Weed affecting my heart?

Weed affecting my heart? Topic: Weed affecting my heart?
June 16, 2019 / By Booker
Question: im 16 and smoke weed and cigs almost every day for the past 3-4 years.never had any problems. but yesterday i was smoking some poppers with my friend. (u smoke poppers out of a bong. it is weed and unfiltered tobbaco and you smoke it all in one hit. it gets you REALLY high really fast) and me and my friend sat down and smoked 3 grams. and when we finished the rest of the weed off i stood up and got a crazy head rush so i sat back down. so we chilled for little bit longer and i could feel the inside of my body moving. i thought mabey i stood up to fast after smoking alot of weed in one sitting but i could still fell my body moving and shaking. so i felt my heart and found that it was beating REALLY fast. iv smoked weed for a while and i know how i react to it. but this time my heart was going faster then my normal high. it started to get worse so i sat down in my friends back yard to get some fresh air. then my body started to shake and shiver. even tho it is summer and it wasnt cold. my normal heart rate feels like it is 2 beats a second (bump,bump . . .bump,bump etc . . .) but when i was high my heart felt like it was going 4-6 beats a SECOND. i could feel the blood being flushed in and out of my heart and i could also feel it a little bit in my limbs. i couldent belive it so i got my friend to feel my chest and he said the same thing (just to make sure im not "trippin") so i tried to take deep breathes to see if it would slow it down (it didnt help). i also have a deformed and misplaced kidney i dont know if that affects it in any way? but i stayed cool and tried not to panick. after i tried every thing to slow it down i said f*** it and lit up a cigarette and that actually helped bring it back down a little bit. but it still was going fast. so can any one help me figure this out ? it lasted for about 1 hour mabey 2. i also have a pretty bad diet, but im not fat or any thing i just dont eat healthy foods. also i sometimes fell like i am geting stabed in my heart when i breath in but that usally last for like 1 or 2 breathes
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Adaliah Adaliah | 6 days ago
This is serious stuff. You never know what weed might be mixed with, they dont exactly have quality controls on how they grow and harvest the crops and any type of chemicals can be sprayed on them to ujse as a type of pesticide - these are mostly poor farmers growing it. The twitching and jerking of your body means that your whole system was on complete overload - basically you were having minor spasms and seizures because the liver had failed to detoxify your blood and therefore your nervous system and muscles could no longer cope with the level of toxicity from the drug. your racing heart was your body's frantic attempt to pump blood around faster in order to supply extra oxygen and nutrients because your whole system was in complete crisis. With a dysfunctional kidney huge pressure is placed upon the other one to take up the load of detoxificiation. IWith this level of overload you are doing serious damage to yourself and could run the risk of having kidney failure or a heart attack. Well done for trying to stay calm because panic would have only made things worse. Drinking plenty of water and taking vitamin c would have helped a little more. But seriously - why are you actually doing this. You are risking your life and your mental health. Is it really worth putting your health through so much just to get high. You're destroying yourself and its especially dangerous that you started so young. But you still have time to repair a lot because your body is still growing up to the age of 25. If you stopped now you have 9 years left still for your body to make its repairs. But dont think you have all the time in the world. Its usually in the 3rd or 4th year of heavy weed smoking in young people, that mental illness starts to kick in. Please weigh all these risks up against what you actually get out of it. Far more savvy to address any underlying unhappiness that may have driven you to it in the frist place - counselling through the school or doctor? - and get your head and body into a good space so you can enjoy life to the full without slowly destroying your health.
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Adaliah Originally Answered: should people who have heart diseases be smoking weed on regular basis?
the answer is not yes or no. It depends on the physical condition you are in. Do you smoke cigarettes? quit those and do not pick up marijuana for three weeks. After your nicotine recovery, if you must have one, then continue marijuana. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug thus you may encounter experiences which could lead to need for a psychologist, and that is the only danger I see in it compared to other common legal drugs. cardiovascular disease can be both hurt and helped by the use of marijuana depending on the smoker's body as well. It speeds up the heart-rate, which is bad in instances such as high sodium intake and lack of exercise. So in short, marijuana will not solve any heart-related problems, but can elongate a life as much as wine is proven to. The real source of heart-related death here is an abnormal anatomy combined with a terrible diet. A friend which prevents certain diseases, such as blood clots, is regular (proper) cardio exercise, topped with little stress. So exercise, smoke a little, eat right, and in this way you will live a life unexpected to experience the same fate as your ancestry.

Starla Starla
I love the amount of christianity and weed haters here. Yes, weed can affect your heart. But at least you can't get cancer smoking it. It's as bad as cigarettes because smoking it often lowers your IQ and you become dumb after a while. I still enjoy weed twice in 6 months. Special occassions etc. Weed slowers your heart rate and opens your mind for thinking.
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Prunella Prunella
it dilated your blood vessels and caused your heart to beat really fast. it's a scary feeling when something like that happens and it's hard to calm down. taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly is what you're supposed to do in that situation. if your heart is beating 3x what it normally does and you're just sitting down, that isn't good. some individuals may develop heart arrhythmias. there really isn't any way of knowing you're one of those people without being hooked up to an ekg while it's happening. but needless to say, depending on the type of arrhythmia, it could develop into a life threatening situation. basically, don't do it again. if you had that kind of reaction, it's not safe for you.
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Mckayla Mckayla
It sounds like your body is giving up slowly. With such unhealthy habits like yourself. How do you expect your body to respond? I would get to a doctor as soon as you can as this is most likely to be serious. Also being high has different effects at different times, most of the time it doesn't matter how much you have taken as your body responds to drugs differently each time.
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Mckayla Originally Answered: WEED! WEED! Whats the fastest and best way to flush weed out of your system?
the only way ur going to be clean is if u deliute your urine. u can try to make a homemade detox drink by getting B2 ( riboflavin ), creatine, alfalfa pills and sugar. Break open a b2 and put it into a glass of water with 2 alfalfa pills crushed up and add 1 tsp of creatine and a half cup of sugar and u got urself a detox.... drink plenty of water ( like 3 good sized glasses ) The B2 makes your urine bright yellow and the alfalfa makes ur urine more natural looking and the creatine balances out ur Ph lvl's and i forgot what the sugar does but ya its needed. and the water just deluites ur urine so ur peeing strait water.

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