What can I do to raise my appetite so I can gain weight?

What can I do to raise my appetite so I can gain weight? Topic: What can I do to raise my appetite so I can gain weight?
July 17, 2019 / By Albertine
Question: Recently I got a nasty stomach flu and I dropped a few pounds. I don't like that I look gaunt and stringy and I want to gain some weight. The problem is, every day I take my ADD prescription medicine, and one of the side-effects is that I lose most of my appetite through the day, so it's actually hard for me to eat more than my minimum daily caloric intake. Even if my stomach is empty, it can be a chore to have a regular meal. Is there anything I can do to raise my appetite? Thanks. Actually, my meds are amphetamines (Adderall), so the apetite decrease is actually a predictable side-effect. I just wish there was another medicine that can raise my appetite.
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Trevor Trevor | 8 days ago
A “nasty stomach flu” is often synonymous with eating crappy food outside the home, something you did not cook yourself. I lost my appetite too, for different reasons. I’m regaining my appetite, going the homemade gourmet route, by cooking and getting the great smell of the food cooking…onion soup, vegetable soup… I don’t just eat a potato…I eat Klondike Gourmet Petite Potatoes, that I slice and grill after I coat them in a mixture of olive oil, basil, oregano, thyme and fresh garlic. I don’t just eat a piece of chicken…I’ll do a deli rotisserie skinless chicken thighs/legs rubbed with a mixture of salt, paprika, chili powder, black pepper, dried thyme, garlic powder and onion powder. During the 45 minutes it takes my chicken pieces to slowly cook in the rotisserie, the smell will get more and more appetizing. Add the smell of the potatoes in the grill, during the last 7 minutes…Then you want to eat all that. Make your own bread. It smells great and you’ll surely have a slice when it’s done and still warm. Bake some cakes, those smells great too. Use you olfactory and visual senses to wake up your taste buds and saliva glands.
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Trevor Originally Answered: How Can I Gain Energy to Raise 10 Year Old?
Ok what I am about to say will hurt but it's the 100% TRUTH... 1. you must move 1 hour a day, work up to it and do everyday 2. 70% of your meals NEED TO BE GREEN or close ie vegies... you know what this means 3. beer, fast food, fats, proceed food, too much beer, pop OUT... you are trying for energy and longevity SO OUT 4 The rest of your intake is common sense, a wholefoods diet or OATS, ceral i.e rasin brain, oatmeal, olive oil, some fishes i.e blend them all 9 diffrent fishes, salmon, cod, jack marckerl, tuna, sardines etc, a LITTLE PASTA, little TINY bit of meats... nuts, dried fruits and anything good... IF YOU WANT TO DO extra get to a gym of some sorts.. NEVER EVER START running unless you build up...i.e EACH 1 MILE EQUALS 1 MONTH OF WALKING TO PREPARE... you dont need to die trying to be fit... good luck and ALWAYS SEE YOUR DOCTOR AND GET BLOOD WORK..leting you know if it's somehow fatal to work out... be well and read books on the subject but if you walk everyday and eat the above diet...OHH and some fruits as well here and there.. you will be fine..i.e in perfect shape.. sugar are deadly... and anythign that's not a perfect food has bad sugars...as well the 80% GREEn adresses sugars... and from their the fruit and grains and anything is digested and absorbed...as well excess sugars turn into inflamtion which leads to death so... the above is a path to an extra 50 years as well, not just 10.... well good luck and most of all ... heal, move, eat perfect and enjoy the diffrence....
Trevor Originally Answered: How Can I Gain Energy to Raise 10 Year Old?
Well, start taking vitamins and eating better. Cutting out fatty, sugary foods will give you an automatic boost. Drinking coffee doesn't hurt, either. As for exercising, yes, it can help, but it's not all you need to do. Getting at home videos to exercise with for half an hour a day in the morning will get you pumped. Just remember- the kid doesn't have to be doing something every second of the day. Try getting him a few, inexpensive toys or games or movies he can use while he's with you.

Reginold Reginold
yeah i used to take medicine that killed my appetite, so I had to force myself to eat meals. I usually didn't find it to be to bad because once i got past the first few bites i felt hungry. If you want to gain weight eat foods with mediums carb amounts and lots of protein. lifting weights would be a good idea also, because it tells the body to grow more muscle which means more mass. Just be sure to feed that new muscle tissue plenty of protein (soy or casein at night, and whey during the day and before or after workouts). also, try going to GNC and getting a weight gainer powder if making meal plans is difficult.
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Mead Mead
That's not good. See if you can switch ADD medications, or at least talk to your doctor about this. That's a major symptom.
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Mead Originally Answered: How to gain weight/appetite.?
Some people are naturally smaller than others so I wouldn't be concerned. If you are an active person who is fit and healthy then you have nothing to worry about. What you don't want to do is compromise a healthy diet just to put on some weight because your friends thing you are too skinny. Be happy with yourself and tell your friends to wake up to themselves. I am sure you look fine!

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