I need to kno how to lose weight?

I need to kno how to lose weight? Topic: I need to kno how to lose weight?
June 16, 2019 / By Alfreda
Question: I'm 18 and i weight 155pounds and i'm trying to get to 115-120 or to my stomach being flat by July. The problem i'm only fat from the stomach like i got a gutt, the rest of my body is skinny. I eat everything chips like basically junk food, and i drink a lot of soda. I started to do 150 sit ups day and nite is that going to help me if i do it everyday. I need to know what should I eat, wat exercise to do?
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Tylor Tylor | 6 days ago
You need to eat a reduced calorie, well-balanced diet. Situps are nice, but they do not burn the fat on the stomach. It might tone up the muscles, but no one will ever see them. You need to do cardio to burn fat. Get out and run! Or, walk. Just get 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Oh, and stop drinking the pop. If you can reduce your calorie intake by 500 calories per day, you will lose a pound. That's about 3 cans of Coke. Switch that to water, and you will see results.
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Tylor Originally Answered: im 16 and eating alot and i want to lose weight can i take diet pills or something to make me lose weight?
well you have to eat healthy if you want to be healthy...there is no miracle pill. or you could continue eating the same and start working out, that would at least be a start!

Ridley Ridley
well currenly i am trying to drop 30-40 pounds by summertime. I am short. Like 5''1 and I weighed 147 I now weigh 140 and have been on Meridia for 3 days fully. I've had no side affects thus far. & it seems to be working pretty well due to already losing 7 pounds. This is also without doing any physical activity thus far although I do plan too.
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Merrill Merrill
I applaud your motivation to want to lose some weight. However, you have to remember that losing weight isn't a 1 week thing. It takes time. The situps will definitely help your stomach but don't overdo it. Just try to be constant. Also, you have to stop eating chips and drinking too much soda. Fruits, vegetables and juice will be better. Hope you reach your goal.
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Jordan Jordan
Stop eating the junk food and soda. Change to a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables rice, salads and meat/fish skinless chicken fat free meat. Drink water rather than soda or cordial. Continue the sit ups and add more exercise, like walking and running and so on. Your local doctor can help with diet,
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Jordan Originally Answered: Anybody know how lose weight both safely and fast, i need to lose weight but get tired of heavy workouts?
I cut out ALL sugar (table sugar, corn syrup, honey, etc.) less than a month ago and I have lost 10 pounds. I reduced my sugar and cut out all carbs except brown rice about 4 months ago and I have lost 30 pounds since the end of October. I don't even miss them now. I had to do this for health reasons, not weight loss. The weight loss was needed and has been a nice side benefit! Hope this helps. I should add also that I have done no exercise at all. I am getting ready to add that in shortly!

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