How much do they usually sell kittens in a pet store?

How much do they usually sell kittens in a pet store? Topic: How much do they usually sell kittens in a pet store?
June 16, 2019 / By Alvina
Question: i was thinking of buying a kitten and it wud be helpful if someone can tell me the total cost of the kitten and the litter box and its accessories.
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Vergil Vergil | 2 days ago
It depends on the type of kitten. most will sell them for a couple hundred dollars if they're fixed and have all of thier shots. If you're looking for a purebreed, it varies by the type of breed. You really should try to get your kitty at a shelter though for a number of reasons. First of all they are cheaper (in Seattle around $80) AND come already fixed and immunized. Second, a lot of the cats sold at pet stores come from kitten mills, VERY VERY BAD! Not to mention, adopting a shelter cat will more than likely save it's life, so you can feel good about what you're doing! Check out http://www.petfinder.com to find animals available in your area, go to the shelter and have a look or check out your local Petco if you have one since they often have adoption events. Don't buy your supplies at the pet store (besides food) pet supplies are much cheaper at Target or (I hate to say it) Wal-Mart. Food costs vary depending on how much you want to spend, the more they cost usually the better they are. I use Hill's Science Diet from Petco ($30 for a 20 lb. bag), but they have cheaper ones ($5 a bag) at the grocery store. You'll probably want to get a scratcher to save your furniture, you can get a sisal one for less than $10. A litter box shouldn't cost more than $10 each (if you get a kitten I suggest you get more than one). Also you'll want to put aside some money for toys, kittens usually will play with just about anything so you shouldn't have to spend more than $15-20. The price of kitty litter depends on the type you get, some clay litter is as cheap as $5 for a big bag but aren't that great for cats. I use Feline Pine check out this site for a free bag: http://www.naturesearth.com/rebates.html
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Vergil Originally Answered: When purchasing cat food for my cat, the store clerk working in the pet store advised me not to buy Friskies.?
DO NOT get Friskies if you can help it. That guy knew what he was talking about he wasnt trying to rip you off, if anything he was trying to be a good person. My parents had a cat a long time ago and we fed him friskies and he died very early , at only 6 years old. The cheaper cat food has alot of ash in it and is harmful to cats, some more than others, male cats tend to be more harmed by it though. To be on the safe side go with at least Iams cat food. And if you want your cat to live a long and healthy life i would suggest Science Diet. I have fed that to my cat her whole life and she is 16 years old and still tickin and extreamly healthy. If you want to give them treats everyonce and a while friskies is okay, my new kitten gets that about once a month and its not going to hurt her.

Ronnie Ronnie
Please go to the local animal shelter and get you a cat. The prices are reasonable and they need a good home. When you buy a kitten or dog from a pet store, you are only contributing to the over population of these animals. Kittens usually cost about $20 to $25 U.S.dollars in Arkansas. But then you are required to have them fixed ( if you get them from a shelter) The litter box and litter is relatively inexpensive.
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Moe Moe
Please consider going to Petsmart or to your local animal shelter. There are some fees involved but it is well worth the investment and many places will re-accept dogs and cats in the event of incompatibility. These animals are also checked over by vets and any illnesses are generally treated prior to adoption. To properly adopt a kitten can be rather costly if you are on a budget. You can get supplies (litterbox, litter, toys, food, dishes, collar) at you local discount mass merchandiser for roughly $30. However, the vet bills can become overwhelming. Kittens will need vaccines and perhaps wormers. Your local Humane Society chapter may be able to provide veterinary care at low or no cost (with a donation.) Good luck! :)
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Kasey Kasey
I would get a kitten from a shelter if i were you cause you are saving a life that way and the money that you pay for the adoption goes to help other animals The Accsesories are really inexpensive i got my cat out of a paper in that the family that had him was giving him away they gave me his litterbox and a small thing of food but i went to walmart and bought him some more food and accesories and i only paid 40 bucks Plus i bought him a house for 25 bucks The Accesories are really cheap If you need some suggestions for accesories like toys and stuff message me i will be happy to help in any way i can
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Haward Haward
Better to get the kitten from an animal shelter than a pet store. If you do, you'll be saving a life. As to cost, figure, from the pound, about $25-$35 for the cat, and about $25 for all the other things. However, a cat-tree-type scratching post can run from $30 up to over $150.
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Haward Originally Answered: Release or sell pet rat?
Please do not release her. They are really not equipped to live in the wild and they often end up being killed by wild rat populations, not to mention other animals. If you do have a shelter near you that can help you rehome her, you can try to rehome her yourself. Otherwise, it would be kinder to put her to sleep. If you decide to keep her or rehome her and you want to be able to afford to care for her while you find her a good home, there are some things you can do. 1) Food - You can feed her what you eat, just don't feed her stuff on the forbidden food list: http://www.ratfanclub.org/diet.html Buy some dog food and then go to the bulk food bins at the store and get some oatmeal (rolled oats) and feed that to her as her basic diet. If you have a feed store near you, go get a 25 or 50# bag if rolled oats (plain rolled oats, nothing on it) for under $15. 2) Bedding/Litter - You have several options here. Have co-workers save you newspaper, lunch bags, paper bags, cardboard coffee sleeves. Then tear up the items and use that in the bottom of her cage. You may have to change every other day but it doesn't cost anything (and it only takes a few minutes) Newspaper is ok, the US papers use soy ink. One does the best one can. I keep 37 rats, 3 hamsters, 1 gerbil and 6 mice. I use rice hulls for bedding because I can get a 50# bale for $14 and that lasts me about almost 2 months--cleaning the cage every 2 weeks....I have 12 cages I fill! For food, i mix my own, it has more than dog food and oatmeal, but the point is you do what you can. You can also contact your local shelters and ask if they have emergency rat food. If you are in the Pacific NW, I can probably get someone to bring you food and bedding. The shelters are awfully full right now but you can try your local shelters to see if they are equipped to deal with rats. Anyway good luck!

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