I just got my first cockatiel..any thing special I should do?

I just got my first cockatiel..any thing special I should do? Topic: I just got my first cockatiel..any thing special I should do?
June 16, 2019 / By Alysa
Question: First for people that know about them, it has a yellow head and i was told that meens it is a male. Is this true? Also I just put him in his cage and he's just sitting very still with his feathers on his head up. Is there anything I should do to make sure he is calm. Should I cover the cage for the first couple days? Also any other advice from cockatiel owners would be greatly appreciated. I went to the store to get a finch or small bird but fell in love with him when I saw him playing with his ball in his cage. So i'm still trying to learn about them Thanks
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Vester Vester | 6 days ago
I've had four cockatiels over a period of 7 years, and have read a lot on them. You can usually tell if it's a male by the feet and beak color. It will be darker, like a gray or blue, but that's not always 100%. Also if you just got the bird it might still be too young to tell. When their crest (that's the name of the feathers at the top of their head) is up that means that they are curious or scared. So since this is a new environment, the bird is probably a little of both. I would cover the cage a bit with a bed sheet and make sure it's quite in the room it's in. Also, make sure his diet is not just seed. Zupreem is a really good brand of pellet that provides all the nutrients your bird will need. Also give him some apple, spinach leaves, other fresh fruits and vegetables. I would get some books from Borders or the library on cockatiels. There is a lot of no no's and things to look out for to keep your cockatiel safe and healthy. Also, they are really good at hiding illness, so look for sneezing, the consistency of their poo and redness in the back of their throats on their tongues. If you play or watch you cockatiel everyday you'll be able to notice when something is wrong with him. I would take him to the doctor that specializes in exotic birds right away before it gets worse.
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Roscoe Roscoe
Nope, the yellow head means nothing. Sometimes you can tell the gender by the intensity of the feathers, but that's not always correct. Don't cover the cage! This will just disturb him and make him think you're punishing him. Just let him look around and get used to you. Cockatiels leave their crest up when they're happy. When they put it down, it means they're unhappy. Get him plenty of toys, especially bells. Cockatiels LOVE bells! Also, get those round ball cat toys that have the slots in them and a bell in the middle... kind of hard to describe, sorry... they're usually at walmart, and hook that between two bars so that it stays put and he will slide that thing around for hours! It's very cute. If you need advice for training, visit www.cockatootrainer.com Some bird basics that you probably know but I always tell people: No avocados, caffeine, chocolate, or walnut bedding They should get fresh foods at least once a week (apple piece, banana, mango, papaya) dried fruits work the best and are the least messy Make sure he isn't on an all-seed or all-pellet diet. It should be food with some of each. Give him a cuttlefish bone Have a vet trim his nails and CUT HIS FLIGHT FEATHERS! He may love you, but that doesn't stop them from flying around which is very dangerous in houses. Good luck with your new bird!
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Montgomery Montgomery
from owner to another congrats! they are not the best talkers but most like to be handled. a cage 18 by 18 at least is best... no cage is two large(as long as his head does not fit between bars) but they can be too small...... lots of toys in his cage another good choice. yellow head means male? no....dna sexing is the only sure way to know unless he starts laying eggs.. then of course he is a she but who cares as long as your not breeding cockatiels? some people like to cover the cage i personally just place the cage in a low traffic area for the first week so the change is eased after all his whole world has been changed. was he hand fed/ if so then he is probably already hand tame. many do not believe in wing clipping but I work in a pet store and the number of persons coming in telling stories of my bird flew out the window and still others finding birds (I recently had a budgie land on my head in the yard), i keep our cockatiels wings all clipped the number of clipped feathers on each bird varies. A bird should be able to fly down not up and away. i start by clipping the 1st 3-4 feathers on their wing from the tip. if they can still fly i clip 1 more until they do not have lift. birds must be able to fly down so that when the fall they dont falll like a rock and get hurt. never trim all the flight feathers or they can fly as if they were not clipped. pellet food is the best food choice it offers all the nutrition your bird needs but most are on seed. they need to be weaned gradually to a diet of mostly pellets and fresh fruit and veggies in bite size chunks. seed is a birds candy so to speak so this is my birds treat. males tend to be better at learning to talk than females., i hope you enjoy your bird my first was a cockatiel and he is still part of the family and though smaller then others king of the roost.
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Kean Kean
No, just because his heads yellow doesn't mean its a male. If he has an orange spot on his face, if its dark its male, if it's a lighter orange generally female. If it doesn't have a orange spot its hard to tell, but you should be able to tell by the amount of noise it makes. Generally males are noisier. He's scared as is expected. Just make sure his cage is kept clean and he always has food and water. Give him hanging toy like the one he was playing with in the shop so that he keeps entertained, and if it's cold make sure windows aren't near him etc. After a few days start taking him out and patting him so he gets used to you, let him walk around with you - make sure his wings are clipped. It's best to get a vet to do it for you because their wings can bleed. I have cockatiels, they're easy to look after and very gorgeous birds
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Headley Headley
CONGRATS!!!! a bird is a big thing...make sure cage is cleaned out at least every week, also if you keep repeating your self over and over agian somebody said 10 x's the bird will catch on....if you are leaving to go to work or school and there is no body going to be there for a few hours put the radio on...
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Headley Originally Answered: What are some fun things i can do with my cockatiel?
In addition :) I taught my tiel how to say it's own name (took about 2-3 weeks!!!), how to whistle (jingle bells, hey,sexy!...and happy birthday to you). He's also saying pretty bird, and bye-bye. Not to mention you can whistle all kind of "invented" songs which they will pick up really fast. All you have to do is to find interesting words and say them in a high pitch. Ah! He also imitates the sounds of the microwave oven :) which is so cute! Every time he sees me going to the microwave he makes the sounds of setup before i even press it. He LOVES playing with his bell. I just made him a toy with many wooden beads and i put a bell at the end of it and hung it in his cage. He keeps singing to the bell and moving it around. Another thing he loves to play with are Q-tips. When you take yours out, just give it a q-tip and he will march around wit it like in a parade and chew on it... About diet... it's very important they eat fruits and vegetables. Crackers and flakes should not constitute the basic diet, they should be given just ocasionnally and in small quantities. They all like chewy things which they can break, but if you feed them too much junk food they will fall sick. Usually they prefer vegetables. Mine doesn't eat anything red :) just a personality pick i guess. So i give him carrots (he loves them), capsicum (mostly yellow), celery, parsley, spinach, cabbage, corn, baby corn, cucumber...Then pear, apple (apple seeds are toxic for them and avocado is also toxic along with coffee and chocolate- rest they eat about everything). I just peel all the things that can be peeled before feeding him because of the pesticides supermarket veg&fruits can have. Hope it helps. Have fun with your tiel :)

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