Why do my parents force me to eat unhealthy foods?

Why do my parents force me to eat unhealthy foods? Topic: Why do my parents force me to eat unhealthy foods?
June 25, 2019 / By Allana
Question: I'm 13 Y/O 5'4 113 pounds BMI 19.4 like to be 105 pounds cuz that would put me at the 35th percentile,(IBMI is different with kids and teens then it is with adults) Witch is perfect cuz I am average height and small boned my index finger overlaps my thumb when I wrap it around my wrist. About three months ago I was 125 pounds I decided to lose weight, I researched how to eat healthy. I was disgusted with the crap they put in our foods, I found the psychetruth channel, I learned about processed foods, whole foods, fats, glycemic index, etc. my diet became fruits vegetables nuts Ezekiel bread and brown rice pasta and meats. I tought my mom some stuff about healthy eating, I begged my mom to buy those good foods, later dad found out, he yelled at both us. He called me a "spoiled brat who gets special foods just because she doesn't like our food" that's not the case though. "If you refuse to eat our food I will through junk food on that plate!" He added. One time I refused to eat something cuz it had high fructose corn syrup and preservatives. Dad started throwing ice cream, cookies, chip dip on the carrots I put on my plate!" He said "start eating or I am gonna throw more food on your plate!" One time I was a bit disrespectful to my parents by aciendent, My dad said "No more special bread or pasta for a month" Not eating healthy food should not be a punishment. Why take a game or something away for me, not something that would benefit my health. And now my mom is on dad's side.
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Urian Urian | 5 days ago
Well you must consider that those things cost a hell of a lot of money so if you, as their daughter, don't feel like your parents are providing well for you, that would make them feel bad and inadequate...and this would raise some anger If you are very interested in changing what's in the pantry or the fridge I'd say help out with the grocery and try to buy the good foods that are reasonably priced Otherwise if this isn't helping I'd say maybe get a job...and you'll be able to pay for all of those foods that you want...and it will teach you a little about money, and how much things cost and independence and all that
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Urian Originally Answered: Most unhealthy vegetarian foods?
Fried foods sugary foods transfats (margarine, even Earth Balance has it) Pretty much the same foods non-vegetarians should avoid. Fats, such as those contained on avocados and coconut, should be included in a vegetarian's diet.

Roddy Roddy
Ava, it's great that you are already health conscious and wanting to make good choices with your food. Just remember that there's more to overall health than a number on a scale or BMI chart. Since you're still under your parent's roof, you may need to see if they're open to discussing some compromises. Maybe you could offer to help shop while staying within the family budget. If you agree to cook some meals, your parents may be more open to trying the foods you've come to enjoy. Avoiding junk food doesn't have to be expensive, but you can't expect others to embrace the new lifestyle choices you've made. They may feel like you're judging them since they don't share your passion right now. It's hard to know what your relationship with your dad was like before you decided to change your diet, but you may want to speak with a school counselor or nearby relative, favorite teacher, etc. His emotions seem a bit extreme for the situation. Moxiesbuddy
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Michaya Michaya
That stuff is a lot more expensive. If your parents are struggling financially, and you are demanding they spend money on you that they don't have, it adds a ton of stress for them. It's basically you telling them that they are bad parents and losers that can't provide for their children. Why don't you just volunteer to make dinner? You mother will almost certainly let you have a lot of choice in what you cook in exchange for doing the work for her.
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Judah Judah
Yeah but why do they FORCE me to eat the the unhealthy food? When I politely ask if I could make myself something healthy. When I don't they throw cookies ice cream and sugar on my food and they won't let me leave the table until I eat it all even the extra junk food they threw on my plate. And I start crying and they start laughing at me and call me names like spoiled brat. I don't understand why I have to eat their unhealthy food? IDK what to do anymore. PLEASE HELP!
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Judah Originally Answered: I want to lose weight but my parents don't want to buy healthy foods?
Excercise is your best bet! Jump rope, jog, do ANYTHING to make up for the unhealthy food you eat. And ask your parents for a portion of money that you can buy your OWN food with next time your are grocery shopping!

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