How Tall Will I Be? 10pts?

How Tall Will I Be? 10pts? Topic: How Tall Will I Be? 10pts?
June 16, 2019 / By Darleen
Question: Height:5'8 Weight:125lbs Age:15 Ethnicity:Japanese,Okinawan,French,Bla... Mother:4'10 (Also Shortest of Siblings,oki,jp) Father:5'11 (Shortest of Siblings, Grandad was 6'10,frn,blk,ind) Will I get any taller? Like how much taller? also dont make an over-exagerated guess. 10pts for the most reasonable answer (with some support to show that you may be right) I started puberty early, wearing deoderant from age 10. Uh I'm 15 and dont have any thick facial hair, nor do I have any need to shave. random but im from hawaii...
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Breanna Breanna | 3 days ago
I am gonna tell you no one will give you an accurate answer. On the genetics table, it throws out probabilities on certain characteristics. Some useful things that could have been included were your current height, average height of your siblings, and the type of diet you eat. From looking at the chart, you will either stay at five eight, or at the most, grow about two inches. On the other hand, you could end up taller than both of your parents.... so my guess would be your height at full growth would be: 5'9-6'4
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Breanna Originally Answered: How to grow tall? 10pts?
The science of height increase is in fact a complicated one. Though vertical body height is determined by genetic factors, height is also influenced by physical factors like Exercises and diet. These factors play a major role during adulthood during the onset of puberty and continues to affect the growth system until the age of 18-22 for boys and 15-18 for girls. For most people, growth will stop once they reach this age limit when the growth plates in the long bones of their bodies get fused. However, growth still continues for some people even at the age of 22-25 and it's possible to increase one's height by a few inches even after this stage through some revolutionary height increase exercises Before starting any height increase regimen, one should first understand the science behind how the body works in increasing height. When you subject your body to high-intensity sports such as basketball or Stretching exercises such as Pilates, your body will secrete HGH(Human Growth hormone) which stimulates the bones and cartilages of the body to grow in length. The exercises depicted in this hub can help you grow upto 2-4 inches in height at any age and this has been scientifically proven. These specially designed exercises act upon the cartilages in the various joints of your body and make them thick, so as to increase your height. If you are really inspired to increase your height, you can adopt these exercises and practice them regularly 2-3 times a week. Over exercising is not recommended as it may cause injury and decrease the recovering capacity of the body These innovative exercises are based upon the ancient body stretching exercise technique called as "Pilates". These exercises were originally introduced to make the body flexible and stronger but researchers have successfully remodelled these exercises to induce height increase even for those people, whose natural growth has ceased years ago When the various joints in the body are stretched vigorously, the cartilage ,i.e the softer bone-like tissues between the bones thicken in length. This is actually caused due the increased secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland to the target joints where the hormone causes the cartilage to thicken in length. This phenomenon can be observed in Kickboxers and other martial artistes, who subject their body joints to incredible force. The force exerted on the joints causes the cartilage tissues between the bones to thicken and transform into new bones, which naturally increase the height. This is the reason why even athletes with shorter upper bodies have longer arms and legs Pilates exercises can be used to increase the length of both the upper and lower body. However, for people whose natural growth has stopped, it won't do much effect to the bones of the lower body. Nevertheless, the cartilages in between the joints of the knee can be stretched to add a few centimetres to the lower body through exercises such as Ankle Weights and Inverted Tables. However, the upper body is a unique one made up of flexible cartilages between the vertebrae plates, which can be stretched to thicken in length. This, in turn, increases the length of the upper body by a few inches. This unique characteristic of the vertebral column has enabled lot of people to increase their height successfully at any age. Further, these exercises have the tendency to stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete additional Growth Hormone(HGH), and at the same time stimulate the target bones and cartilages to come under the influence of the growth hormone and thereby augment their growth. These exercises should be done with an empty stomach, preferably in the morning or in the evening or before going to bed. If you combine these exercises with artificial growth hormone(HGH) supplements such as pills or sprays, you can obtain amazing results Below is the list of exercises through which you can increase your height naturally at any age

Aletha Aletha
It is difficult to say how tall you will be based on the information that you give. Genetics are involved, as you know, but so is nutrition, pre-natal care, etc. A fairly reliable predictor of height is your height at the age of two years. A lot of parents keep "baby books" with this information. You can also find out from the pediatrician what your height was at the time of your 2-year check up. You take that measurement and double it and that generally is your adult height.
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Tubal-Cain Tubal-Cain
No one except the creator knows how tall you will be. Based upon the information you gave including your age it is safe to say that you will most likely be at least as tall as your father ... maybe more. Men generally have another growth spurt in their teen years, so it is likely you may gain a few more inches. Growth is not finished until the plates at the end of your long bones in your arms and your legs seal. At 15 years, for males they aren't sealed yet... so you have a little more time to grow.
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Reynard Reynard
I would guess 6ft. the most. I am 5'11" with a mother 5'10" and father 6'2". now I am female and had my height at age 15 too. But my brother, younger is 6'4" and he didn't get his last growth spurt till he was 17 or so.
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Melvin Melvin
Heres a way to predict your approximate height: Add your parents' heights together and average it (divide in by 2) that should give an estimation, but keep in mind it doesn't mean its going to happen. i passed my assumed parents' average a long time ago and im the tallest in my family, im 14 turning 15 so really you cant know what height your going to be until your about 21 when you stop growing.
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Melvin Originally Answered: Does a tall baby mean a tall adult?
Nope, not at all. I was the tallest kid in my class in 3rd grade... problem is that is as tall as I ever got! If your child goes through puberty early she will most likely quit growing at that point and everyone will pass her. For instance for girls being overweight does tend to cause them to grow quickly, but also go through puberty early, making them shorter legged and shorter overall as adults. I would say there may be some very small amount of correlation between baby height and adult height, but it isn't very strong. I would say I wouldn't expect someone in the 95th % as a child to be in the 5th % as an adult, but I couldn't really say much more than that. There is a system for determining the likely heights of your children: You are 4" over average, your husband is average height. Therefore the best estimate for the adult height of your female child is 2" over average, or 5'6". (Women average 5'4" and Men average 5'10".) There are exceptions, the rule isn't perfect, but it is a very good generalization of what to expect. You and hubbie have about 12 height genes each, you will each give 6 to your children. So you both contribute equally to your child's height. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the other family members heights. Height genes are not recessive. Unless hubbie is shorter due to poor nutrition or disease compared to his other family members, his genes are likely all on display in his height. But of course diet and your child's health plays a HUGE role in height. The ancient Greek males etc. averaged about 5'0" even though they have the same height genes as we do. This is due to disease and bad nutrition. Cavemen were very tall. This is partially genetics, but largely diet as well (protein makes people tall, Greeks were protein lacking, cavemen were not). I am 5'2", or 2" under average, hubbie is 5'7", or 3" under average. Our female children will likely average 5'1.5" and our male children will average 5'7.5". Hubbie and I both were tall kids, so like us, our children will likely be tall for a little while, hit maturity early, and be a bit on the short side as adults. We both are rather naturally muscular (endomorphs), and I imagine our children will be as well.

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