Will body fat burn.?

Will body fat burn.? Topic: Will body fat burn.?
July 17, 2019 / By Alease
Question: If I build muscle (pecs and abs), will the layers of fat over the muscles burn away? I have been getting very mixed answers, so only answer if you are sure. I am a little overweight, and almost 14, so I am hoping this will help. Thanks!
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Tristin Tristin | 1 day ago
Try adding a little more cardio (like 2 days a week) to your routine and see if that doesn't help... don't go overboard with the cardio because this can slow the process of building muscle, i would recommend doing longer periods of lighter cardio.. keep away from high oil foods unless it is like a flax oil or sesame oil..
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Tristin Originally Answered: Will riding my bicycle burn body fat and tone my body all over?
it's a lower body exercise so it won't really tone your upper body but it will burn fat off your entire body. only takes a couple of strength exercises and maybe 15mins a few times a week to tone your upper body. how long it takes is dependent on how much fat you want and need to lose. you should notice a difference after a few weeks but it might take months to get into the shape you desire.

Reilly Reilly
Building muscles doesn't necessarily burn off excess fat but does help. If you don't increase food intake, muscles will burn more energy than you have been burning, and will help burn up that excess fat. But if you are working out and eating more, won't help at all-- just be a big strong guy with a layer of fat. So it takes low carb intake along with working out to build muscles and burn off the fat.
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Meed Meed
I had a load of unwanted fat in all the embarrassing places until I checked out acai berry, I realize they say that pills don't work, however they certainly worked for me, and they have been shown on CNN too. There is a free trial happening at the moment at http://lupert.fatburnshop.info , try it out, what have you got to lose?
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Johnnie Johnnie
No. No it won't. If you want to be ripped you need to lose body fat as a whole. Spot reduction is impossible
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Johnnie Originally Answered: whats the best way to burn body fat?
you need to implement weight training into your work out regimen. do upper body twice a week and lower body twice a week. you'll see nicer changes changes with that compared to just cardio. make sure your caloric intake is appropriate as well. you may wanna get a personal trainer for the first few times. using weights incorrectly may not give you the right benefit or may result in injuries. currently, i only do weights 4 times a week, havent had the time for cardio, and i like how my body has changed. i'm stronger, and my body shape has improved a lot.

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