I can't get myself to diet?

I can't get myself to diet? Topic: I can't get myself to diet?
June 16, 2019 / By Amey
Question: Ive been dieting on and off for awhile. I need to get myself back Into but it's so hard!! Every night I go on facebook and see all the beautiful Skinny girls. It's makes me so Self conscious. I'm not obese but I am overweight I'm 5'0 and like 150! My thighs bother me the most there huge! :( I need ways to motivate myself.
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Warner Warner | 5 days ago
It's alright it's alright. i'm trying to diet as well..and I lose my motivation a lot too. I see all those other pretty girls with skinny legs and a thigh gap. it's hard. When I'm about to eat something (that's not healthy...like a cookie or smth) or sneak a snack in between meals, I think to myself "Are you really hungry? Or do you just want to eat?" then I don't eat the snack. And for further motivation "Do you really want to eat that chocolate bar? Or do you want to look good for the prom next month?" Stuff like that BUT be very careful. I'm trying to accept how my legs and fat look (i'm not THAT fat, but i think my thighs are still huge) while trying to diet. Don't diet as in don't eat anything AT ALL. just make it so that you eat as much as you need to be full and stop. don't overeat it also helps to exercise each day. this could be running for 15-30 minutes, jogging, walking up the stairs, biking, etc. You could also do squats (i'm trying to do this now, but not exactly working). Also, before you go to bed each night, do at least 20 situps. i know this might sound a lot at first, but do 10 the first night. Then see if you can do 20. Take a five min break between each 20 situps and do 20 more. Eventually, you'll be able to do a 100 situps! I actually reached that goal. good luck and stay beautiful, darling :)
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Warner Originally Answered: Which is healthiest: A normal diet, a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet?
A vegan diet is absolutley the healthiest. BTW that's a Normal diet. It is NOT normal to eat meat. Even an omnivore diet is opportunistic at best. If you're a vegetarian you can't eat meat- and fish is a meat ( well, that' what it is if you eat it, otherwise it's not meat its an animal) No vegetarian eats meat- all animals are not to be eaten. Vegan is the best diet- it doesn't have any of the animal by products that are so unhealthy for a human body, which was never ever designed to ingest them. We're just not designed to eat the fatty substances from the inside of a mammals breast. It's a fatty, waxy residue, which nature formed to give the young of that species enough calcium to grow teeth. When they're formed, the fatty, waxy calcium susbstance stops being made. Some other species- the "human" species, come to scrap this fatty waxy substance out of the breast of that mammal too, and then eat it. They get intolerance from it- it gives them some items inside that fatty waxy substance which makes them a bit sick- it contains cholesterol, ( the fat from that mammal) and that is poisonous to a human body, it also contains high levels of fat which the human doesn't need. Also, the fatty waxy substance is purely an oil to create enamel- one of the hardest substances made in the body of a mammal- and it has very acidic properties to make that enamel- these acids, are often toxic, even mildly, to a human body. They contain sugars which are alien to the human body. Humans themselves can make use of their OWN species fatty waxy substance from the breast of their kind, and this is only a very short period of time when they need to form enamel ( the enamel is needed as a slicer and grinder of plant matter). So, ingesting the acidic waxy fat from another animal species is an alien and unnatural concept, and has quite a lot of health effects in a human body, none of which are beneficial. It aslo creates acids in the human body, to keep ingesting this toxic substance- and the human body does not like acid formation. It is one reason for organ erosion- acids in the body do basically that- they erode and wear the body dow , as if the internal parts are being bathed in a mild acid solution. All fatty waxy substances from a non human species, which a human ingests, for reasons of greed, misinformation, uniformed choices with that brain they have, result in gentle disease of the human condition. Meat, flesh, blood, wax, fatty tissues and fatty coagulated substances ingested from another mammal are not a natural or beneficial thing for a human to eat and should be avoided as far as is possible. THese items are used by a lot of humans even though they know they're not good/ Humans do a lot of things not good for their bodies which seems a shame. The foods that are available from the earth make a human body GLOW with health, and filled with packed nutrients NOT containing the waxy fatty build up in mammal bodies. SO one could ingest larger portions of that plant based smorgasbord of multicoloured food and actually exist with more energy- the human body has a TON of energy without even trying, once you ingest the properly given foods from the ergonomic bounty of the plant world, the human brain works as it should, feels as it should, and moves as it should. Vegan . ( stay away from mammal bodies)
Warner Originally Answered: Which is healthiest: A normal diet, a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet?
If by 'Normal', you mean omnivore, then it depends. Normal is subjective. Weather a diet is healthy or not depends on if it is balanced and if you are consuming the right amounts of each nutrient on a daily basis, you should be fine. If you are someone who is consuming fish but no other meat, you would be considered a pescitarian. Quite often, dairy and eggs are included in this lifestyle. There are at least two different types of vegetarianism. There is lacto (consumes dairy), lacto-ovo (consumes dairy and eggs) There are also two main types of veganism. There is dietary and there is lifestyle. If you are a dietary vegan, you do not consume any animal products or animal processed products whatsoever. (i.e. white refined sugar is processed with bone char some of the time. This sugar, although a plant derivative, is not vegan because it was processed with an animal product.) The controversial item and sometimes exception to this is honey. If you are a lifestyle vegan, you do not consume or use any animal products at all. This not only includes food and how the food is processed but also includes clothing and other consumer items, etc. that were made from or processed with animal sources. Again, if you maintain a healthy balance of fruits, veggies, carbs, protein, non-saturated fats, enough water, etc. on a daily basis any of the above diets can be considered healthy. Finding ways to cut down or cut out animal products is an ethically conscious and environmentally conscious decision that some people decide to make aside from health reasons. I hope that this clarifies the differences among all the different dietary choices you inquired about. If you are trying to choose for yourself, then I hope that this explanation has helped. All the best to you. :-)

Rusty Rusty
First, realize we are all unique & everyone is not meant to look or be skinny. Also, if you'll notice, guys like ALL types of female body types. Being overweight is not the worst defect you can have. By concentrating on it, you'll seem shallow to others. The easiest way to eat less is to fill up on fiber-whole wheat products & vegetables. To get more exercise, walk, or do things you enjoy, without worrying about ANYTHING. If you can get interested in something that occupies you; you'll get to your proper size-it's natural!
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Moss Moss
it takes at least 30 days for a new habit to take root. Longer for some things, I quit smoking with the patch over a 10 week course. Keeping a food journal is great. Never eat on the run. Before you eat always ask yourself if this morsel of food is worth consuming.
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Moss Originally Answered: Healthiest possible diet (Not "Diet" diet, but daily eating habits)?
6 moderately sized portions a day of chicken, spinach, cottage cheese, whole grains, almonds, avocados, apples, tuna, whey protein shake, lean beef, raw oatmeal, eggs etc. No sauces, frying, or refined sugars (like you would find in white bread or bagels.) No pop or fruit juice (too much sugar.) Breakfast = 2 eggs and a piece of whole grain toast (no butter. Have natural peanut butter. Not Kraft) Eating moderately sized portions six times a day (once every 3 hours or so) keeps your metabolism revved, helping your body burn fat (because it knows it doesn't need it to survive, since you're keeping a steady stream of healthy food coming.) Before going to bed have an apple and some cottage cheese. Example diet: Wake up 20 minutes of Cardio Breakfast: Raw-cut oatmeal (not the Quaker Instant Oatmeal garbage) with some applesauce and an egg or two Snack: Protein Shake Lunch: Lean turkey sandwhich, on whole wheat bread, with no mayo. Snack: Handful of Almonds Dinner: Grilled or boiled chicken, with brown rice and a spinach salad. Have salsa with the chicken and rice if you want. Weights Workout Post-Workout: Protein Shake Before bed: An apple and cottage cheese. It looks like a lot of food, but just keep the portions a moderate size.

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