10 minute-1 hour acting laxatives?

10 minute-1 hour acting laxatives? Topic: 10 minute-1 hour acting laxatives?
July 16, 2019 / By Alisya
Question: Okay.. the pain is unbearable.. i need a fast acting laxative that will work in minutes.. please help me.. ( include brands, i don't want any "homemade" crap, already tried at all) Please help me.
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Uri Uri | 2 days ago
Castor oil. It'll work in about half an hour to forty five minutes. The medicine bottle lied, it takes a lot shorter time than that.
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Uri Originally Answered: Fast acting laxatives?
Phillips Milk of Magnesia. That'll get you going quick. Don't use castor oil unless your Doctor says to, I mean real Doctor, not any quack Doctors like homeopaths or naturopath .
Uri Originally Answered: Fast acting laxatives?
If u want to buy castor oil make very sure that its "cold pressed" and yes they do sell them in some stores. Take either the ginseng and green team.........or if u want to take castor oil then take it with warm water 1st thing in the morning.

Robin Robin
Nothing works in 10 minutes, and anything that does is hurting your body. If you have issues with constipation, you need to start eating more fiber. I personally find that having a large salad with romaine, or a whole can of pea soup will do the trick. But seriously, you're not very likely to get far with something liek that.
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Micha Micha
Try eating sugarfree chocolate candy such as Hersheys any type from that company, and another brand is Russells, its also sugerfree candy, and it warns u on the back " May cause Laxative effect"
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i think it's fine. Especially, if she lives a healthy life style like doesn't drink or smoke. It'll be great though if she walked at a fast clip. That would be plenty. And if she's on her feet a good amount anyways than i would have absolutely no worries. No question that walking won't get you into tip top physical condition but if you walk it'll keep you healthy enough taking into account you have a healthy life style. But From your worries i'm thinkin she might be over weight though. If that's the case you're probably right. She'll have to do more to work off the fat like power walking everyday for at least an hour and go on a healthy diet. Being fat is very unhealthy and from your question i'm guessin she could be.

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