About 12-14 weeks enough time to pull off baby weight?

About 12-14 weeks enough time to pull off baby weight? Topic: About 12-14 weeks enough time to pull off baby weight?
June 16, 2019 / By Allie
Question: My fiance found out we are pregnant 3 weeks after we got engaged.....turns out we had an ectopic pregnancy. Things have been very hard the last 2 weeks I have been sick as a dog. Plus the mental end of loosing a child. We had horrible doctors who said things were AOK then they weren't. When I switched doctors they found all the problems pretty much as it was rupturing. My new doctor is worried that because of this my tubes may have problems. My fiance & I have been talking about trying to get pregnant...as soon as my next normal period. (if I have 1) We figured it out if I'm pregnant by the end of September 2010-first few weeks in October 2010. It will give us time to have our baby, & give me at least 12 weeks if not a few more (thats going off of a 42 weeks of being pregnant) To get in some what of shape then get married Oct 1st 2011. (that date isn't set in stone but we did pay for some of it already) Is that enough time if I really try to melt off some of the baby weight? I'm 111 lbs now. (I was 118lbs before the ectopic pregnancy) Having kids is way more important to us then being married....I also don't want to waste the money we already paid. I got pregnant this time with in 2 weeks of being off birth control. (not planned but it happen) I did not lose my tube. He is just worried it maybe clogged. I am 22 (almost 23). He wants me to be able to deal with all this now vs. waiting till later & with my family history he is worried. We won't get married if I'm still pregnant. We have agreed on that. I would be a mom then...looking amazing, thin, blah blah in a wedding dress you wear for a few hours isn't the only thing important to me. I won't buy a dress till after all this was over. We both feel a baby comes first...a wedding can wait. I'm not going to pick pushing off having kids to reach a time (even if I'm young) not to be able to have any.
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Uz Uz | 9 days ago
I know it wasn't enough time for me, with breastfeeding, but each woman is so different it could be more than enough time for you. By 'law', it should be, but hormones are involved vs. a regular weight loss that has more of a guarantee. Sorry! I also want to warn you that although the scale might say your pre-pregnancy weight when you want it to, the biggest problem you will most likely find that can't be changed by exercise, are your hips! They expand to suit childbirth, and since it doesn't happen overnight, going back to normal doesn't either, sorry! Some people find it takes almost a year while others are good in shorter time. Again, every woman is different and you can hope, but there are no guarantees.
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Uz Originally Answered: My baby boy is only 2 weeks old and is gassy all the time. Mostly intestinal. Help?
It sounds very similar to what I experienced with my daughter. Turned out that she couldn't handle milk/dairy, not that I was directly giving her any, but she was getting it through my breastmilk. Look into foods that you are eating. Dairy (milk, cheese, etc) is a common culprit for constant baby tummy upsets, eliminating it from your diet for 2 weeks or so (make sure you supplement with calcium per doctor's instructions) might make for a big change. Definitely look into what is causing this, not just into quick fixes that alleviate symptoms. Do some Google-ing to find out more about possible foods that can upset babies through breastmilk. Good luck:)

Rodger Rodger
Wow! You can't plan it like that. You may or may not get pregnant that quick especially after a recent miscarriage. I would say yes though you can lose the baby weight after 12-14 weeks but it also depends on how much baby weight you have to lose. I say go get married and then start trying. Have a small easy wedding and then plan the big one for later.
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Midian Midian
Taking off the babyweight should be the least of your issues. I would hope that being thin in your wedding dress is NOT the deciding factor as to whether or not you get married. You probably WON'T get pregnant the first month you try -- it could easily take 6-12 months (esp. if you lost a tube.) So, you may still be pregnant at the wedding, or have just given birth a week or two before. So -- either plan the wedding, and leave buying the dress until as close to the date as possible.(So you can pick a dress easily adapted to maternity wear if needed.) Or -- get married in a small ceremony or at City Hall, and don't worry about the wedding. (Which isn't the same as 'being married.')
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Julian Julian
drink 3 cups of green tea in 24 hours researchers say it can increase energy expenditure by 106 calories
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Harrie Harrie
do your grocery shopping with a list and a time limit that way you re less likely to stray into the processed foods section
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Harrie Originally Answered: 32 weeks pregnant n my baby get ALOT of hiccups all the time there so often they feel like the heartbeat, bad?
i was constipated a lot during and even before pregnancy as well. It sucks, and the worst is that sometimes you can get hemmroids.. Just try and eat things like apples and plums and lots of juice to help you go... As for the hiccups, very normal. I used to worry about my baby because she would have them for like ten minutes at a time every single day! However I found out it actually is a good sign and just proves that their lungs are working. Also, since your baby hiccups a lot now, he or she will most likely hiccup a lot once born! My baby STILL gets hiccups all the time and is three months old. Congrats

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