Survey on teen eating habits??

Survey on teen eating habits?? Topic: Survey on teen eating habits??
June 16, 2019 / By Amethyst
Question: i need to do a survey for a school project on teen eating habits. -how old are you? -male or female? -what are your eating habits like? -what type of food do you eat? -do you snack between meals? if so what? -do you follow canadas food guide? -
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Ward Ward | 4 days ago
-how old are you? 15 years old -male or female? Female -what are your eating habits like? That's a pretty broad question, but I try to eat healthy and only eat meat a few times a week. I've cut out snacks from my diet, unless they're healthy things like fruit or veggies. -what type of food do you eat? Healthy food I suppose? -do you snack between meals? if so what? No snacks unless it's fruit and yogurt, milk, homemade guac, etc. -do you follow canadas food guide? I'm not sure what that is, sorry.
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Ward Originally Answered: Teen Survey: Just for fun?!?
Age? 15 Gender? Female Fav Color? Purple Fav Song? More - Matthew West Fav TV show? Don't really have one Last food you ate? Pizza Last [non-alcoholic] drink? Diet Coke Last [alcoholic] drink? I've never had alcohol. Last time you swore? A few months ago. Last time you kissed someone? I've not kissed anyone. Last person you talked to on the phone? My dad. What does the last message in your inbox say? I don't have a cell phone. I got some message from yahoo in my email last. Is there a Santa Claus? YES!!!! lol Nah. 3 Random Facts about yourself? I'm quiet, I'm a stickler for the rules(aka no fun), I'm a relatively happy person. Was this survey fun? Or boring? It wasted time. What would be one question you would add to it? I wouldn't add any.

Russell Russell
-how old are you? 18 -male or female? Female -what are your eating habits like? My eating habits are okay, but they could be better. I have breakfast, lunch, snack, and then dinner. I eat my biggest meal at breakfast. -what type of food do you eat? I have severe food allergies, so my eating is pretty limited at times. However, I eat lots of fruits, vegetables, chicken, egg whites, almonds, whole grains, and oatmeal. -do you snack between meals? if so what? Yes. Sometimes I'll have fruit and a handful of almonds. Other times I'll have celery or other vegetables. -do you follow canadas food guide? I live in the US, so no.
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Moses Moses
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :) -how old are you? 14 -male or female? Female :) -what are your eating habits like? Pretty poor, im a vegetarian and cant be bothered sometimes :( -what type of food do you eat? Pasta, vegetables, fruit, salads, jacket potatos etc. -do you snack between meals? if so what? yeah, sometimes... fruit, chocolate etc :) -do you follow canadas food guide? Nope.
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Kelvin Kelvin
17 Male Breakfast: Oatmeal w/ almonds, raisins, and cinnamon Snack: Natura Valley Granola bar, piece of fruit Lunch: Chicken or Turkey Sandwich, yogurt, piece of fruit, potato or crackers Preworkout: Peanut butter half sandwich Post workout: Protein shake and small banana Dinner: Pasta or Chicken usually, lots of vegetables Late night snack if needed: yogurt or peanut butter Then on Sundays I eat whatever I want. And I do not consciously follow the Canadian food guide, but I try to have a pretty balanced diet so I would not be surprised.
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Hewie Hewie
What is your height and weight? 5'6.5'' Do you consider yourself "in shape?" Yeah Compared to your closest few friends, where do you stand health/weight wise? How are they different? We're all pretty skinny, all pretty tall. Do you and your friends have similar eating habits? Yeah, but I'm a very picky eater! Do you try to match your food intake (for example, if they order a salad, you order something low-cal and if they order a burger, you feel comfortable ordering a burger as well)? No, I eat whatever. Any thing else you want to say? Nope(:
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Hewie Originally Answered: I want to change my family's eating habits. What do you know about eating organic?
We are an organic family, and no it is not expensive. We shop at Trader Joe's, buy all organic, and our grocery bill is still much less than if we bought the regular crap at a traditional chain store. Many supermarkets also have store brand organic products now, which tend to be quite cheap. As for milk, my son and husband still drink it; I'm a vegan, so I only have soy milk. I buy them organic cow's milk with no hormones. For every processed junk product, there is a healthier organic option. My son has ravioli, mac and cheese, cheddar crackers, and the other snacks that his friends enjoy. He just has a much healthier version, of course.

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