How to start eating meat again ?

How to start eating meat again ? Topic: How to start eating meat again ?
June 16, 2019 / By Algoma
Question: I had stopped eating meat about a year and a half ago because of a chicken wing dissection like the kind of chicken you cant eat we had played with the muscle and pulled out veins and it was so gross to me and I was just creeped out that I was eating all that, and whenever I ate meat of any kind I would get that grossed out sick feeling. Now I really want to start eating meat again because I really need the protein and since I'm only 14 my doctor always tell me that I'm still growing and suggest that I eat meat again, and plus I really tired of eating the same things which usually consist of cheese or bread, and I really want to taste the new locos tacos from Taco Bell lol :/. When I tell people I want to start eating meat again they always say " You just put it in your mouth and eat it" but it's not that easy. I just get this funny sick feeling then I just think " I'm eating the insides of an animal" So can anyone tell me how I can get over the feeling and start eating meat again?
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Tyrell Tyrell | 7 days ago
If the thought of eating meat makes you feel sick, why try eat it? There are plenty of other ways to get protein, such as from nuts, quorn, soya beans or even just multivitamins. If you find your diet boring at the moment, look up vegetarian recipes online - there are thousands of different ways to spice up your meals :) Plus, the ways animals are treated at slaughterhouses is absolutely sickening, and eating so much meat is hardly good for you. It's proven to cause bowel cancer, and some years ago, conditions in slaughterhouses were so bad it caused outbreaks of E.coli which killed loads of children in the US a while back. Eating meat is not necessary for a human to survive, and anyone who says that needs to educate themselves on all the facts. If your body is rejecting the thought of eating meat, then why eat it?
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Tyrell Originally Answered: How to start eating meat again?
As everyone is saying, try little by little. Maybe a few bacon bits in your eggs and toast in the morning, and hmmm, chicken-like salad for lunch? And so on. Gradully, you can add a little more meat every day until you're comfortable with meat again! Good Luck!

Riel Riel
The cause I used to be vegetarian was once since I didn't consider manufacturing unit-farming animals, and how one can go to the grocery store and buy a sausage with out realizing the way it was once raised, treated and so forth. Now it can be summer season the place I reside, and i've got much more opportunities of finding/hunting my own food, so I've give up being vegetarian. However I still is not going to devour any meat from the grocery store or butcher, simplest meat that I or a pal has caught, because of this I nonetheless don't get to consume meat very mainly. So that you can answer your query, it relatively is dependent upon what your causes for being vegetarian are. I am 100% happy with consuming meat that I've caught, and now I've obtained the opportunity to do that, so i am comfortable. But if you're against killing animals, then might be you will have to stay vegetarian.
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Merritt Merritt
Hey there! Of course you can do what you want, but if you've been living off cheese and bread, that's really not a good thing. However, it's also not the only way (or a good way) to be a vegetarian. You don't need meat for protein - you can and should eat beans, lentils, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes...and of course, fruits and vegetables. I'm not sure how to tell you to not be grossed out by meat, because I'm grossed out about it myself. If you want to eat meat, just eat some. In time it's possible that you might stop being disgusted by it, but I don't see why you'd force yourself to eat something that makes you feel sick. You really don't need to in order to be healthy. Just Google "vegetarian nutrition." Best wishes!
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Jordi Jordi
I have that same problem going on right now...I stopped eating meat because I felt kind of sick after eating it. So I stopped and to this day I still don't want to...getting your body used to it again is so difficult for me and just not worth it. But I do eat fish and sunshine...so idiot...its mainly red meat that's my problem. Good luck! Sorry I'm not much help I'm just letting u know ur not alone ahaha. Try tofu! Its not that tasty but It sure gives you lots of your needed nutrients
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Hamuel Hamuel
So you're just eating bread and cheese? By the way, did you know that MOST cheese in supermarkets is made with animal rennet? So, is your cheese vegetarian? If not, you are already an omnivore, congrats!
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Eddy Eddy
I would try eating more then just cheese and bread. There are many other kinds of food that do not come from animals. Tofu btw sucks.
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Eddy Originally Answered: I want to start eating raw meat?
Humans have been eating cooked meat for a very long time. I don't think after thousands of years we're any worse for it. We learned to cook meat because it destroyed parasites and bacteria that would make us very sick. Wild animals don't have the option and are often full of parasites. Carnivores have much stronger immune systems that we do as well. Truth be told, in a wild state we'd eat almost exclusively plants. With lots of grubs and bugs thrown in that don't carry the parasites that infect us. Rarely, we'd be able to catch a little meat. The low meat diet means we're not really geared to deal with the hazards of eating lots of raw meat. A dog, with a fantastic gut with a high acid content, can eat some nasty things that would likely kill you. So eating raw meat isn't going to be particularly good for you. Though your cat or dog could digest it quite well. My cats often get a treat of raw beef heart. Check up on Japan's food poisoning and parasite rate. Its unusually high for a developed country due to the raw fish.

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