Trying to lose 10 pounds in 1 month. help?

Trying to lose 10 pounds in 1 month. help? Topic: Trying to lose 10 pounds in 1 month. help?
June 16, 2019 / By Allissa
Question: I am 5'6" and I weigh 135. I have a sport built body-big bones. I just want to get rid of some excess fat on my stomach and hips. I basicly just started, and heres what I have been doing: Breakfast- Bowl of cereal 1 cup 1/2 to 2 cups probably. school........... Lunch- Apple, Nutri-grain bar a maybe a sanwhich and maybe Yougart. school....... Then I have track for two hours after school and I work out for about 1 hour of that, then go to my field events. When I get home I eat another nutrigrain bar and maybe more cereal like a cup. Dinner- I eat a regular dinner like corn, potatoes, and chicken or something. Then I might eat and apple or Banana before bed to fill me up. I want to make sure that what I am doing, I can lose ten pounds in one month. Any advice on something other I should be doing or advice on what I am currently doing? Thanks!
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Uziah Uziah | 2 days ago
You need more protein in your diet, your eating a good source of carbs so if i could i would shake your hand for that. Protein is very essential to your diet so you have to eat more then chicken at night for dinner. Also for lunch you said maybe a sandwich, dont maybe have a sandwich, have a sandwich. With you being a track and field athlete your burn a lot of calories doing cardio, without enough protein or calories that can affect your muscle growth, which is how you can burn excess fat. For food, your doing great veggie, fruit, carb wise but try to eat more meats like turkey, chicken, and fish in order to get protein to help build your tired and broken down muscles. When you shape in muscle you will lose the fat because the muscle burns it up, in turn the muscle is denser and takes up less space. You will see your weight fluctuate but eventually it will drop once it gets over its barrier of gaining some muscle. Cardio can stop making those effective changes in your body, so you need to make sure your doing adequate weight lifting. To tone and lose weight stick to high reps of 12-20 repitions and high sets for muscles that need the extra work to tone (calves, lower back, lower abs) you should do at least 5 sets when doing those muscle groups. With (back, chest, arms) stick to 3 sets of high reps. And for legs stick to 2 sets of high reps. Try doing the following to help tone your body and build the muscle you need to burn the fat: Lower: Squats Lunges Leg extensions Leg curls Calf Raises Upper: Seated row Lateral Pull down Lateral raises Front raises Incline chest press Pushups Curls Tricep extentsions All the things you work on weight wise in the gym at your school or wherever you work out will also help in all your events at track. Jumper, thrower, runner, whichever, the strength you gain with weight working helps with endurance and the strength you need in events when your not running. Good Luck!
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Uziah Originally Answered: Need to lose 16 pounds in one month or month and a half...is that reasonable? Also, calorie question...?
Go on a very low carb/high protein diet. Meat, chicken, pork, eggs, cheese...all you want until you are full...not overstuffed, just satisfied. Since those foods are heavy, you will stay fuller longer. I lost 20 pounds in 2 months and was never hungry. Look up tips for eating at Atkins. I am in no way associated with Atkins so I am not spamming them.

Rohan Rohan
First of all, you're at a perfect weight for your height but anyone can understand trying to lose excess fat. It's hard to target where the fat will come off however - you may need to target those areas with strength or weight training to build/tone the muscle which will make the appearance of fat less obvious. Sounds like you need to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Try replacing the cereal with Oatmeal and/or the Nutrigrain bars with Fiber One bars (oats and chocolate - VERY delicious). BTW, if you are eating granola cereal it is VERY high in calories so switch to raisin bran or something. Also try having a snack before practice rather than after - I usually have a 16oz Jamba Juice with a fiber boost before my workouts (canoe paddling or cardio & weights for 2 hours) and it keeps me full for a couple hours after my practices/workouts. The fiber makes you feel fuller and helps expell most of what you take in - just make sure you drink a lot of water and avoid caffeine. From what I can gather, if you were on a weight watchers plan you would probably want to eat about 30 points per day (assuming you work out as much as you do everyday) which will guarantee you will lose weight. Check out this website to see how many points you are consuming. http://quiddity.cc/rachel/diet/wwfoods.htm#G
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Milburn Milburn
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Justice Justice
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Harry Harry
By the rate you are going you are doing awesome. Keep the good work up. Take IT step by step dont over do it. and drink plenty of water and dont eat after 8 or 9 so your body can digest more food overnight
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Harry Originally Answered: How Can I lose 10 pounds in two weeks, or 25 pounds in one month?
take a walk everyday for 30 min - 1 hour. try some cardio videos on youtube, the videos are 10 min each so do 3 of them giving you 30 min. if you want do 1 hour of cardio a day. don't drink soda, drink only water 10 cups!! no sweets or take out, eat healthy!! if you're going to eat late at night try munching on some grapes, apples, carrots. . .not potato chips, ice cream, candy, cookies, and so on. also these are little things you can do : when you're walking try speed walking. when your washing dishes or cleaning try putting on some music and dance around and jump around and get in some sweat. hope this helped, goodluck

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