What foods do the Japanese eat?

What foods do the Japanese eat? Topic: What foods do the Japanese eat?
June 16, 2019 / By Alberta
Question: Let's say in a given day, what would they have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? And any snacks or drinks :)
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Trevelyan Trevelyan | 7 days ago
As you can see below, each meal vegetables, meat (during lunch) or seafood (often during dinner and breakfast), egg, milk. It is a well balance and healthy diet. A traditional Japanese diet are as fellow Breakfast A traditional Japanese breakfast consists of steamed rice, miso soup, and various side dishes such as tsukemono pickles, steam vegetables, tamagoyaki and natto. Main dishes are broiled/grilled fish, sometime it will replace by omelets or other western dishes. Lunch Popular Japanese lunch dishes are rice bowls and various noodles. For example, beef bowls, soba noodles, ramen noodles, and udon noodles are popular. Most student, even workers bring bento (lunch boxes) to school or work. During lunch time, student will compare to see who got the best bento. Homemade bento is a way to show how much they care about the person they made for. In high school, its almost a competition almond girls to see who can made the best one, they will also made a extra one for their "love one" But no matter what, bento will always include starch, meat, veg, juice/milk. Most school don't have soda machine, pop are pretty much off limit. For working adult, they will ether bring bento (some might purchase from the store), or go out for lunch, most of the time are Donburi (rice bowl), Ramen, or lunch set. Dinner Dinner is the main meal in a day. The basic consists of steamed rice, soup, and various side dishes such as vegetable, tamago. Main dishes are not limit to Japanese but it could be from Italian, Chinese, French and American. There is no such thing as dessert in Japan, Japanese eat "sweet" as snack through out the day, item such as cakes, ice cream, crapes, rice craker.
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Trevelyan Originally Answered: What foods does the main Japanese diet consist of?
If you are allergic to pork, you would better fight shy of eating any ramen whether or not port is visible. Ramen soup stock is made mainly of pig bones. And you would better keep away from eating almost all chinese dishes like dumplings or egg rolls. Meanwhile traditional Japanese dishes are pork free.

Reginald Reginald
The main okazu is usually protein based - a grilled fish, or some sort of meat dish. The secondary okazu can be a vegetable dish, or more protein such as a bean dish. Everything is served in its own container usually. The secondary okazu in particular are often served family style, from which each diner takes his or her portion. The usual way to eat a Japanese meal is to take the rice bowl in your hand, then take a little of this and that from the various okazu. Occasionally, you set down the rice bowl, take the bowl of soup, and take a sip and eat some of the things in it.
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Mckenzie Mckenzie
breakfast: steamed rice miso soup natto (fermented soybean) japanese pickles broiled fish tamagoyaki (rolled omelet) lunch: -noodles! Soba Udon Ramen Don-buris: This is pretty much anything over rice. You get a decent sized bowl of rice topped with some form of protein. examples: Oyako-don: Chicken & egg Unagi-don: Eel or ANY bento Dinner: japanese curry and rice rice and fish hand sushi clear soup okonomiyaki
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John John
Well, every family is different. My family in Japan has rice at each meal and a lot of different dishes. It's so troublesome to make! Also green tea because partly they grow the stuff. Snacks: more green tea, rice crackers, fruit, or jelly. Lol, I remember the snacks well!
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John Originally Answered: Japanese Cuisuine?
Japanese cuisine is focussed on fresh ingredients and great care is taken with presentation. Fish is an important part of the diet, with sushi, sashimi readily available at good prices. hate fish...no problem. Hubby hates fish and lived in Japan for 6 months...and he never went hungry :-) However there is a lot more to eat than that! Chicken, tofu, beef are all used widely. Tofu is much nicer than in the West and is flavoured with marinades to give a wonderful taste. Yakitori (marinated chicken on a stick) is fabulous. Bento boxes (a small box of food to take away) are available everywhere, including train stations, and are a cheap and tasty way to get food. A bento box will usually have: - rice - a protein dish (chicken, tofu, beef or fish), in small bite size chunks in some delicate sauce - some pickles and small salad You can get steak if you want it - if you have the chance to try Kobe beef, you should do. Very expensive, but superb. The cows are fed and pampered endlessly to produce the most tender meat. Miso soup is served with most meals (a light tofu broth). Most restaurants have a picture menu and plastic versions of their dishes on display (sounds weird but rather helpful). There are lots of small local owned places, they often don't look good from the outside (at least to our Western eyes), but I've eaten in many small dark cafes and they have all been spotlessly clean and served great food.

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