Does anyone know what foods are safe and healthy for a cat to eat?

Does anyone know what foods are safe and healthy for a cat to eat? Topic: Does anyone know what foods are safe and healthy for a cat to eat?
June 16, 2019 / By Alivia
Question: Our vet says cats shouldn't eat cat food from grocery stores like Meow Mix or Fancy Feast, etc... Or milk, tuna fish, lunch meat or any people foods. I gave my cat a little piece of tuna fish one time and he threw up everywhere right after he ate it. I don't know if it was because maybe he is not use to it cause he never ate it before and he is 7 years old. Then I use to give my cats milk to drink once and a while for a treat and they would get diarrhea everywhere. All over the bathroom walls. The vet said that cats could get sick and die from unhealthy foods like what I said but the vet didn't really say what foods cats can eat except for some weird looking special cat food they gave us like one bag of it and said we have to feed our cat this special weird food but it is way too expensive for us to buy. It's more than people food is. Does anyone know some good healthy food that will promote a cats urinary health that is safe and healthy for a cat to eat???
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Uria Uria | 3 days ago
One of our cats actually has food allergies, so we have to buy him special food. When he learned he had food allergies, we did tons of research regarding pet food. You won't believe some of the additives they put in their food! Anyways, the food that we buy is called Natural Balance Limited Ingredients. It's all natural cat food, and you can get it in both dry and wet form. We buy ours from Petco stores. The cost is a little more than 'regular' cat food, but still not as expensive as some of those high-dollar foods. After starting my cat on an all natural cat food, we noticed many nice things: his fur looked shinier, his energy was higher, and he seemed more happy overall. If you kitty has a history of urinary problems, then I would stick to more of the wet foods. One things that many pet owners are unaware of is that dry food can actually cause more urinary problems because of the extra additives found in it.
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Uria Originally Answered: Is it safe to feed a guinea pig these foods?
Ok, so you have heard of the guy who was 50 lbs overweight, ate bacon and eggs every day for breakfast, smoked 15 cigars and drank a quart of whiskey every day and lived to be 100 right. You also know that none of these things are particularly healthy and he either had a very hearty metabolism, was VERY lucky, or both! Your teacher's pet is like this guy. We all get away eating things that are not great for us but we would be better off if we didn't! Much better to stick to a diet of all the fresh 18% protein guinea pig chow with vitamin C but without seeds, nuts, crunchy bits and colored garbage, all the grass hay and all the water they want. Also a moderate amount of fresh greens. Make the treats new veggies or an occasional piece of fruit as part og the fresh greens segment of the diet.
Uria Originally Answered: Is it safe to feed a guinea pig these foods?
Mashed potato should be okay for guinea pigs but vanilla ice cream certainly not!!! Dry toast now and again is probably okay but too much will cause bloating, i shouldn't think baked beans would be too bad for the piggy either but strictly only every now and again. Stuffing no - if its minced meat then guinea pigs shouldn't even like that, they're vegetarians, gravy if its from meat juices again the guinea pig shouldn't be having but if its like from vegetable juice that's probably okay. I wouldn't give your guinea pigs ice cream whatever you do, maybe let them try some mashed potato or a tiny bit of dry toast, they might not even like it! It shouldn't harm them though as long as you're not giving it to them regularly, this should be for a treat once in a while. Guinea pigs are much better on their hay, water, guinea-pig mix, grass, veg and fruit with a salt/mineral lick! Human foods are often too salty for animals or have too much sugar in them (ice cream here in particular!) that's why guinea pigs and other animals have specially formulated foods. x

Rocky Rocky
Canned food is a good option for cats with a history of urinary health issues. He's right, grocery store varieties come with a lot of junk in them. Petsmart carries Authority which has some good canned food. Otherwise a feed store or pet store may carry Felidae or Chicken Soup. These are some of the cheaper but good quality canned foods. Dry food is generally not recommended for urinary health as it doesn't contain the moisture that canned food does. Plus it has extra grains/carbs that are believed to contribute to crystals.
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Michael Michael
Cats are not meant to drink our milk, its too rich for the cat, this results in giving them diarrhoea. Maybe your cat threw up from tuna fish because he wasnt used to it or maybe it was too rich for his stomach to handle? You can give your cat some: -Ready-Cooked White pieces of chicken for curries. (Get it in a packet) -Ham (No fat) - Any fat free meats (Or non greasy) Any healthy meats really. But dont give too much!
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Michael Originally Answered: My IBS attack went on for four days, what are the safe foods?
Hi Matthew - I am so sorry, I really hope you are feeling better soon. At this point you need to break the cycle of IBS attacks, and there is dietary information specifically for this here http://www.helpforibs.com/diet/faq.asp#break_cycle That info is going to focus on your soluble fiber safe foods. Those are critical, as they're the only foods that help regulate bowel motility, soothe, and calm your gut. They will normalize water content in the bowel and alleviate cramps, spasms, diarrhea, and constipation. In addition, you want to use very strong, hot, high volatile oil peppermint tea to stop the pain and spasms. This can work very quickly - in seconds to minutes - and as you keep drinking it all day long for the next few days it will actively keep your gut calm and stable. Once your gut stabilizes, you can carefully expand your diet to include insoluble fiber foods, smallish amounts of heart healthy fats, etc. But take a few days to get your gut filled with soluble fiber and calmed down. Then go slow and steady. With IBS, once your gut is over-reacting it tends to stay in that cycle. That's why you want to really break the cycle, get it calmed down, and then keep it calm. Once stable it is easier to stay that way. You can also add in a pure soluble fiber supplement, both to help break the cycle of attacks and as a daily tool to keep IBS symptoms at bay as you move forward. Best, Heather

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