Big weight loss with anemia?

Big weight loss with anemia? Topic: Big weight loss with anemia?
July 16, 2019 / By Alyssia
Question: Hello, I am 18 years old and have been very healthy in my life. However, due to neglect from my parents during my developmental years in life i was malnourished. Ironically, I am 5ft 7in. Then during my teen years, I developed a food adiction. Sugar, anything sugary. Cakes, brownies, icecream, and soda etc. Literaly for about almost a year that is all I ate. I ate a high ammount of those foods for a few teen years ( from about age 14 to 16 1/2), but I would still eat other foods. Now I am 18, livig on my own and finding some problems. I was doing weight training ( only cardio I did was 10 min running for a warm up). I went from 125 lbs, to 108 in about 3 months. The thing is I eat very healthy and I eat a lot. Some doctors have said that I am anemic, though I have never been properly diagnosed with it. I have always had a very high metabolism, even during my nothing but cakes and soda part of life I never got to more than 125 lbs. And I wasnt working out at the time either. Now I cannot gain the weight back, I look like a skeleton, and I do not work out any more. I eat like a horse! I take iron, vitamin C, Glucosamine-condroitin, the pill (azurette), calcium, and folic acid supplements. So far nothing has helped. Does anyone have any idea what this could be or how I could fix it? I would really appriciate some sort of feed back. Thanks a bunch!
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Vincent Vincent | 2 days ago
you could possibly be low in stomach acid, stomach acid is needed to digest protein and minerals such as iron which would explain why you are anemic, i would take a look at some websites about it i myself was underweight and this helped :)
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Vincent Originally Answered: could anemia cause weight gain?
I have been combating anemia this with my son. I got a non constipating iron supplement at the health food store. Its called Floradix iron+herbs. It also has B vitamins and vitamin C in it. Vitamin C increases and improves the absorption of iron There are 2 kinds of iron heme and non-heme Heme is better absorbed by the body. (or so they say) Iron Rich Foods containing Heme Iron Clams Pork Liver Oysters Chicken Liver Mussels Beef Liver Beef Shrimp Sardines Turkey Iron Rich Foods containing Non-Heme Iron Bananas Goji berries Enriched breakfast cereals Cooked beans and lentils Pumpkin seeds Blackstrap Molasses Canned beans Baked potato with skin Enriched pasta split wheat pasta and breads asparagus Avocados Brewers yeast And lots more just look up a vegetable or fruit. Lots of them have iron! Eat Iron Absorption Enhancers Meat/fish/poultry Fruits: Orange, Orange Juice, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapefruit, etc. Vegetables: Broccoli, brussels sprouts, tomato, tomato juice, potato, green & red peppers White wine Don't Eat Iron Absorption Inhibitors Red Wine, Coffee & Tea Vegetables: Spinach, chard, beet greens, rhubarb and sweet potato Whole grains and bran Soy products except for tofu
Vincent Originally Answered: could anemia cause weight gain?
Eat right and exercise. For example, jog, swim, sport, aerobics. Something that's vigorous activity and keeps your heart rate up. Try eating more protein, such as protein shakes, bars also eat healthy dont waste your time on all that junk foods its just making you more out of shape!

Royal Royal
What do you eat? Give details. Just saying you "eat a lot" tells us nothing. By the way, this is an outside possibility, could you have diabetes? Have you got blood sugar checked recently? Lack of insulin could make you waste away and not be able to gain or maintain muscle and fat.
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Morgan Morgan
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Morgan Originally Answered: Anemia, iron pills and weight gain?
Dont worry to much right now. The weight gain could be caused by alot of things. Working out is honestly one of them... but dont stop.. Muscle weighs more then fat does so it makes sences that the scale says you weigh more Any chance in your system can also effect the weight you gain or lose. So it could also be the pills but trust be you need those more then you need to loss a few pounds I am sure ( I have anemia as well and if I dont take my iron everyday I am to tired to function and do regular every day things. And I feel like **** LOL Keep up the woking out and you should be back on track in no time

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