Is This A Good Diet? please answer!?

Is This A Good Diet? please answer!? Topic: Is This A Good Diet? please answer!?
July 16, 2019 / By Alphonsine
Question: breakfast- special k vanilla almond with soy milk and a piece of fruit snack- fruit or veggies lunch-piece of fruit, peanut butter (low fat) sandwich on whole grain (with added flax) bread snack-roasted soybeans dinner- fruit and a salad i also work out for at least an hour and a half each day (both cardio and weights)... is this a good diet? if not, what should i do to make it better? (if its not obvious: yes, i am a vegan! which mean no meat, no dairy, no eggs) please answer! i really need help!
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Van Van | 9 days ago
well to me it sounds good. Beening that u are a vegan it is good that u can get ur protein in.I'm a pescetarian but i'm working my way up to a vegetarian.
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Van Originally Answered: Is this a good diet? plz answer?
yes, maybe somedays you can mix things up. instead of coffee, maybe some orange juice or a sugar free beverage the morning tea is excellent. the lunch is good, maybe you can sometimes add a few pieces of grilled chicken drained grease to it, it's still good for you and it's yummy. Afternoon is great. Dinner is excellent. Desert, gooood! back to the breakfast, you can maybe sample in your coffee here, it would be a good end of the day relaxing treat, with some sugar free creamer! fruits are a great dessert, if you want to make it even yummier, if you prefer, you can make a sugar free parfait, with sugar free yogurt you like and granola or pecans. this is excellent, good luck on your diet!

Roman Roman
Hi. Yes this is OK but you have to remember that you need to eat a well balanced diet. I don´t see any fish on your menu! Do some research on this and don´t always eat the same as the body needs many vitamins and minerals and you don´t get them all from what you just described. Perhaps you should get in touch with a dietitian? You need to eat from all the food groups to make sure you get what the body needs!! This diet is setting you up for a deficiency in B12, just as an example! Training for an hour and a half every day is too much!! Overtraining is serious and should be avoided at all costs!! Check this : http://www.physsportsmed.com/issues/2001... Try training every other day or at most two in a row and then one day off. Good luck!!
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Mitchell Mitchell
You need a lot more protein and there are a lot of soy based options as well as many beans, legumes and lentils. Add more high quality grains like oatmeal, brown rice, barley. You need to make sure you eat very nutrient dense fruits and veggies and a lot more of them. Fruit and salad is not a balanced meal, even for a vegan! EVERY meal should have protein,grains and veggie or fruit. Here is a very good site that well help you make your vegan diet as healthly as possible. http://www.whfoods.com/foodstoc.php
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Kameron Kameron
something that could help a ton is to quit being vegan eggs meat and dairy products have essential vitamans and nurients our bodies need. if i may ask u a question y are u vegan? please write back b/c i just don get it.
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Kameron Originally Answered: PLZ Help is This A good Diet Plan? plz i need an answer.?
for a workable diet here is what my dietician suggests . follow a practical diet. start your meal with a soup or a huge salad. this fills u up. Make sure your plate has this ratio - 50 per cent veg, 25 per cent carb.remember potatoes, corn and peas come in carbs category, 25 per cent protein.this will prevent cravings too.have a protein shake if you like too.an occassional treat is OK. have a snack every three hours. fruit ideally berries, or soy nuts. just 2 tbsp of soya subsides hunger pangs. switch from white rice and bread to brown. eat 900gms of veggies a day.Lose a kilo a week. that is permanent loss. pick an exercise regime you like. get a pedometer and try to take 10,000 steps everyday.

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