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Cranberry Juice? Topic: Cranberry Juice?
July 16, 2019 / By Ambrosia
Question: Does Cranberry Juice make you pee a lot? and what color does the pee usually look like when you drink a lot of cranberry juice?
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Walt Walt | 1 day ago
It's cran-tastic! No, your pee shouldn't be any different from normal. Water is better, because it flushes out your system. However, cranberry juice is recommend for urinary tract infections, as something in the juice helps kill the bacteria in your system.
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Walt Originally Answered: Does 100% cranberry juice exist?
Your local health store should have a brand of juices called Santa Cruz. They have a 100%, unsweetened cranberry juice. And yes, it is a great juice for UTI's. But if you don't want to drink that, the store should have cranberry/cranberry juice pills that do the same thing. But if they don't have the pills I would suggest diluting the juice with water and adding stevia to taste. That should help. ^_^

Rudyard Rudyard
If you have something of an allergy to any drink it may make you do that. As the others here have said drink a lot, pee a lot. The stuff is supposed to be very good for urinary tract infections. I drink the juice for this reason. It's healthy stuff. If you don't like the taste, try it with something you do like. Great with apple or grape juices. I also like to put it in a lemon-lime soda like Sprite or 7up.
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Morty Morty
Drinking anything is going to make you pee a lot. Cranberry juice has ingredients that make it suitable for treating urinary tract infections and other urinary problems. Urine should be CLEAR or have a slight yellow tint. If your urine is not clear or has more than a minimal yellow hue, you should be drinking more water or juice. A yellow colored urine is a sign of dehydration, among other things.
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Kelley Kelley
lol, anything you drink makes you pee alot. and you should drink cranberry juice cuz it's good for you. it has lots of vitamin C and can help your urinary system. your pee wont change color if you drink it. that like saying will my pee turn white if i drink milk a lot
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Herman Herman
cranberry jucie doesnt make u pee anymore than other drinks, and its the same color also, it is very good though, especially when chilled you should make a fruit salad with it, i see someone is going around just giving thumbs down also
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Herman Originally Answered: Cranberry Juice and pregnancy?
Cranberry juice is definitely helpful for kidney and urinary health, but I wouldn't drink too juch of it. Most juices are very high in sugar with very little nutritional value. I would say that a glass a day would be effective in preventing UTIs while keeping your sugar intake in check.

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