How do I go back to to eating meat again?

How do I go back to to eating meat again? Topic: How do I go back to to eating meat again?
June 16, 2019 / By Aleesha
Question: I've been a vegetarian for almost 8 years now (I'm 21) but I feel like it is time to go back to eating meat. I want to be able to cook for my family and raise my family just how my mother raised me, and not restrict their diet to a vegetarian one. I just don't know how to go back. I think the guilt will kill me. Any tips? Lol, I love the typical male comments. My boyfriend told me the same thing. I don't believe I explained my situation very clearly. I'm in a relationship with a man who loves to eat meat and expects his wife to cook meat for him (european tradition). And I love to cook. I love to cook for him but I have yet to make him anything with meat since I can't taste it. How can you serve something to your significant other without tasting it? I just need to get over that slight guilt trip. I don't plan on doing a 360 with my diet and eating meat on a daily basis; I just want to be able to sample it without my stomach twisting.
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Troy Troy | 3 days ago
Dude: 1) goto store 2) Get package of hamburger 3) take package home 4) open package 5) cook package 6) consume package 7) problem solved. 8) after hamburger and cold beer determine why you feel guilty 9) realize that you have to kill something alive in order to maintain yourself no matter what your dietary preferences are 10) problem solved. ;)
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Troy Originally Answered: Should I go back to eating meat?
You obviously havent a clue how to give your body what it needs on a vegetarian/vegan diet which is very easy to do. Research vegetarianism/veganism online, you'll find out what foods you should be eating to give your body the nutrients it needs. The meat diet is the most dangerous diet on Earth and you're seriously thinking about going back to it? Millions of people die each year due to meat consumption, would you like to be one of them?

Reubhen Reubhen
Well Riley is horribly wrong. To be a vegetarian you don't eat ANY meat of any kind at all. I was a vegetarian for almost 3 years and I went through the same thing the last 6 months. If you do decide to start eating meat again start out by eating a very small amout of meat at first and then work your way up to eating a full meal. You have went longer than I did without eating meat and I did and your body has been used to not processing any meat and if you start off eating like a full steak like I did your body will reject the meat and you will end up throwing it back up. So, eat a small amount of meat at first and you will experience nausea until your body gets used to consuming meat again.
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Melbourne Melbourne
I've met vegetarians who are in relationships with omnivores, who stay vegetarians but still make their significant other meals with meat. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do that? They usually say they put the food in their bowl before adding the meat, then add it, or if it's something you can't do that with they'd make a separate meal for them. If you feel the need to sample, you could always pick a part that doesn't have meat on it, since the overall taste will stay basically the same. I really wouldn't see a reason good enough to completely sacrifice your beliefs, because all that ever does in the end is cause resentment. Good luck!
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Jojo Jojo
I wouldn't suggest it. You're going to feel unbelievably sick. I think you need to make a decision. What's worse: the guilt of not having tasted the meal or the guilt of eating an animal? If you really must quit being vegetarian, start with something small. Like jello. Have a bowl of jello, see how you feel, then take a break. Next week, have what you usually eat and a fish stick. Just one, and maybe a bowl of jello. You're really going to have to acclimate yourself to this new lifestyle. It may be painful, and with all the benefits of vegetarianism, I suggest you stay on our side. Do what you have to do though.
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Hadley Hadley
When you're making a meal, you can always make yourself a vegetarian version. I recommend doing this while having your husband help you with the meat dishes. Cooking with your partner can be lots of fun AND he gains cooking experience. You can still make him special meals and I'm sure he'll respect the fact that unless he helps, you can't serve him meat
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Hadley Originally Answered: Anyone gone back to eating meat because of pregnancy?
I am a vegetarian as well. I do eat dairy but not fish. I came through my pregnancy with a 9lb baby. You do not have to go back to meat just to have a healthy baby. Just be sure to get plenty of protein and to take your prenatals. Also be sure to discuss your diet with your OB and to find one that supports your ideals. There are plenty of plans online for a vegetarian pregnancy.

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