How can i get a flat stomach in about a month?

How can i get a flat stomach in about a month? Topic: How can i get a flat stomach in about a month?
June 16, 2019 / By Prue
Question: so, im 13, and i'm 5'5 and i think i weigh about 117. I'm not like super fat or anything, i'm just not super skinny either. I'm not looking for loosing like 20 pounds or anything, maybe just like 5. I really wanna get a flat stomach and loose the fat around my waist. what exercises should i do, and how fast will i see results?
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Mayra Mayra | 9 days ago
It's very easy since you're thin to begin with. There is no such thing as targeted weight loss...do crunches all day and you'll just form really nice muscle under the fat. To get a flatter stomach you will have to lose weight, but since you're so thin already maybe you're just naturally shaped that way, it's not bad, it's natural...and most people are. Ok now answering your question: Here's some tips to lose a little bit of weight over a month without obsessing over it. You can pick based on what you have or what your parents allow but the following all will help: If it's less than 5 miles away...walk with your friends instead of getting a ride or taking the bus. If there's any exercize equipment in your house...use it while watching tv for up to a 1/2 hour Take a summer community center dance class or sports training class. Exercize 30min every day...even if it's just jumping jacks and lunges. Don't eat fast food or drink soda, and never over eat. Do that for 30 days and you'll have a flat stomach. Slow and steady wins the race and keeps winning in the long run. DO not skip meals, or deprive yourself. Skipping meals screws with your metabolism, making it run slower (you burn calories slower!). Deprivation will only drive your body into shock which could lead to a binge eating disorder or other unhealthy problems. Don't let anyone tempt you to starve yourself...sure you see quick results now, but when you get older your body will get it's revenge. Just look at Twiggy and Tyra Banks now as opposed to when they were "super-models". You don't want that for yourself...not over 5 retarded pounds...lol. Good luck girl, and stay healthy!!!
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Mayra Originally Answered: I have a month to lose 10 lb and get a flat stomach?
you should be aiming to loose two pounds a week by eating healthily 1000 calories a day is what you should be aiming for lots of fruit and vegetables lean meat grilled not fried or in any fat, you need 3 square meals a day while you can loose the weight doing what your doing its more likely to go back on at the end of the month,and by eating what your eating your going to be lacking vitamins and minerals and more likely to be tired.

Laurene Laurene
eat right and cardio. You can do sit ups but it doesn't do anything but shape your fat into a six pack. You should do cardio with the sit ups. Cardio ( walking, running, biking, swimming...etc) can help you tone, lose a little weight (not that you need to you are fine the way you are) and make you stronger. Eat healthy. Fruits, veggies, protein, grains...all those good stuff. Don't eat too much junk.
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Jo Jo
Just so you know there's no such thing as "spot reduction" meaning that if you worth the area around you abs a lot they suddenly going to lose fat. You need to lower your overall body fat, this means dieting and stay strict with yourself. NO added sugar, no fried or preprocessed food like (chips, cookies). Eat whole grain, eat fruits, vegetables, and plain yogurt with fruit and honey is great.
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Freddie Freddie
Cardio (kick boxing, dance, step, etc.) & Pilates (great for your abs & core muscles). You can find DVDs for both. Your diet also has a lot to do with stomach fat. If you don't already, eat LOTS of green vegetables, salad (not iceberg lettuce), and fruit. I think your weight is fine but I understand having a desire to be toned & healthy. Good luck!
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Darleen Darleen
1] to lose weight, do 30 miutes of cardio 5 - 6 x a week [ to maintain, exercise 3 x a week ] 2] do 3 sets each of 10 reps of pushups, situps, obliques, and crunches, every day. Increase reps as you get stronger. 3] avoid fried, fast, and junk food - even diet junk food 4] drink 1/2 gallon of water every day 5] take a multivitamin with minerals every day
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Breanna Breanna
Honey, at your height your just right! I am 5'4" and the optimum weight for my height is 125-135! Your only an inch taller so I think your weight at your age is just fine! However if you want to tone your belly muscles, do crunches every day. Do a search online and you can find various crunch workouts to benefit all the ab area muscles.
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Aletha Aletha
In the morning, go for jogging (about 20) Eat less (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)] Eat the food that has 0% calories from fat eat healthy fruits
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Aletha Originally Answered: How do you get a six pack (or flat stomach) in abouta month????
well depending on how fit and healthy you are if may be an unrealistic goal to get a six pack in about a month....your best bet is to set a goal longer than that and keep track of your diet and exercise schedule. as you get farther along you can change the intended date to have your six pack by. you don't want to be overly ambitious to get a flat stomach and be disappointed if it doesn't happen as fast as you would like. Anyway, start out with a GOOD cardio work out...running, biking, a cardio tape (i used P90X and i highly recommend it....its a great work out.) also you need to get a good ab/core work out. in order to get a six pack you have to have a very low body fat percentage...other wise you will gain muscle and it will make you look bigger than you are becasue any excess flab will still be there. Crunches i suggest are bicycle crunches, weighted regular crunches (either hold a dumbbell or medicine ball while doing them or put a medicine ball of some sort in between your knee and hold it in place...this will work your lower abs even with the most basic crunches), crunches on a weight bench where you are extending the length of the crunch by sitting on the edge and having nothing supporting your back, this will intern get muscles quicker...the motion farther back and forth gives a more completely work out of the muscle. i have a hundred other styles of crunched you can do that would be very effective if you want to know let me know. don't forget to have a GOOD cardio workout along with a good amount of crunches to get the six pack you want. good luck

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