Dieting in High School?

Dieting in High School? Topic: Dieting in High School?
June 16, 2019 / By Alisia
Question: I'm trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, and I'm about to go back to school. I'm looking for suggestions on lunches that are low fat/low calorie to take to school.
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Upton Upton | 9 days ago
No, no, noooo! Please don't do a detox diet! Detox diets are known for their complete lack of the nutrients and calories that your body needs to survive on a day to day basis. Your body will feel so weak and useless and will go into starvation mode where it will conserve as many calories as possible. Then, when you give up and start eating normally again you will gain weight quickly and wind up weighing more than you started because your metabolism will have slowed. No detox diets, no fad diets, and nothing that you can't keep up for the rest of your life. On that note, you have to know that a diet is a lifestyle change. My advice is to make small changes, a little bit at a time so that you don't get overwhelmed by the newness of it. You need to accept these changes as a part of your new self before you can move forward. When you know that you can do that, I suggest as part of your first few changes that you begin fitting in some regular walking, dancing, running, jumping, or skipping into your routine. Exercise comes in many forms and you don't have to be able to run a mile in 6 minutes to be your best self. You need to do an activity that makes you truly happy and makes you feel good. As for lunches, I definitely agree that you should bring your own lunch. Try bringing your favorite in-season fruits and vegetables along with a really good sandwich. Just make good choices when it comes to the sandwich. Most meats come in lean versions and make sure that you look for a low-calories mayonnaise spread. Read the labels and find the healthiest brand. You're going to need to develop your label-reading skills because that is a huge part of healthy eating. Learn what you want to put in your body and don't put in anything but the best. For drinks, I recommend water or milk. The high calorie and sugar content of fruity drinks will not help you to feel your best and will just make you crash; and there have been some disputes as to the healthfulness of non-sugar sweeteners, so I suggest avoiding things like splenda or equal. You and your body deserve to feel your best. Don't make getting healthy about vanity or self-consciousness. Do it because you deserve it. You'll feel the difference and instead of being addicted to sugar, you'll be addicted to feeling amazing. Good luck with your new lifestyle and I wish you all the best.
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Upton Originally Answered: Any tips for a high school senior 400m runner? workouts, dieting, race strategy etc.?
Hmm you're about the same size as me, I run the 800 and 1600 though. As fast as you are, you probably already know everything you need to be doing, but here's my advice. For the weight lifting part you should work on: CALVES(do calve raises with weights and with no weight, for no weight put your toes on a raised surface so you can go down farther and do as many reps as you can, using both feet and then one foot at a time) QUADS(leg extensions, squats, jumping, sprinting with a weighted sled tied to you) HAMSTRINGS(leg curls, the sprinting with a sled again) GLUTES(squats, jumping, lunges) ABS(sit-ups off of some sort of ledge so you can bend your back all the way down, leg lifts, "flipper leg lifts" where you lay on your back and pick your legs up keeping them straight and raising them up and down without letting them touch the ground like your swimming, and do crunches side ways to work on your obliques) Alright as for all that^^, do reps of 8 or so to literally get stronger and reps of 12-20 to get more endurance...you actually need to work on both so some days go for strength and some go for endurance. As for the ab exercises just do as many reps as you can(I only get like 75-100 sit-ups off a ledge) for as long as you can, rest a few minutes and do as many as you can again...if you're not sore the next day you know you didn't go hard enough or do enough sets. But lifting weights is only like 20% of it, you need to run. Running will also make your legs stronger the same as lifting weights so lifting is really only to isolate certain muscles so you can be stronger overall when you run. Run repeats of any distances between 40-800 meters. 40s will help your explosiveness, 100s will help your all-out sprint, 200s will help your all-out sprint endurance, 400s is your actual race, and 800 will help your endurance more. When you do repeats go about 90-95% on each one and 100% on the last one, and you should rest between each one until your heart rate is less than 120(get a stopwatch and time for 6 seconds, the pulse in your neck will have to be 12 or less). Just do as many sets of them as you think you can, and if you start to feel any sort of injury don't run anymore that day and ice it. And lastly you should stretch good before and after you work out, both so you won't get injured and so you can get more flexible which helps you run better by lengthening your stride. Just make sure you vary up your workouts because if you do the same thing everyday your body will get acustomed to it and stop improving.

Robbie Robbie
Of path it does not make it natural if different women did it! It is anything very irregular and wasting such a lot weight and slicing will have to had been noticable to these round you and you'll have gotten aid! You can die from weighing so little, and you'll additionally die from slicing. Not to say that slicing is a sort of deep melancholy that may placed you in damage and others, you may also want remedy or additionally to simply speak with a psycologist. Neither are natural and each are a cry for aid.
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Micah Micah
You can get low calorie bread, about 50 cals so if you have sandwhiches the bread in it amounts to half of whats in a normal bread sandwhich! Sure there will be lots of low fat/cal fillings out there too. And of course fruit! Take fruit for your lunch, or vegetables like cucumber or carrot sticks etc. If its stuff like crisps and chocolate you take usually and don't want to give that up, there are low fat/cal alternatives out there, you just gotta go to the supermarket and you will probly be spoilt for choice! Good luck!
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Joss Joss
hey u can try detox diets to loose weight.detox diets is the natural way to loose weight by juz cahnging your eating habbits n without exercising and it really works.... http://www.detoxloseweight.blogspot.com the best place to find detox diet recipes and tips to loose weight
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Harding Harding
Fruits and vegetables. They're delicious and before you know it, you'll become addicted to them Good luck :-)
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Harding Originally Answered: Im am a 14 year old girl that needs a dieting plan for My first year of high school!!!!?
1. Cut high-fat, barely nutritional foods out of your diet completely. ie: donuts, fried foods, cookies, cakes, etc... This includes condiments (like mayo and butter...use mustard or seasonings instead) There's really no need to be consuming these things. 2. Eat 5-6 SMALL meals each day. Make each one high in nutritional value...it's really more like 5-6 healthy snacks per day. Like...a hard-boiled egg and some yogurt for breakfast, a couple hours later, some almonds and an orange, a turkey sandwich and a salad (light on the dressing) for lunch, some carrot sticks between lunch and dinner, and have a healthy dinner...maybe a roasted chicken breast with asparagus. Eating small amounts all day boosts your metabolism and helps you to not feel hungry. 3. Make snacks fruits and vegetables...carrot sticks, apples, oranges, etc... Eat as many of these as you'd like so that you don't get hungry and head for the vending machines for those Doritos ;) Nuts, Cottage Cheese, and 4. Watch your beverages!! Lots of carbs, sugar, and sodium in beverages. I've known people that have lost 20 pounds just by cutting soda pop out of their lives! Juices are ok in small amounts (lots of sugar). 5. Speaking of beverages....LOTS of water! 8-10 glasses/day should be perfect. This is a hard one for me because I don't really like water much, but you have to do it. It also flushes toxins out of your organs to help them function better and keeps your skin in good condition. 6. Allow yourself a treat now and then...maybe on Saturdays you allow yourself one luxury item...a piece of cake, a small bag of chips, etc... This will help you not feel so deprived and it will feel good if you plan it right for parties and going out with friends where you can have that slice of pizza and not have to tell everyone "I'm on a diet, I'll just have a salad". 7. You have to exercise if you want to lose weight. Just 30 minutes/day at least 3-5 days/week. Try to find something you like and just get through it. Even just walking (briskly... a leisurely stroll doesn't count..but it's still better than sitting on the couch), riding a bike, etc... You don't need fancy equipment or videos...just start moving. Turn on your stereo and dance for 30 minutes. 8. I put on about 20 pounds in 8th grade just from going out after school with friends...we'd go and get pizza, fast food, cheese curds (the worst!), and stuff like that. Watch out for these situations!! Nowadays, there are lots of healthy options at restaurants. Don't let your friends sabotage your plans! 9. Remember that carbs and fat are necessary to your diet. Without carbs, you'd have not energy, and without fat, your skin and hair would be so dry and brittle! Don't beat yourself up for eating them, but "everything in moderation", too. Don't fall into the trap of trendy diets and/or starving yourself...that'll put you on a nightmare of a rollercoaster...look at Oprah how she struggled with her weight for YEARS and is finally just eating "healthy" and is keeping it off. Avoid her first mistakes and just eat healthy. There is no magic pill or diet...just eat healthy and exercise! 10. If you're craving something BAD, allow yourself to have it... If it's chocolate, try to substitute the craving with a small cup of chocolate pudding or a cut of chocolate milk or hot-cocoa. If that doesn't help, then allow yourself a SMALL piece of chocolate and enjoy it. Again, so you don't feel deprived and give-up the diet all-together and to avoid a binge later to fulfill the strong craving. 11. Two words: Portion control. Just because the plate or bowl is large, doesn't mean you have to fill it. If you do this (I do!), try using smaller bowls and/or plates. You should only be eating about the size of a smaller salad plate for each meal. 12. Take your time...enjoy the food. If you take more time when eating to enjoy it, you'll feel full approprately and you'll feel satisfied. Think about all the chips you've eaten just laying in front of the TV...(oh, and don't eat in front of the TV - and DON"T bring a whole bag of chips with you anywhere...pour a serving into a bowl)...you barely remember eating them before you realize 1/2 the bag is gone, right? It would have been better to sit and eat 5 chips slowly and enjoying each one. 13. Don't get discouraged when it doesn't work miracles right away. It may take a few months for your body to respond the way you want it to. 150 pounds in 6 months is a LOT of weight to lose so quickly and it probably won't happen that fast...but you could probably do it in 12-16 months. If you lose that much weight so quickly, it's not healthy, but you may also have a lot of loose skin left over because your skin didn't have time to shrink with your body. I knew a guy that lost a bunch of weight fast and his stomach skin hung down to his knees! You're young, so your skin should be pretty elastic still, but it's something to consider. Give your body time to make such a major change. Weight lost very fast like that is rarely kept off anyway. It's not all about the pounds either...muscle weighs more than fat, so it can't be compared pound-for-pound.

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