My mouse just had babies, what do i do?

My mouse just had babies, what do i do? Topic: My mouse just had babies, what do i do?
June 16, 2019 / By Alise
Question: a week and a half ago i found a wild mouse in my cage with my too female mice. and then about 2 days ago i realized one of my mice was really fat so i assumed my mouse was pregnant, and now she had babies, and i don't know what to do with them. my mum told me to kill them because they will just keep breeding with each other when they get to 6 weeks or they will escape my wire cage and breed mice in my room but i don't want to kill them, so what can i do with them, i have to get ride of them asap, because they will escape from the cage coz they are small. help
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Ultan Ultan | 6 days ago
You can safely handle the mouse bubs after they are a full 3 days old-72 hours. The more you handle them, the tamer they will become. It is a myth that the mother will eat her babies because you handle them. You do need, however, to put the mother in another cage before you do as she will get stressed if you take them while she is in the nest with them. Also, allow the mother to come out of her nest area on her own. The mother considers her nest area a safe haven, and trespassing is where the problems can result. She will feel threatened because you invaded her safe place, and this is where she may abandon or kill her bubs; the latter because she feels she cannot protect them. It has NOTHING to do with your scent. You should, though, wash your hands prior in unscented soap. Scented soap affects the bubs delicate respiratory systems. Complete details on the proper way to start handling the mouse bubs can be found at the following link: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/breeding... You can spot clean the cage every day after day 3, but make sure to leave the nest areas intact. Do not do a full cage cleaning until after 1 week, but still leave the nest area where the mother lays with the mouse bubs intact. You can clean the nest area after 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, although some people will wait until it is time to separate the genders at 4 weeks. If the nest area is very dirty, you should of course spot clean it, but try to leave it intact as much as is safe. TFM has a section detailing cleaning the nest at the following link: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/breeding... The above mouse forum also has a section explaining what foods the nursing does should have to remain healthy, as they need extra protein and fat at this time. Following are some ideas on what to include in their diet: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/breeding... Make sure you have water bottles and not bowls, as the bubs can fall into the water bowls and drown. They should start opening their eyes about 2 weeks, and this is also when they will start being weaned. You can introduce solid food at this time. At 4 weeks on the day you MUST separate genders. If you do not, the mice may interbreed. You MUST also house the bucks alone. For help on weaning, sexing and the intro part to the bubs, please see the following: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/breeding2.cfm#WeaningSeparation http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/sexing.cfm#safe Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to house the bucks alone-one per cage. Does do well in colonies, but bucks do not. Even sibling bucks turn on each other. It can happen fast, without warning and often ends in the death. At the very least, serious injuries are going to occur. The following links explain: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/keeping-mice-together.cfm#maleslivetogether http://forum.thefunmouse.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13274 Try PetFinders to rehome them. The site also has shelter information on the left hand side by state. http://www.petfinder.com/index.html I hope your bubs are all does so you can leave them in one home until you find new homes. Do not rehome them until they are four weeks old. I just want to add that you can temporarily use a bin to house them. Make sure it is tall enough or use a screen to cover the top. Since it is only for a short while, it need not matter too much about size or if it is clear, although I would highly recommend a large, clear bin for permanent use.
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Ultan Originally Answered: I have a wild mouse as a pet what should i do lol?
Mice can be fed a commercially prepared complete diet - a rodent mix or hamster diet is acceptable. Pellets are available for mice and are completely balanced, but this is a monotonous diet. Grain and seed based loose mixes provide more interest to the mice and will probably be more readily eaten. However, your mice may just pick out their favorite bits and leave the rest, leading to an inbalanced diet. I prefer to feed a combination of balanced pellets and a mixed diet, but only offer small amounds of the loose mixed diet at a time and make sure it is almost all eaten before offering more. The basic diet can be supplemented with small quantities of fresh fruits and vegetable (greens, apple, carrot, etc.). Watch for diarrhea though and if a particular food item does cause diarrhea, discontinue feeding it. Sunflower seeds are a favorite treat of many mice (but are quite fatty so should be limited), as well as other seeds like millet spray. Cooked pasta and whole grain bread or crackers can also be given, maybe with a tiny amount of peanut butter as a special treat. Commercial treat sticks make a good treat but only very occasionally as they are often quite sweet. Avoid feeding junk foods such as candy and potato chips, and never feed chocolate as it is toxic to mice and other small pets.

Ripley Ripley
You won't need to worry about the babies breeding or escaping for a while. If your females get along well, you don't need to separate them. Don't touch the babies until their eyes open, which usually happens when they're 2 weeks old. Get 2 escape proof wire cages or aquariums as soon as possible. If there's a chance of a wild male making another visit, glass aquariums would be more practical, but they should have secure wire lids. When the babies are about 4 weeks old you should be able to tell their sexes & separate them-- males in 1 cage, females in the other. Start asking your friends *now* if they'd be interested in adopting mice from you. Adopt them out in same sex pairs or trios. If you still have mice who need a home, see if there's a small animal rescue in your area. If there isn't, call the local shelters & even vet clinics to see if they can help. If your mom absolutely insists that you get rid of the mice immediately, check these places now. Good luck.
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Methusael Methusael
ok, a regional petsmart will have to have a few feeder mice which can be infants there particularly low-cost. I recomend a Robo Dwarf hamster there the best matters ever. Now a little one wouldnt be too shrewd to shop for probabilities are it is going to die with out the correct meals, warmth, gentle, and care. Even an Adult SMELLS SO BAD. Robos devour little pellets and are very effortless to deal with. Your little one mouse will desire a heatpad, meals, gentle, correct cleansing, and vermitculate. Check them Robos out ull fall in love with them!!
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Joshawa Joshawa
Take them to a vet asap. You might have to also give up the mom if you want them to live. Also dont touch them and remove the other mouse that isnt the mom if possible
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Hanoch Hanoch
Firstly do make sure they are healthy second find new homes for them (ask for rehoming fee). People do this on craiglist or just put up for Adoption at a pets smart or something. Well good luck.
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Hanoch Originally Answered: Is a mouse a good pet for me?
Mice can be just as good pets as a rat, but remember that mice tend to be more skittish and smellier than rats especially males, but their very fun to watch, playful, and can a learn a few tricks also if kept in the same room with the rats, some behavioral changes may acquire with both species as rats naturally prey upon mice and will smell them, aggravating to get to them and mice can smell the rats thus making them nervous, but I've kept a mouse and rat together before and they just pretty much ignored each other, but they'll usually get along if raised at a young age with one another, but I'd give about a pair of mice or a single mouse at least a 10gal enclosure, but 3 or more can do better in a 20gal or bigger mice are just as social as rats so need company, sometimes males will fight thus ending up having to live alone, but nonetheless do make good companions, they have the same diet as rats, same bedding can be used, but mice are really fun to watch when playing together, I'd suggest to do more research on pet mice online and you'd be surprised at how much awesome information you'd receive. Good Luck!

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