Son w/ ADHD..want natural remedies?

Son w/ ADHD..want natural remedies? Topic: Son w/ ADHD..want natural remedies?
June 16, 2019 / By Allison
Question: My 13yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD. He has all the characteristics of ADHD, and I am not disputing that. However, I am extrememly particular about what kind of medications I allow my children to take, and I KNOW that there are natural remedies and diet changes we can make to control it without the medicine. I was very unimpressed with his doctor, and a little concerned about how simple it was to get the medicine. If anyone has DETAILED information about how to NATURALLY control this, I would appreciate it. God designed our bodies to heal and work naturally, and that is what I want to build his treatment on. However, I am limited in my knowledge of how to do so. Any advice, tips, suggestions or information on where to get them will be greatly appreciated.
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Uzia Uzia | 1 day ago
there are a lot of ways. i'm not sure if some suggestions he might not be up for, but i can promise they do work. first, meditation is incredible in creating a sense of calm altertness, being able to see the world as it is, and accepting your surroundings, and just kind of rewiring your brain to be a calmer, happier person who isn't bothered so much by anger or nervousness, trivial things, etc. there are diet changes, too. you would have to cut out caffeine and simple sugars, like most anything processed. this includes but is not limited to breakfast cereals, chocolate, carbonated drinks, cakes, candy, etc. try to go natural in terms of food. eat whole wheat pastas/breads, fresh fruit & vegetables, fish, good fats. try having him drink certain teas like chammomile or valerian, which have been proven to be very calming and relaxing herbs. also, exercise would be beneficial. it might seem counterintuitive, but exercising has a number of incredible benefits and will allow your son to work off the extra energy, and be happier as a result. try googling "natural remedies for ADHD".
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Uzia Originally Answered: Is there a natural help for ADHD?
You can use his own diet to help. I've heard this works from someone else who tried a more natural diet. She insists by it. The diet she told me is to avoid hotdogs, dyes (like yellow 5 and red 40), and so on. You can probably find some good books and websites online. You can also try to get him to do certain exercises where he will learn how to focus more like martial arts, jogging, and so on. There was an article in which a doctor mentioned basketball was good and it would help. Call around asking for free trials on the martial arts or ask him to pick a club or 2 to enroll in and try it out for 4-12 weeks. As far as alternative remedies, I would not suggest that until you check with someone who really knows about that like an alternative or holistic physician. Some herbs when mixed with other herbs or medications and grape fruit juice can interact, and some herbs should not be given to minors anyway (remember Reye's Syndrome and aspirin?).

Roger Roger
It's called Rescue Remedy. It worked for me any a lot of the people I work for. You can find it online or at herb stores. It's little drops, but don't be fooled they will work. good luck
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Miki Miki
We have had several children with ADHD that have had success with this product which is a formulated proprietary blend of botanicals called adaptogens, which are natural non-toxic herbs that increases the body's resistance to stress. This product has 10 of these adaptogens blended together & magnifies the potency of the blend. Thus benefiting the support to the immune system, increases mental clarity, enhances physical performance, and REDUCES STRESS. For a FREE 3 DAY SUPPLY sample, brochure listing ingredents,and a short DVD. E-mail: [email protected]
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Junior Junior
There is a video with Amazon.com streaming videos : "Being In Control : Natural Solutions for ADHD Dyslexia and Test Anxiety" and Zen of ADD ADHD , for synopsis www.jasonalster.com
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Harrison Harrison
I would highly reccomend seeing a professional Nutritionist with your son. My sister had severe depression & schitzophernia. She started going to my mom's nutritionist, taking vitamins, and thouroughly following all of the things she could & could not eat. Her recovery has been astounding. We truly are what we eat. The things we put into our bodies make us what we are, and I'm thrilled that you're looking into other options for your son. My sister's medication acted just like a band-aid -- it covered everything up, but didn't actually heal anything. Now that she's been following our nutritionists suggestions, she's been better than I've ever seen her in her whole life. I truly help you can find the help your son needs! :) Good luck to you!
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Harrison Originally Answered: Has anyone ever tried natural remadies to ADHD?
I couldn't call my knowledge first-hand, but you may want to view the website www.drfuhrman.com. Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a physician in New Jersey who advocates feeding children a very healthful diet, supplemented with DHA, as a treatment for ADHD and other disorders. If I were in your shoes, I would read his book "Disease-Proof Your Child" and review the info on his website. He takes a very sensible approach and doesn't push supplements or unusual treatments, just sound nutrition, adequate exercise and such. My feeling is, it can't hurt and it certainly might help. Best of luck to you! FYI, Dr. Fuhrman's approach also can be used for weight loss/maintenance and to treat a host of maladies from diabetes to asthma.

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