Want to lose weight(stomach) and tone up but dont wanna lose my hips and booty. how can i do it?

Want to lose weight(stomach) and tone up but dont wanna lose my hips and booty. how can i do it? Topic: Want to lose weight(stomach) and tone up but dont wanna lose my hips and booty. how can i do it?
July 17, 2019 / By Alysha
Question: ive been wanting to lose weight for a while now, and now i have good reason. i wanna look good for my husband. so i found a diet that says to eat just meat,vegs, and fruits.(and lots of water duh) and to keep active. but i wanted to know if i could lose my stomach but keep my thick hips and big butt that my husband(and me) love so much? i love being thick, i just really really wanna be toned up. is there anything that could help with this?
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Best Answers: Want to lose weight(stomach) and tone up but dont wanna lose my hips and booty. how can i do it?

Vick Vick | 8 days ago
SQUAT SQUAT SQUAT 5 sets of 5 reps, with a heavy enough weight to trigger the muscles in your thighs and buttocks to stay (for a lack of better terms)--- large as you are losing weight, have a high protein diet, with the vegetables, have low high glycemic carbs such as bread, and have a good over all weight lifting routine, as you do the cardio to lose weight and stay toned.
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Vick Originally Answered: I wanna lose weight in my belly and hips and thighs , what can I do?
1. Your weight affects you in many ways other than your appearance: Your overall quality of life; self-esteem; health risks; depression; and physical abilities are also influenced. Think of all the positive changes you can experience by losing weight. 2. You will need to see your doctor for a physical if you haven't had one recently and you really should get her approval before starting a weight loss regime. 3. You should ask yourself these questions as you begin: Why do you want to lose weight? Are you truly committed? Do you have a support system set up? Can you accept mistakes without giving up altogether? 4. To lose weight effectively, you will have to permanently change four aspects of your life: 1.) what you eat 2.) how you eat 3.) your behavior and 4.) your activity level. 5) You shouldn't set your sights too high (... like losing 30 pounds in a month. Those signs advertising weight loss pills are not true!). Small goals (e.g. 5 pounds; 10 percent of your current weight) are far more attainable and easier to stay focused on No matter which way you look at it, 3,500 calories cut is one pound lost. Whether you take in 500 fewer or burn 500 more calories a day, by the end of the week you’ll be one pound lighter! You won’t stick to a diet that is comprised of foods you do not like. Choose your plan carefully. Do a trial period before investing a lot of money on something like pre-packaged foods. You should ask yourself how long you can live this way. If you can’t imagine staying on a particular plan until you reach your goal weight, try something else. Going on and off the same plan again and again leads to yo-yo dieting. You need to plan alternative strategies to cope with emotional eating. Many people with weight issues have the habit of eating in response to emotions and stress. Be ready. The dangers of being overweight are real: diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease ... are life-threatening health risks for the obese. When your motivation wanes, keep these in mind. HEALTHY EATING CHOICES: Times are Lean These days, meat is much leaner than it has been due to trimming efforts on the part of meatpackers. Beef labeled as "loin", "round" and "extra lean" are your best choices. According to The Wisconsin Beef Council, cuts like top round, tenderloin or sirloin qualify as lean, healthy selections. Roasting, baking, grilling, braising and broiling are healthy meat-cooking methods. Use non-stick pans and choose cooking sprays over oil or butter during preparation. Another way to reduce fat is to strain cooked ground beef and rinse it with hot water. (Drain it well before you continue the recipe.) Be sure to keep portion sizes in check. Be Choosy About Chicken Sure, chicken is a great American dinner mainstay, but many of us turn a potentially diet-friendly staple into something considerably less than healthful. Say no to fried patties, chicken fingers, nuggets and franks. Switch to broiling, roasting, baking or steaming. Use a non-stick pan with cooking spray, broth or wine. Keep in mind that dark meat contains about twice as much fat as white meat. Also, chicken skin is fattening. You can remove the skin yourself before cooking, choose skinless varieties, or take off the skin before you eat it. Basically, however you choose to avoid it ... just make sure you do. Trim Up that Turkey If you're preparing a turkey, why not cook the stuffing separately? You will reduce its fat content by preventing the turkey fat from soaking into the dressing. Try to use less butter or margarine when preparing the stuffing. Don't forget to skim the fat off of the gravy with a gravy separator or by refrigerating it. Leave the drumsticks for the kids; as with chicken, choose light meat over dark and you'll save quite a few calories. It's Getting Steamy in Here ... Serve steamed vegetables instead of heavy casseroles or cheese-based dishes. Steaming or microwaving veggies means you don't have to add any fat during preparation; choose lemon juice, herbs, or vinegar over margarine. Use herbs and spices or imitation butter sprinkles as seasoning instead of butter, oil or cheese. If steamed vegetables don't suit your taste buds, reduce the amount of oil you use if you sauté them. Broth or flavored vinegar makes a great substitute for oil. Go for Grains Whenever you have the chance, choose whole grains as your bread choice. For example, you could choose whole grain breading for stuffing preparation; whole grain dinner rolls; whole wheat bread for sandwiches; and wild rice instead of white. All types of white bread are high in refined sugar and pack in more calories than grains. These refined sugars are some of the "bad carbs" we hear so much about these days. If you still crave white bread occasionally, choose a "lite" or diet version, which will save you a few calories. Virtually "Veggie" Pretend you've gone vegetarian for a while. If you're still hungry after the main course, choose vegetables as seconds, rather than meat- or bread-based dishes. Try to choose healthier options like steamed or boiled veggies instead of casseroles or those topped off with butter or cheese. By selecting healthier fare when you go for another helping instead of the entrée, you'll take in fewer extra calories and fat while adding more fiber. A second round of small portions of a variety of dishes will be much more satisfying than a little more of the main dish. An even better alternative to second helpings is to get up and get your mind off eating. Taking a walk or playing with the family pet are great diversions. By moving on, you may find you're not still hungry after all, and forgo seconds entirely. Powder Your ... Dessert? Got milk? Trade it in for the powdered variety when baking and you'll save yourself a lot of fats and calories. A visitor wrote in to suggest that using evaporated skim milk in her favorite recipes instead of cream or milk has been one of the changes that led her to an 80 pound weight loss! Add equal parts water to replace milk or use it straight from the can as a substitute in recipes calling for heavy cream. Fruit as a Finisher Instead of pie or cake for dessert, offer fruit-based fare like fondue, fruit cocktail, yogurt parfait, or, simply a fresh piece fruit. Not only will this reduce the fat and calorie content of your meal's finale, most folks find fruit more refreshing than sweets. After all, by dessert we're usually eating out of sheer habit anyway, not from hunger, so why "waist" the calories? You'll be surprised at how easy it really is to satisfy your sweet tooth. Another Divine Dessert When making sundaes for the kids, choose sugar free ice cream or reduced- or non-fat frozen yogurt. Non-fat, reduced-calorie whipped topping is almost identical in flavor and texture to its higher-calorie counterpart. Try topping sundaes with all-fruit spread rather than chocolate or caramel syrup. If portions tend to get out of control, serve less ice cream in smaller dishes. Make Smart Substitutions Try some fat-fighting baking substitutions: Use 3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder to replace 1 ounce of unsweetened chocolate in desserts; crushed graham crackers are a healthier alternative to pie crusts; replace 1 egg with 2 egg whites or ¼ cup of egg substitute; replace half of the oil in dessert recipes with an equal amount of unsweetened applesauce; use reduced- or non-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream on pies. 10 Strategies for Permanent Weight Loss #1: Exercise It's nothing new, but exercise is probably the most important predictor of whether you will succeed at long term weight loss and weight loss maintenance. In order for exercise to be helpful in weight loss, you should strive for a minimum of five 30 minute sessions per week. The good news is that recent research has shown that three 10 minute sessions in a day are as good as one 30 minute session. This helps many in combating the old "no time for exercise" excuse. Be certain to find something you enjoy. You'll be more apt to stick with it. Try walking with a friend, joining an intramural sports league, participating in outings with a group like The Sierra Club, or trying some classes at your local gym. Once you give exercise a chance, you will begin to enjoy its positive benefits on your psyche as well; you will literally become "hooked." Having trouble getting a workout in? Why not try one of these Diet Channel recommended programs: #2: Pump Iron We chose to list this separately from the "exercise" category because of the significant weight loss benefits attached to weight training in and of itself. The basic equation is this: the more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you will burn. This is why world class weight lifters must eat thousands of calories a day to maintain their weight. Muscle is active tissue, fat is not. Thus, muscle "burns" a significant number of calories each day for its own maintenance. In her book Strong Women Stay Slim, Miriam Nelson, a Tufts University researcher, showed that a group of women who followed a weight loss diet and did weight training exercises lost 44% more fat than those who only followed the diet. While aerobic activity can help burn calories, muscle's where it's at when it comes to giving your metabolism a significant daily boost even at rest. Read Cardio and Strength Training: How do you create a balanced routine? to find out how best to pursue numbers 1 and 2 above in tandem. #3: Keep a Diary Keeping a food diary can be a huge asset in successful weight loss. Devote some time each day to record what you have eaten and how much, your hunger level prior to eating, and any feelings or emotions present at the time. A food diary can provide a large amount of self-awareness. It can identify emotions and behaviors that trigger overeating, foster greater awareness of portion sizes, and help you discover your personal food triggers. Study any patterns that emerge from your food diary and identify where you may be able to make more healthful changes. A food diary provides an added benefit of keeping you focused on and committed to your goals. Start keeping a food diary today by printing our food diary. #4: Stay Focused on Being Healthy, Not on Becoming Thin Many people become more successful at long term weight loss when their motivation changes from wanting to be thinner to wanting to be healthier. Change your mindset to think about selecting foods that will help your body's health rather than worrying about foods that will affect your body's weight. The Food Pyramid offers a basic outline of the types and amounts of food you should eat each day to give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal health. #5: Find out What's Eating You All too often overeating is triggered by stress, boredom, loneliness, anger, depression and other emotions. Learning to deal with emotions without food is a significant skill that will greatly serve long term weight control. The Solution, a book and national program developed by Laurel Mellin, RD, helps participants to identify their eating triggers and respond to them without food. A research study showed that the participants in this program demonstrated a better rate of long term weight loss maintenance than those who simply diet and/or exercise and don't address behavioral and emotional issues. Chronic over-eaters and "emotional eaters" can be significantly helped by learning new behavioral skills such as those Mellin presents. You can also seek help with behavioral and emotional eating issues from a licensed counselor or psychologist in your area. #6: Join a Weight Management Group A big key in long term weight control comes from receiving encouragement and support from others. You can check to see if groups such as Jenny Craig offer programs and resources in your areas. You may also wish to check with your local hospital to see if their registered dietitian conducts group weight loss programs. #7: Watch Your Portions With the advent of "super-size" meals and increasingly huge portions at restaurants, our concept of normal serving sizes is a distant memory. Be mindful of the amounts of food you consume at a sitting. When necessary, divide your food in half and ask for a take home bag. It is all too easy to be a "plate cleaner" even when served enormous portions. Learn to pay attention to your hunger level and stop eating when you feel comfortably full, not stuffed. #8: Lose Weight Slowly With Small Changes Try to remember that "losing 15 pounds in two weeks" is nothing to celebrate. It is important to realize that the more quickly weight is lost, the more likely the loss is coming from water and muscle, not fat. Since muscle tissue is critical in keeping our metabolism elevated, losing it actually leads to a decrease in the amount of calories we can each day without gaining weight. Fat loss is best achieved when weight is lost slowly. Strive for a weight loss of no more than 1-2 pounds per week. One pound of weight is equivalent to 3500 calories. By making small changes like eliminating 250 calories a day from food and expending 250 calories a day from exercise, you can lose one pound (of mostly fat) per week. You can calculate how much time you need to exercise to burn 250 calories by clicking here. You can calculate your caloric needs by clicking here, and then subtract 250 from that number. #9: Slow Down Did you ever notice that thin people take an awfully long time to eat their food? Eating slowly is one method that can help take off pounds. That's because from the time you begin eating it takes the brain 20 minutes to start signaling feelings of fullness. Fast eaters often eat beyond their true level of fullness before the 20 minute signal has had a chance to set in. The amount of calories consumed before you begin to feel full can vary significantly depending on how quickly you eat. So slow down, take smaller bites and enjoy and savor every tasty morsel. #10: Eat Less Fat, but Do It Wisely We've known for some time that limiting high fat foods in the diet can be helpful with weight loss. That's because fats pack in 9 calories per gram compared to only 4 calories per gram from proteins or carbohydrates. To many, the message to limit fats implied an endorsement to eat unlimited amounts of fat-free products. Just to clarify, fat-free foods have calories too. In some cases fat-free foods have as many calories as their fat laden counterparts. If you eat more calories than your body uses, you will gain weight. Eating less fat will help you to lose weight. Eating less fat and replacing it with excessive amounts of fat-free products will not. do this so u can weigh 120 lbs or 115.. i'm sure u'll look great!!

Rowan Rowan
Start your work outs with a simple and easy stretch routine (until you get more flexible don't push it or bounce- bouncing for a stretch is so bad). I would start with 5 reps 3 times to see how you feel at the end. Keep in mind form is more important than amount. You will get better results with a proper work out. As the days/weeks go by go from 5:3 to 10:3 then to 20:3 (reps:sets). Crunches: hands next to head, feet on floor, do 5; lift legs to 90 degrees at hips and knees 5 more; extend legs straight 3 inches off floor 5 more; then the bicycle with legs 10 total for 5 each side. Do this 3 times in a row. Crunches do not require you to come all the way up to your knees, a simple raise to contract your abs will do. Concentrate on the feeling of your abdominals working. When this gets to easy there are even more too add :) Leg Lifts: place hands palms down with thumbs just under your bum, lift legs w/o lifting bum off of floor. Alternate between heights, starts with 5, then take a few second break do 5 more, another 5. So 5:3, if this is to easy the next day try 8:3. You can also lie on your stomach and stretch your arms out to the side and lift your head up bringing your shoulders off the ground. This will strengthen up your lower back muscles helping to pull in your stomach from another direction. There are several more work outs I can give to you that will trim up sides, obliques, back arms, etc. Let me know:) Try to add 1 rep per set every few days. Feel free to connect with me. I also belong to www.active.com, amazing website.
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Monty Monty
You might want to buy a pedometer (very cheap) and try walking at least 10,000 steps a day (easier than it sounds). The weight will drop off, provided you follow a healthy diet and keep drinking that water. Then, once you're feeling like the walking isn't hitting you as hard, start running. Most of all, keep your chin up--you're starting a whole new life. CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Kearney Kearney
well usually excersising wont make u lose your hips, but if u do specific exersises it can actually tone your butt without making it smaller. or you can just focus on other muscles like ur abs only :)) certain workouts target certain things. if you google it, your sure to find a few. hope i helped??
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Heathcliff Heathcliff
looking for the benefits of salmon but you dont feel comfortable cooking fish try canned salmon as a simple and affordable alternative
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Heathcliff Originally Answered: I need to work off the fat & tone my stomach, hips, & esp my thighs. Any ideas on what the best workout?
You could try doing her weekly workouts http://www.youtube.com/user/charliejames... She is sort of like your own online personal trainer. She sets out a schedule for each week so that you know what you'll be doing and then on that day she shows you how and what to do for that days workout. She also gives weekly diet challenges. It's a pretty cool and unique thing and you should check it out.

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