How come im not losing weight?

How come im not losing weight? Topic: How come im not losing weight?
June 16, 2019 / By Alis
Question: Ive tried to cut down on eating alot and ive started moving around a bit more. Is this a good diet to lose weight? Breakfest: Pancakes with Maple Syrup, Orange Juice, Rice Crispie Suares Lunch: Diet Coke and Light Snack: Poptarts, Diet Coke Dinner: Spagetti, 1%Chocolate milk, Cesar Salad Dessert: Vanilla Ice Cream Evevning Snack: small bag of chips, Apple, Pizza Pockets Late Snack: 1 Slice of Mccaine Cake What should i add or replace??? Thanks. Lunch:
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Ulric Ulric | 4 days ago
no wonder you're not losing weight! your diet SUCKS! sorry but it does. breakfast: pancakes with maple syrup is NOT good for you, but its not a total travesty if you do it right. is the syrup sugar free? or reduced fat? if not, its not good for your weight. and only take one or two pancakes don't go overboard. All you need is enough to get you ALMOST full but not quite. rice crispie squares: cut them out of the breakfast. completely. they are nothing but sugar. Try rice cakes instead. they make really yummy ones. There's popcorn flavored, and Quaker makes these really yummy ones with bits of caramel in them. they're a real treat! but i would use it more as a snack and just cut it completely out of breakfast. Lunch: Diet coke. bad. try water. diet pops are actually worse because they basically confuse your metabolism and slow it down in the end. don't feel like water? try some crystal light pink lemonade. its really good! and not loaded on calories. poptarts. for one package, you spend at LEAST 400 calories. There is absolutely nothing nutritious in them and they are mostly fat and sugar that will go straight to your thighs. (even if they're "fruit' filled, there's NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THEM I SWEAR) also, if you HAVE to have a pop, limit it to one a day. i cut pop out of my diet and lost SOOOO much weight. dinner: spaghetti - again don't eat more then you need. don't go back for seconds. but other then that it should be fine. chocolate milk is okay. cesar salad is one of the worst salads you can have. the dressing is not good for you and is loaded on unhealthy things. either go for a different dressing, or make it a very small cesar salad. dessert: what about frozen yogurt instead? Dreyers makes this berry swirl frozen yogurt that is very satisfying and it tastes good! and it has like...half the fat of ice cream. but vanilla ice creams not so bad. DO NOT GO MORE THEN THREE NORMAL SCOOPS. otherwise you make an innocent dessert turn into the devil. evening snack: you shouldn't eat later then dinner really. are you hungry? probably not. so don't snack cause your bored. instead? work out. you'll be entertaining yourself and keeping yourself from eating. but if you have to have an evening snack, have something like JUST an apple. having chips, apple, and pizza pockets (one of the absolute worst things you can have if your watching your weight, no matter how good they taste) is like having another meal. one pocket is AT LEAST 200 calories that you shouldn't be taking in this late. late snack: if you've already had an evening snack AFTER you've already had dinner, there is absolutely no excuse or reason for having a "late snack". seriously. cut it out. you sound like you're eating cause you're bored not because you're hungy. get rid of the late snack COMPLETELY. losing weight is not easy. people arent supposed to lose more then 2 pounds a week at the most if you're losing weight in a healthy way. you have to work on it and stop eating when you're bored. also, don't make excuses for yourself to eat. like, i worked out for 30 minutes today so i can have that cheesecake. no. don't do that. women always do that. and that makes them GAIN weight. if you were trying to maintain weight you MIGHT be able to do that. but you're not you're trying to lose so you have to make the sacrifices. sorry. but do it if you want to see a change.
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Ulric Originally Answered: If i'm continuously losing weight and body fat percentage remains consist the same what am i losing?
Slow Down, Increase in your diet so you can keep muscle growth going and remain healthy, rapid weight loss is useless and you will rapidly put it on. Eat Healthy all the time, and eat when you feel the need to eat.

Rio Rio
Stop freaking out. It's mind over matter. If you are mentally stressed you will not lose weight. Weight fluctuates day by day. A few lbs. is not a big deal. Focus on the big picture. And you may need to change you eating habits, not just exercise for maximum weight loss. If you change your eating habits and exercise and still no weight loss, see a doctor about a thyroid problem.
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Mesech Mesech
The only healthy thing I see on here is an apple. Sorry, but it's true. If you're trying to be healthy, first thing you should know is that hot pockets are NOT healthy, neither is chocolate. That, right there is not a diet. That's more than I eat in a day, and I'm not even on one. You need to go to a fitness web site, or buy a fitness book, get educated. I'm only saying this for your own good.
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Josh Josh
get casual for 4 days a study shows that people take 491 more steps and burn 25 more calories on days they wear jeans to work
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Hanley Hanley
fresh herbs can really zing up a healthy meal try growing some in the kitchen using a strawberry pot preserve the flavor by adding fresh herbs at the end of the cooking process
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Hanley Originally Answered: Why am I losing weight? I weigh 83lbs. And I keep losing.?
sometimes its hard to diagnose a thyroid condition as your levels fluctuate during day. you need to have a T4, T3 and a TSH run preferably more than once to get an accurate result

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