If you were going to die in a couple years from disease, how would you live your remaining life as a teenager?

If you were going to die in a couple years from disease, how would you live your remaining life as a teenager? Topic: If you were going to die in a couple years from disease, how would you live your remaining life as a teenager?
July 16, 2019 / By Ally
Question: @Lemon I honestly don't know. There is a possibility, depending on the results to my muscle biopsy. I'm hoping for the best though! Aw, well thank you lemon. It is 'preciated. @A girl LOL Aw Jen, that's so sweet! Thank you all for your answers! @Marisa and Fazmine Thank you both. It is very kind of you
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Uziel Uziel | 3 days ago
One of the top contributors in the Cancer section here, Panda, has written about how her family managed to make it through each day when her teenage son was dying from a form of sarcoma (bone cancer), and her answers stayed with me. Their coping method was really profound in its simplicity: live in the moment. I know it's easier to say than do, but you must learn to leash your fear. Allowing it to dominate your life will siphon out your hope and joy. Focus on the actual problems and needs you have right now instead of the ones you might have later on. Her son graduated from high school with his class, which was an enormous accomplishment considering that he'd been through incredibly intense treatment for a bulk of the year. Teachers came to their house to help him stay on track. He didn't abandon his ambitions and continued to plan for the future even though it was uncertain he'd have one. He went on to college. Sadly he relapsed and passed away before finishing, but at least he was able to continue to genuinely live until he died. Not everyone does. My friend Natasha passed away in January, and her situation was very similar to Panda's son. She woke up and got on her with her day the best she could. She also graduated from high school on time (in the top 20 of her class), and was a freshman in college. My friend Cole died of Lupus two years ago, and his ability to be optimistic in the most trying circumstances amazed me. He was out playing basketball and surfing even when it caused him physical pain because it made him feel so alive. Many other teens with illnesses survive them. The chances that you will be fine are far greater than the chances that you'll die from an illness as a teenager or young adult. I was never classified as being terminal, but I did have a serious medical condition that people do die from. I am now fully recovered and in love with my life. Right after the diagnosis I was devastated and let my emotions spin me madly around. It felt sort of like it would you'd spent all this time playing a challenging game of chess and just as you were ready to make your next move, all the pieces shifted on their own, disorientating you, but you had to keep on playing. Scooping up my fear and sorting through what was actual and needed to be dealt with and what needed to just be thrown out was the first step to getting me headed in the right direction. I had to restrategize and focus on what was happening instead of all the negatives that could happen. I wasn't always calm, but I carried on. I learned to make the illness a part of my life instead of my life. It took me in a completely different direction, but I'm actually thrilled with where I ended up. Some ridiculously awesome things ended up happening because other things didn't last year. How you spend your time is how you spend your life, so don't invest so much of it in fear and what ifs. Deal only with the life you have right now. Manage the pains of the day. Fill up your time as purposely as possible. Instead of asking questions here about the possibility that you could have an illness, read a great book, work on an art piece, clean your room, do your homework ----- anything that is actual instead of emotional based. Create goals that you work towards. Take complete care of your health from flossing your teeth, eating well, getting enough water, sunlight and exercise, and nurturing your your mental and spiritual health which can be just as vital as your physical wellbeing. Best wishes to you. *Hugs* : )
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Uziel Originally Answered: I have acid reflux disease. For the past couple of days I have a feeling like I am choking, but nothing is?
I suffered for years with acid reflux, indigestion, heart burn and stomach problems and constipation, then on jan 1, I went on a no sugar, wheat or dairy and all of my problems are gone. I was eating tums by the hand fulls and gas pills, after a week of reading labels, I was and still am feeling great. NO MORE ACID REFLUX. So I am still eating all veges, meats, rice, but no bread, beer, nothing with wheat or grains. Now I have added a few foods back in, and have found that chocolate and peanuts make me ill. With food problems, your symptoms can show up hours after ingested. Doctors don't usually look at food as a problem, I had colonascopys and endoscopys many times and nothing helped except this diet.

Rolf Rolf
Well I'm 16 now. If I found out I would die I woulnd't drop out of school. I would just quit caring about it. Lol. I'd go to see my friends. I'd graduate next year, if I had enough time. I'd want to get married. I've been with the same boy for a little over 2 years, and that's something I've dreamed of for a long time. So I'd want to at least die knowing I was happy. I'd like to do some things that are crazy and stuff. And I'd just enjoy life.
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Mile Mile
Bye school. Hi traveling + partying. Seriously, I would just leave. I'd get all the money I could get, and get on the next plane going anywhere in the world before I could change my mind. I would go everywhere I could and party harder than anyone ever has. And I really hope your biopsy goes well. No teen deserves having a time limit on their lives. I'm sure it'll go well :)
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Justin Justin
Truthfully, I think I would want to just continue to live a normal life. If I quit school and started doing nothing I think I would dwell on the fact that now I have one less day left. I would definitely be way more open with my feelings and would spend WAY less time in front of the TV or on the Computer. I would want to be surrounded by friends and family and spend my life smiling all the time. =)
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Hartley Hartley
honestly, id probably do my freshman year of high school, and then drop out. id want to actually enjoy my life to the fullest, not have to wake up at 5:30 every morning. id want to just be a free spirit, do whatever i felt like doing whenever i wanted to. id want the remainder of my life to be truely excellent and be able to say i had a great life despite the fact i died young. i really would want to be me, and only me, at the end. edit: thinking about it, seriously, id be one f**ked up girl. id wanna party all the time && have sex && be crazyy. i mean, id want my life to be amazing and excellent and not die some alcoholic or be an addict, but i would wanna be crazy and just let loose, something i never, ever do.
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Hartley Originally Answered: How can you help your dog live a longer life?
One of the best things you can do for your dog is to cook his food for him. Its not hard and your dog will be healthier for it. Commercial dog food is loaded w/ preservatives, fillers and other slaughter house junk you would never consider eating yourself. My rule- if its not good enough for me, its not good enough for my dogs. When shopping for ingredients, go organic whenever possible. I usually feed my dogs organic turkey or chicken, organic rice, organic cottage cheese, organic baby food (greens), organic boiled eggs and supplements. (Avoid toxic foods like grapes and chocolate). Check out the Only Natural Pet store for supplements. Due to age, I'd look into a daily vitamin, EFAs (fatty acids), and a chondroitin glucosamine. I'd also go with a vet whose open to a home cooked diet and alternative treatments. Most vets get a kickback from the Science Diet & other foods you see in their lobby. Other smalls things include switching to a eco-friendly detergent free of dyes and perfumes. Get rid of plastic feeding dishes- go w/ stainless steel. Check out Dr. Goldstein's book, The Nature of Animal Healing and Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats. In my research, pets are over vaccinated and this can weaken the immune system and cause cancer. I would carefully research each vaccine- he could probably skip a majority of them safely. Don't take my word for it- research everything your vets says and never be afraid to get a second opinion.

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