immune system, ill?

immune system, ill? Topic: immune system, ill?
July 16, 2019 / By Alia
Question: last year my immune system was really bad and i got throat infection after throat infection and then got a chest infection and numerous colds. i dont want this to happen again this year, as i cannot afford to miss school as it is my GCSE year....i already feel as if i am coming down with something, I have a horrible cough that seems to be getting worse. how can i meake sure that my immune system stays strong, as right now I could be succeptible to more infections couldnt i? nope no blood tests..
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Tyron Tyron | 8 days ago
Oh please spare me, nurse Brandi, vitamin C, is that your final answer? Come on, is that the best medical advice you can give? You probably will tell this girl Ascorbic Acid is good vitamin C too. Ascorbic Acid won't even cure Scurvy! O.K., it sounds like you may have a bad case of Candida Albicans and even Biofilms that are causing the recurring infection problems. Heavy metals could be contributing to this issue as well. Do you have any amalgam fillings (silver fillings)? Have you taken ANY flu shots or vaccines? These things will contribute heavily to destroying your immune system, contrary to popular belief. I strongly suggest you avoid at all costs, ANY soy products. Soy contains high levels of Aluminum, slows your thyroid down to the point that even drug companies tell you to avoid soy because it counteracts their medications for the thyroid, and soy depletes your body of minerals, especially iron (over 50%). There are many things in the American diet that set out to destroy the immune system, directly and indirectly. You should avoid ALL VEGETABLE OILS, except Olive oil and walnut oil. Eliminate all butter substitutes, they are all hydrogenated and contain bad vegetable oils. To address the immediate problem and nourish your body with nutrients that will boost your immune system into high gear, you should do the following: Eat lots of grapefruit --- this contains lots of quinine and has been proven to be a great infection fighter. Avoid sugar, especially refined white sugar and all sugar substitutes and preservatives. All this garbage promotes infections. Avoid white flour and white flour products. Avoid white table salt. Eat organic fruits and vegetables only. Use olive oil and vinegar for dressings on your salads. Go to the following web site and order these items: www.healthline.cc (not .com) or call: (310) 320 - 1123. Order: Nucleotides --- Take a maintenance dose of these at 4 per day. When you feel a sore throat or sneeze, etc., start taking immediately, 2 of these each hour all your waking moments. This will boost your immune system into high gear and increase your ability to fight infections by 2/3. Allicidin --- You should take about 3 of these 3 x per day for about 2 weeks to 1 month. This will help clear any biofilms that are residing in your body from previous infections. This will help keep the infections from coming back. Oleuropin --- This is an olive leaf extract and is great for killing viruses. It is very powerful. I would take 8 to 12 of these for about 10 days and then taper off to about 4 per day as a maintenance dosage. Colostrum Powder --- Put a heaping teaspoon in juice in the morning and heaping teaspoon in juice before bed. This will stabilize your immune system. Vitamin C --- This vitamin C is not synthetic ascorbic acid that can damage your DNA and is not that effective. This vitamin C contains a complex that is highly biologically active and from a living source. I would take 4 of these per day. If you have taken ANY antibiotics in the last several years, you have Candida Albicans. If you eat a lot of sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, and ordinary table salt, you have definitely been feeding this puppy well. Stop eating any of this garbage and starve the critters. Additionally, purchase from the same company listed above the following: Betaine HCL --- Take 3 to 4 of these AFTER each meal. Activator --- Take 1 to 2 of these AFTER each meal. Quantum Digest --- Take 1 to 2 (especially after eating meat) DURING the meal. Probiotic --- Take one in the morning and one in the evening. If you do all the above, you will see an immediate response and your health will improve greatly. This regimen will boost your immune system into high gear. As a good daily thing to do, I would also order the "super food trio" from that company. This will provide you with nutrients that will give you general good health. Order it all in capsule form, not the powders. good luck to you
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Tyron Originally Answered: Can our immune system work against cancer? will a strong immune system reduce the chance of getting cance?
No. Cancer happens when normal cells change so that they grow in an uncontrolled way. This uncontrolled growth causes a tumour to form. Nobody knows what causes this to happen. Having a strong immune system won't prevent cancer, though it may make coping with cancer and its treatments a bit easier. A strong body won't 'fight' cancer; the body doesn't recognise the tumour as an 'intruder', it nourishes it just as it nourishes the rest of your cells. Cancer affects the healthy and the unhealthy alike; sadly you are wrong - the things you describe do not reduce the chances of getting cancer The fact that you don't smoke reduces your risk of lung and some other cancers, but doesn't guarantee you won't get them. I once thought my healthy vegan, largely organic diet, coupled with the facts that I exercised regularly and have never smoked, would protect me against cancer, but it didn't.

Rigby Rigby
This Site Might Help You. RE: immune system, ill? last year my immune system was really bad and i got throat infection after throat infection and then got a chest infection and numerous colds. i dont want this to happen again this year, as i cannot afford to miss school as it is my GCSE year....i already feel as if i am coming down with...
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Merton Merton
Garlic is supposed to boost your immune system so if you take 3 to 6 high strength odourless 3,000 mg garlic oil capsules a day that should help. Garlic is very good for people with sinus problems. It also helps to reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol if you suffer from those problems. It is both an antibacterial agent and an antimicrobial agent. A multivitamin every day should also help and taking extra vitamin C also helps. 500 mg of vitamin C a day would be a suitable amount.
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Jordie Jordie
By George I think you've got it. People through history have done this forever. Remember false pregnancies. Women thought they were pregnant so they got symptoms that pregnant women have and even their abdomens got larger. The mind is a serious tool that should be handled with care. lol
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Hanael Hanael
Eat well - lots of fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates. Avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates. Watch the amount of fat you take in. Do walking or running or some other sort of activity on a regular basis.
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Hanael Originally Answered: Does having an auto-immune disorder make your immune system weak?
We are all different, but having a couple of auto immune diseases my self, I have always been the opposite. The only times I became ill was when I took multi-vitamins. I worked with children in schools for years and seldom missed work. My understanding is that my immune system is in over-drive, destroying healthy cells along with the bad. Each auto immune disease is a bit different from the other, but I have been staying up to date on the antibodies that are attacking me. this site may help you to further understand autoimmunity. Best wishes ( I have Antiphospholipid syndrome, antismooth muscle antibodies and psoriasis. Probable Lupus as well). http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/autoi...

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