Diet plan for Teen?

Diet plan for Teen? Topic: Diet plan for Teen?
June 16, 2019 / By Alethea
Question: hi. im trying to lose around 30 lbs this summer or at least as much weight as i can by august 14 (thats when school starts) what would be an ideal diet plan for me? (preferably an easy/simple one that doesnt involve a lot of cooking!) Also how much weight do youthink i can lose by the middle of august? thanks so much!
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Tucker Tucker | 7 days ago
If you lose the weight safely about 2-4 pounds a week, all of those low calorie diets don't work because your body will just learn to run on fewer calories. It depends where you live but there should be gyms where 14 year olds go, i think some curves allow 14 year olds. Go about 3 times a week for half an hour and just eat the same calories a day just in healthy food.
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Tucker Originally Answered: Teen Diet plan? help me please?
I'm at like the same situation as you are, 5'9 15yrs old and 141 lbs. Losing weight is reaally difficult for me. But I've figured out if you exercise a lot, like I swim everyday and burn up to 800 calories, then eat healthy and low carbs it works long term. Try to avoiding snacking when your bored, and replace it with water and gum. Eat slowly and have a glass of water before every meal to avoid over eating. Plus toning up those abs and getting a tan helps in the illusion of looking thin. Summer is the perfect time to get in shape! Also, I would shoot for a smaller goal, like maybe 120 -130 lbs. 110 is really underweight for your height. Set goals each week, like maybe lose two pounds a week, so the result will be long term, and it's more motivating.

Rhett Rhett
Losing that much at 14 is very unhealthy. You shouldn't get stressed over the scale, just with your BMI. If your BMI tells you that you're fat, you're fat and should try to lose some weight. If you are trying to get a healthier lifestyle, you should eat lots of the good stuff, such as: fruits adn veggies. Milk, yogurt,and cheese are not necessary in a diet, so you can eliminate them as long as you take calcium tablets. For exercise, you could run, walk, ride your bike, or swim. Any movement burns calories! Good luck!!
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Melvyn Melvyn
You can refer to this excellent blog : http://free--diet-plans.blogspot.com/ It first post is about diet plans for teens, which is what you're searching for. Also do checkout this other blog about gluten free diet at http://gluten--free-diet.blogspot.com/ I've been emphasizing about this 2 blogs in other Yahoo Answers because they are very informative. Hope that helps.
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Jona Jona
love the starbucks grande caramel frappuccino skip the whole milk and whipped cream which packs in 410 calories total and order the starbucks grande caramel frappuccino light which is only 140 calories
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Haggi Haggi
i want to lose 30 pounds (or at least some weight. not that much though) i'm going to take on a sport... tennis! and also, remember, you can eat ten pounds of vegetables and gain no weight at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Eason Eason
share your weight loss goals with your friends and family make it a positive life change and ask for their encouragement
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Eason Originally Answered: Teen Girl Diet Plan....Please Help!??!?
Being overweight is not an easy life to live. Life will only get much tougher for you as you get into high school. MUCH tougher. Kids are mean and pick on people for everything that's different. It sounds like you've made up your mind to change, now you just need to willpower to stick with it. don't eat fast food. and if you do only once every two weeks and don't gorge yourself. Eat as many vegetables at you want they are great for you. There are hundreds of very tasty ways to prepare very healthy foods. Look up healthy recipes online and there will be no end to what you can eat. Now that you've cut your calorie intake down you need to increase your calorie burning. The key is to get your heartrate up. There are websites out there as well that will "guessimate" how much activities wil burn calories. For instance you might burn 500 calories for jogging for 10 minutes. The key is to burn more calories than you are eating. The reason I say stay away from fast foods is because they are normally loaded with calories, but of course there are exceptions to the rule. Trust me it's worth the hard work it takes to get back in shape. You won't regret it. Just stick with it. good luck!

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