don't eat or drink, or don't run in his wheel and if he seems to get more skinny then take him to the vet but don't wait to long if a few of those things just mention happen to your hamster then take him to the vet. hope this helps =]
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Hilary Hilary
well i had the same problem. my hamster became so used to eating sunflower seeds so i gave him the mix w/o the sunflowers. then he started eating again. whenever i get him out of the cage and train him, i give the sunflower seeds as treats.
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Elric Elric
well you know there nocturnal right. so you probly dont see him eat. you know they stuff food in there cheeks and put itin there place where they feel the safest. if your that worried buy this tyoe if food. http://source-www.petco.com/Assets/product_images/0/071859319124B.jpg and mix sun flower seeds in with it. my hamster loved it. and give him a carrot or a veggy every week. : )) its a good sorce of protine and helps them live longer. hope i helped. you hammy should be just fine! if you have any more question email me! if your really conserned about him/her bring him to a vett. hope i helped!
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Clare Clare
My hamsters never had eating problems, they ate A LOT! But in my country there is this superstition that hamsters should not have water to drink, because they can have kidney problems. Well, they were ok like this , but I asked the vet and he said it was totally untrue. While they can go without water, drinking it isn't dangerous for them. So I put in their cage a special drinking system for them and after they learned to use it, they would drink some every day. And then I thought how stupid it was that ppl still believed that superstition. Sooooooo, your hamsters have access to water, right? But honestly, going to the vet is the best advice you'll get.
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Clare Originally Answered: Ssooooo SICK!! I feel like I'm dying.. no ride to the ER.. is this serious?
Sounds like a bad flu. H1N1 or not. Unlike the "EMT" (Not sure I'd trust anyone claiming a specialty on Yahoo Answers.... Or the net PERIOD), I have also had H1N1 and have to say that the only reason people think it's that bad is because it's in their head. They're psyching themselves out. It's sensationalised. Quit trying the sprite and go for water. If you must eat anything, try a banana. The BRAT diet is a good one to follow (B-bananas R-rice A-applesauce unsweetened T-toast- dry) Your main goal is to keep hydrated. If you are like this any longer than 24 hours, then you need to find a way to the doctor's office. Also, you can call an emergency room and ask for the nurse's station. They answer questions.

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