What's something that annoys you?

What's something that annoys you? Topic: What's something that annoys you?
June 16, 2019 / By Alannah
Question: ok, this has been bothering me so i'm just going to put it out there. skinny girls that can eat whatever they want without working out and still not gain a pound. ugh, i swear i should just stop eating. so frustrating.
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Trenton Trenton | 5 days ago
First of all, I hate what you hate too...( I read a lot of fashion magazines, and when some celeb says "Oh, I never diet! I don't work out!" I say, "you liars!") NO, do not stop eating. You will get dehydrated and the weight you will be losing will be muscle mass not fat. ( I tried that ). My problem is - I rarely feel like eating anything (I'm depressed at the moment) but I DO need to exercise. Sorry about my little rant there, but be good to yourself, ok? Now, this is something that annoys the hell out of me. I have a friend who lives in Texas, and he's an alcoholic. He always calls me at 3AM MY time, and wants to talk for HOURS. I've tried being nice, and saying, "You know, I'd like to go back to sleep now, okay? We can talk in the morning." But he simply ignores me and keeps talking. He is in denial about his problem. I am NOT one of those preachy don't do drugs type because I am a recovering addict. I'm afraid for him though. Very concerned.
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Reg Reg
jealousy annoys me. Everyone can eat a lot because your body works to maintain homeostasis, but anyone who overeats all the time Will gain weight. Just eat whatever you are craving when you are hungry, and try not to confuse feeling tired with feeling hungry. Learn about how your own body works and stop feeling jealous of others.
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Maynerd Maynerd
It annoys me now! I used to be one of them. Then God punished me for some reason. Okay, I grew up but still.... What annoys me is people who don't watch their kids while they sit and visit like at kid's sporting event or a restaurant or things like that. I should't have to freak out because a five year old is running up and down some bleachers nearly falling numerous times while mom is visiting with a friend!
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Joey Joey
I can't stand it when people push in. You usually have been waiting for ever and they they think that they are more important to go ahead. It really makes the blood boil!!!
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