Teen looking to eat better. Trying to get in shape -- please read details and help. What should I eat?

Teen looking to eat better. Trying to get in shape -- please read details and help. What should I eat? Topic: Teen looking to eat better. Trying to get in shape -- please read details and help. What should I eat?
June 16, 2019 / By Ami
Question: Well I want to get abs and have better arm muscles. I am lifting dumbbells and doing sit ups. I am also running about 1.5 miles, 4-5 days a week. If you have any more suggestions please tell. The main thing is my diet though. I think changing that would help me get results quicker. If you can please post any specific or general idea meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I currently do Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal for breakfast, white bread sandwich (ham, cheese, mayo) for lunch, pasta sometimes, chicken sometimes, salmon sometimes for dinner. Please tell me what I should include and take out to stay fed but not gain weight and make me stronger. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED
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Warren Warren | 6 days ago
get a whole grain cereal that isn't loaded up on sugar. stop drinking soda of any kind (diet, etc.). avoid high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils of any kind. i would also back off the pasta and white bread, too many carbs. the chicken and fish are fine. limit your red meat intake and try to eat more vegetables and fruits. add a daily mutivitamin and you should be fine.
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Warren Originally Answered: I really need to get in shape, how can I do that? (Please read the details)?
ok well since your diet is fine (although along with never drinking soda or eating fast food you should remember to avoid anything with lots of sugar and make sure to drink lots of water & eat your fruits & veggies - you may also wanna take a vitamin supplement, will help you grow and look the best you can), you just need to up your exercise. join the gym? what i do is i go down to the gym at least 4 times a week and do the elpytical (much better workout than the treadmil, in my opinion) for 30-45 mins for cardio, and then a round of (light) weights on the weight machines. i also take a couple of yoga classes a week (helps to stretch you out). and yeah martial arts is a great way to burn calories if you're staying active the whole class good luck, hope i helped!! =)

Ryan Ryan
OK well if you want to lose weight i don't lift weights, run, that's the important thing that most people don't know. Well your sandwich bread should not be white that is one of the unhealthiest things to eat, eat wheat bead so much More healthier! And try something like Special K, or Cheeros or something for breakfast, something that's supposed to be healthy plus you'll see your results a LOT faster! Make sure you don't put too much cheese ether it has a little more than needed fat. Other than that your doing really well you need to be exercising though everyday if you want to lose weight. If you want more muscle and less fat than work out but you could get heavier cuz muscle weighs more than fat so remember that! Good Luck!
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Murdanie Murdanie
I agree with the previous poster about eggs for breakfast if you really are looking to gain muscles but I find that it is a lot more satisfying to eat whatever you want in the morning and then eat according to your restrictions. Go for whole wheat bread, brown is much better then white (NOT ALL BROWN bread is whole wheat.) Chicken and salmon for dinner is amazing because of the protein and pasta is ok but there could be many alternatives that are better. I'm not sure if you are doing this or not but don't ever eat/drink protein bars and drinks. They are extremely unhealthy and only help in muscle development. If you want protein, you need to get it from natural things like chicken.
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Ken Ken
you will nonetheless want some nutrition that narrow quickly does not have. So i could evaluate consulting a wellness practitioner and he can permit you recognize what supliments to take besides. yet whilst all your attempting to do is lose 10 lbs, attempt eating mild nutrition and obvisouly exercising.. leap rope is a huge calorie/fat burner as long as you're able to do it at a quickly %. for an incrament of time, identity say approximately 15-25 minutes. you would be so drained once you're accomplished you wont be waiting to consume HAHA.. superb of success tho.. 5'9 a hundred forty five is exceptionally stable shape tho. i'm guessing you're a woman it incredibly is. Goodluck with college!
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Hezron Hezron
k so cinnamon toast crucnh not exactly the best thing for you...eggs are super good for you or like a banana for breakfast. the sadwhich your eating is like the worst sandwhich in the world....white bread sits in your stomach. mayo is all fat. ham isnt the healthiest meet and too much cheese can turn in to fat. try like wheat bread with turkey tomato lettuce and mustard.pasta has carbs so once in a while its okay but stick to the chiken and salmon. salad is always good to. good luck!!
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Hezron Originally Answered: Getting into Shape: Part II :) (Read Details for 10 points)?
Well first the treatmill is for running indoors. It has a circular track that you walk on. The eliptical trainer simulates riding a bike standing up. Your feet are on two pedals that go around like bike pedals. The stair master simulates walking up stairs. As for each of there efectiveness. The eliptical trainer is the best for overall burning calories. If you can run on the treadmill for long periods then the treadmill would be considered the best for cardio health. The stairmaster is good for building thigh (quad muscles) and butt muscles. However if you are prone to large leg muscles and don't want them that way, then I suggest staying away from the stair master. Running on the treadmill will thin your legs. All of the above are good for the heart. You asked about what would help the fastest. That would depend on what help you are talking about. Again, if you are looking to burn calories, the eliptical burn the most in the shortest amount of time but if you are looking for the best for the heart, then I suggest learning to run on the treadmill. The problem is that some people hate to run or don't feel that they can run. If you are looking for overall getting in shape, just doing cardio is just not enough. You need to incorporate weight lifting and a clean diet. The very best way to get into shape is to lift weights. By building the muscle you will burn more calories in a day than if you don't lift weights. And clean eating is also important. You are what you eat.

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