Help me understand Carb Backloading better. Please?

Help me understand Carb Backloading better. Please? Topic: Help me understand Carb Backloading better. Please?
July 16, 2019 / By Amalea
Question: Alright, Im going to give carb backloading a go. From what Ive read, heard, and watched this is a great plan. Here are my stats 6'0" 218lbs 16% BF Ultimately I am going for the shredded look and to be able to see my abs again. Anyways, heres my questions: Can I get the maximum potential out of this diet if I train at 6am? Or 7am? Would venison be a good source of proteins and fats for the period for 5pm? (I have alot of deer meat) If I go to bed around midnight, what would be a good time the next morning to start eating? If you guys could help me here I would really appreciate it. I want to do this diet really bad but I have a feeling my lifestyle and workout schedule will affect it. Come on guys someone has to know
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Wade Wade | 5 days ago
My diet is to actually cycle between not eat and to eat carbs. i know nothing about back loading carbs. i take it ur an ectomorph?????
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Wade Originally Answered: How many carbs can I have thoughout the day on a LOW carb diet? (not a "no" carb, but LOW carb)?
Carbohydrates(carbs) are vital because they produce energy for our bodies; and keep us from being zombies. Never before has the United States seen such a ridiculous diet trend as the "low-carb" phenomenon. Thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, and brands have spent millions marketing and creating "low- carb" foods; everyone has decided to capitalize on this trend whether it's healthy or NOT! When we eat food, our bodies turn those carbs into glucose which is stored for use. Stay away from simple carbs; they are mostly made up of sugar, which releases to quickly, and causes "high". This tends to leave people hungry. But you really need to stick with complex carbs, they are comprised of starch and fiber and they release gradually, therefore you leave full and UNhungry! Simple carbs-white flour, white pasta, white rice, and white sugar (see a pattern? Manufacturers refine these foods ssooo much that in the end they are a beneficial to our bodies as toliet paper! Ladies BEWARE!) Complex (Good) Carbs- Anything that is natural and hasn't been refined so that it completely effs up our bodies. Honey, if you want to lose weight, I suggest staying away from diary(milk sole purpose is to turn a 90 pound calf into a 2,00 pound cow.... Stay away, unless of course you want to gain weight), meat(don't ask me where you get your protein, if I had 10 cents for every meat head that asked me that, I'd be wealthier than Oprah! They are called Fruits and Vegetables! Duh!), all sodas (aka LIQUID SATAN), and Junk food. Hope this helped! Xoxoxox, Katie

Royle Royle
What is Carb Back-Loading? Until recently, experts had a fairly vague picture of how to eat to pack on the pounds of muscle. Famous athletes from decades ago would eat ice cream and other carb-heavy foods, but without knowing why or how they worked. Carb Back-Loading is a book that explains how eating a low-carb diet can lead to muscle gain, but only if done right. The concept behind this book is simple: only eat carbs later in the day, ergo afternoon and evening. Carbs help your muscle and fat cells to grow, so eating carbs at the right time can change the type of tissue that is grown.http://www.drnorthrupradio.com/carb-back-loading-1-0-review-scam-or-not/
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Morley Morley
These days people are heavily addicted to carbohydrates, this also includes me. Despite the fact that I’m really addicted to working out and eating the right stuff, I occasionally have to enjoy a day full of carbs. That’s the reason why this Carb Back Loading review is made for you. About 6 months ago I was introduced to the world of Carb Back Loading, when I spotted one Carb Back Loading review on Google by accident. At first I laughed at the whole idea, then I started to really dig deeper on the subject and found out that the guy behind this whole program is physicist and nutritional expert, plus swole as ****. This really got me interested and blew away my prior beliefs of Carb Back Loading. The whole idea is something that might seem a little bit odd at first glance but trust me, after a month of CBL my body fat percentage dropped significantly and the gains were even better. As of now, my diet consist of mainly these aspects: Intermittent fasting (Eat Stop Eat) and Carb Back Loading protocol. After reading Kiefer’s book I have to say that I trust hes statements 100%, as hard as it is to make me believe something new about nutrition these days, Carb Back Loading actually managed to do it and for that I can only thank John Kiefer for writing such an awesome print.
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Kegan Kegan
People seeking better understanding will find it, but they will have to wade through a lot of misinformation and disinformation. There are a number of people who honestly share correct information, but there are also a number of people who are here to merely entertain themselves and annoy others. If you truly want better understanding and can stay around long enough to determine who is who, you will come to a better understanding. I don't think it helps to define the rift that exists anywhere because the rift seen here is usually false. There are legitimate disagreements, but there are also many who create a rift that does not exist by posing as something that they are not. So, the rifts here tend to be artificial.
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Kegan Originally Answered: Is bread a carb. Does low carb mean no carb or should you have a certain amount in your diet.?
Bread is definitely high in carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are high in energy (i.e. calories), but in most cases you should have a reasonable amount of carbohydrate in your diet. Whole wheat carbs are great, as they release energy slowly, so your body will receive energy over time and you will not get hungry as quick. Whole wheat is better than processed carbs (such as white bread) because processed carbs are simpler carbs, like sugars, so they are absorbed by the body much quicker, and you will get hungry again sooner. Your body needs energy just to exist. It needs even more if you exercise. You need 1500-2500 calories per day just to exist (though it varies on your body composition). Carbohydrates are definitely important to give you energy. Low carb does not mean no carb. However, virtually all foods have some carbohydrate in them. If you are at a healthy weight and moderately active, you should be fine eating carbs at every meal.

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