Raw food for kittens?

Raw food for kittens? Topic: Raw food for kittens?
June 16, 2019 / By Alys
Question: i have a 11 week old kitten. i have been so concerned about what he eats because i know the brand he is used to is crap. i have been doing a lot of research on the internet to find some good brands of kitten food in UK and didnt find nothing good. even the veterinariarian formulated ones have things that shouldnt be there!!! i guess in here people arent very consernd abpout what they feed their cats/kittens. the only solution i see is to feed him raw food. my question is about the bones. how much should i give? every day? how much? what type of bones? i was thinking about giving chicken necks and wings but not sure. i do know that i should not cook the bones so i will be giving it raw! thank you so much! oh by the way i was thinking about giving him raw food 2 meals a day and th other 2 probably canned.
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Vernon Vernon | 5 days ago
You don't need to do raw and canned. I've been feeding my cats raw for over two years now after coming to the same conclusion you did. I found http://www.catinfo.org a website run by a vet who studies feline nutrition. She's got a recipe for raw on that website that is pretty easy. I grind once a month for my six cats and it takes me only a couple of hours (including prep and clean up) I have found that my cats actually eat less on raw and produce smaller less smelly stool because they utilize most of the product - no fillers! - Her recipe is complete and has the additional nutriants that cats need. Just feeding raw meat isn't complete. If you are going to feed wings and necks you'll want to keep it to 10% of the diet. Wings and necks are great for keeping their teeth clean, so feel free to feed them
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Vernon Originally Answered: I found a cat and a litter of healthy kittens in a box nearby my house. Never had any experience with kittens. What should I do?
As far as the kittens are concerned, they may not be eating solid food for awhile and just nurse on their mother, so just make sure that the mother is well fed. Give her a nice sized box or laundry basket with a blanket for her to lie in with the kittens, and keep fresh water nearby at all times. When you take the cats to the vet, make sure that the mother is contained in a locked carrier and perhaps separate from the kittens if possible, as given all of the scents and sounds of the vet's office will frighten her and could cause her to get violent and defensive of her kittens. If you can get the vet to come to your home, this would be even better as the mother will feel safer and not mind as much watching a stranger handle her kittens. Once the vet can determine the actual age of the kittens, you will know when you can start introducing solid food into their diets. Additionally, schedule an appointment to have the mother spayed so she does not get pregnant again while caring for her kittens. Trivia: An adult, intact (un-spayed) female cat is called a Queen. An adult, intact (un-neutered) male cat is called a Sire. An adult, neutered male cat is called a Teaser Tom, but only if he is used specifically to "please" a Queen that is in heat without risking pregnancy.

Rory Rory
I have been feeding my cats a raw food diet with a supplement powder available here in the States for eight years now. I also use canned food in the mornings. I have had two foster kittens (seven weeks) whom I gave the raw ground food along with a raw chicken wing chopped up into small pieces, raw liver and raw heart from a chicken I was preparing for my food. They absolutely LOVED it and much preferred it to any canned food. Chicken necks are great "tooth brushers". They have too much calcium in proportion to the lean muscle meat which contains the phosphorus and those elements need to be kept in proper balance for a cat's diet. So the necks would only be used a couple of times a week. A small amount of chicken liver is important because it is a great source for Vitamin A which cats can't make in their bodies. It is a fat-soluble vitamin which can be "overdosed" as excess will be stores in the cat's liver which is not good. I use four ounces of liver to 2 lbs of meat in my recipe. The taurine is water-soluble and any excess will be excreted from the body. NEVER cook bones - it is the cooked ones that can splinter, the raw don't. For good information on getting all the necessary elements in the food can be found at: http://www.littlebigcat.com in Dr. Jean Hovfe's article "Easy Homemade Diets for Cats and Dogs". Also at: http://www.catinfo.com Cornish game hens are also a good source for food as they are small. Even chicken thigh bones are pretty tough for most cats so I just use the chopped up chicken wings. There are quite a few Yahoo groups on raw feeding for cats too. A good one is WholeCatHealth as many people there are converting cats to raw and the group leader is very knowledgeable about cat nutrition.
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Monte Monte
For the best answers, search on this site https://smarturl.im/aDFEH Innova Evo is an excellent grain-free food for cats and kittens. Compared to the other premium foods it is very reasonably priced too. I pay 1.69 for the 13.2oz cans. There are other premium foods for you to consider but these are more expensive: Wellness, Wellness Core, Natural Balance Ultra, Merrick's. Wellness does come in 12.5 oz cans for 2.15 each and it is good for kittens even though it isn't marketed thus. I especially recommend the Chicken, Turkey, and Chicken and Herring. Raw food for cats is meant to simulate the diet wild cats would eat and that which is most biologically appropriate for them. Raw food diets are either commercially prepared foods bought frozen at pet supply stores or homemade. They are raw meat-based with bone, organs, and sometimes supplements depending on the diet.
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Kay Kay
I feed my Maine Coons one or two raw meals a day and they love it. Starting them as kittens is much better as they accept the diet more readily. I have fed chicken necks making sure that they are fresh that day from a cleanliness aware butcher. I also, feed minced rabbit, minced beef and white fish by Prize Choice http://www.prizechoice.co.uk/ I also feed as low a grain wet and dry food as possible such as Wellness, Innova, Wysong and learnt a lot about feeding raw from these sites - http://www.homevet.com/petcare/feedingyo... http://www.rawfedcats.org/ http://www.rawlearning.com/ You'll find your kitten will be a larger and healthier cat for feeding the correct raw food and also toileting doesn't smell anywhere near as bad as a cat on a high grain low quality wet and dry food. :) All the best.
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Kay Originally Answered: Why does Mum cat eat kittens food so i cant get them to eat?
The mum cat probably likes the food better, assuming you are feeding them kitten food that has been moistened. Plus, mums are hungry...from their kittens sucking the nutrients from their bodies by nursing. The kittens have to learn to eat this food...my kittens are almost 5 weeks old and they still don't know to eat the food I offer them. It is good for the mum cat to eat the kitten food at first to show them how to eat it...but once the kittens learn to eat it you need to separate them from her so she doesn't hog it. Just make sure that she has plenty of food to eat for herself. Nursing cats eat twice as much as regular adult cats. And continue to pay as much attention to the kittens as you can so they will be socialized. Good Luck :)

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